Working with Om

The older I get, the clearer I’m becoming about who I am as a practitioner, and who I am not. I know where my passions and strengths lie, and in an ever-unfolding act of self-love, I allow ‘what is not me’ to fall away whilst in pursuit of greater authenticity.

At times, this has meant saying good bye to certain modalities, clients, product lines and ways of working. It has meant saying no to supplements, massage and being part of the private health care rebate system. Continue reading “Working with Om”

The Super Hero

I had had a lovely morning talking with my daughter and she has inspired some blogs. Here’s the first one, before I forget everything she told me! “I don’t understand. You get these people who go vegan, but they haven’t done their research and they aren’t eating properly, and they get sick, and then instead of fixing up their diet, they just decide veganism is bad for them … Continue reading The Super Hero

Shamanic Class

One of the healing classes I run is a shamanic healing class. Last class was particularly beautiful, with the way everything unfolded and slipped into place.

Om: “Look around you at the corners of my clinic. Why do I have cobwebs? Why don’t I clean them away?”

Student reply: “Because it’s someone’s home”

Bless her! Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, indeed, the cobwebs are someones home. We talked further and I explained that spider is my power animal.

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Loving being me

Humility Fuchsia Palm Valley 2012
Humility Fuchsia
Palm Valley 2012

My vegan lifestyle nurtures both my inner child (who loves animals), and my empathic self, who cannot knowingly harm another without feeling harmed herself.

Why does this matter? Because nurturing these parts of me not only ensures great balance and joy in my personal life, it develops my professional skill as a clairsentient healer with a passion for creative therapies and emotional intelligence.

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Business success as a healer

Photo 321Someone recently asked me for some advice about how they might go about building the kind of success I have with my business. I bring in a full time income via my healing business. I have a very long waiting list and a great reputation. My challenges at this stage of the journey are about servicing demand, but how did I build the business I have today?

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