Central Australian ‘Heart Fuchsia’

I found this flower in Central Australia.

Heart Fuchsia heals the wounds of the heart. She helps you travel through your history so you can understand who you are and why your heart has become who it is. The healing she gave me was a soul-retrieval. When wounded, a part of us can split off from our wholeness and become trapped in the memory of the wound, and we let it go, abandon it almost, in an attempt to wall off the pain. To heal the wound, we need to reintegrate the memory and be present with our pain, with compassion, gentleness, acceptance and love. 

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RED KURRAJONG – Flower essence

Brachiciton paradoxum


Description- Flowers grow directly from branches of small straggly tree after all leaves have dropped. Red, bell-shaped in clusters on very short stalks in old leaf axils. Flowers Jun-Oct.


Possible symptoms due to energy imbalance:

Exasperation. Frustration. Impatience. Easy pushed off centre. Reactive. Taking things on, taking it personally, getting too involved. Being offended, getting angry or upset about other people, situations. Feeling harassed and set upon. Conflict. Impasse. Tendency to give up and blame the ‘other’ or take over responsibility for the situation completely. Loosing sight of the bigger picture. Competing with team members. Wanting to run away.

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Clear Action Flower Essence




Tiny, white, four-petalled flower with yellow centre geometrically divided into four parts by a cross.


Clarity. Focus. ‘Do it Now’. Completion. Emotional Honesty.


Possible symptoms due to energy imbalance:

Procrastination. Leaving it until tomorrow. Getting distracted. Mentally scattered. Dithering. Impractical. Being ‘up there with the fairies’. Disorganised. Poor time management and budgeting. Unclear on priorities. Avoidance. Vagueness. Poor memory. Indecisive. A sense of being ‘unmoored and off target’. Denial. Delay tactics. Elusive endings.

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Phaleria Flower Spirit

Phaleria clerodendrum

Scented Daphne


Small Tree: 6m, sometimes more.

Leaves: Dark glossy green, opposite, up to 18″ long

Flowers: Numerous clusters of tubular flowers growing directly out of the trunk and branches. The sepals are white to cream and up to 4 cm long. Said by some to be ‘pineapple scented’ or ‘coconut scented’.

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Women’s power centres

I’ve recently been taught a little more by Spirit about the difference in women and men’s energy fields. I was already partially aware of this because I’ve noticed that men and women store their power differently (eg women store power in their ovaries &/or womb, whereas men seem to prefer the hara.) The first stage of this training came via my connection with a women’s flower at Areyonga in Central Australia. Here is a excerpt about this flower from the book I am writing about my flower journey through Central Australia:

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My nature spirit teachers – part 2

Gumnut, Button Flower, and Crow After the mistletoe left, gum nut came in. I was surprised because it wasn’t the flower, just the greenish young nut, before it dies and turns into a nut. Normally, it’s the flower that connects with me. I felt the gumnut energy opening and closing inside me, releasing tension and dispersing congested energy, shifting energy from one area to another. … Continue reading My nature spirit teachers – part 2

My nature spirit teachers – part 1

On a recent trip through central Australia, my country, my place of birth, spirit spoke to me. We travelled 6000 km and travelled through 15 communities but there was only one place that reached out and said hello. I was curious as to why it was that particular place that spoke to me, so when I got home, I reached out and reconnected. I remembered that the voice had come from the mountain. I wasn’t sure if it was the mountain itself, a cave, or some flowers on the other side, but now as I write this, I hear a voice telling me it was ‘the spirit of the land’. I asked the voice why this place connected with me:

“Because this is your place. It’s the best place for you, where you resonate with the land and the female earth energy. It’s the best place for you now, not always, but now. Come visit and we will talk with you, teach you. We know you and have worked with you before. Some places in Australia will talk to you because they recognise you. You’ve been allowed access to some layers/levels of knowledge-wisdom because of who you are and your history.”

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Desert Heath Myrtle on the Sandy Blight Rd

Desert Myrtle MedicineImage

Desert Health Myrtle made my neck feel longer, almost as though it were helping me stretch out the kinks and compressions in my spine. Then I found myself rotating my head around in each direction, slowly, as though scanning the environment around me. It reminded me of what our blind owl Zing does- it’s almost as though she can turn her head all the way around and ‘look’ over her own shoulder at you. Really, she’s listening to the entire room to get a sense for what is where and who is doing what.

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Daisy Bush at Areyonga


Areyonga was a power place for me; the mountains reached out and connected with me, spoke with me. I haven’t seen a more beautiful place and it was delicious to be nestled so closely between two mountains. The echo was incredible. What I thought were two dogs barking at each other turned out to be one dog barking at himself.

I found two special flowers here, both within metres of one another, a fuchsia and a daisy. This was the first daisy I’d found on the trip and I’d really been looking forwards to connecting with daisy, so it was a magical moment for me. I’d headed in off the road, letting spirit guide my steps, drawn towards some mistletoe. As I stepped up to the tree I realised it wasn’t in flower, but when I looked down, right in front of me was this magnificent daisy bush.

Daisy spoke to me mostly in images and feelings, with the odd word thrown in.  I had to work with this medicine three times before I really grasped its purpose.

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