Understanding the soul

FullSizeRender copyI haven’t written a blog for quite some time, as I’ve been happily buried in a book writing project. Normally, the books I’m writing are topically relevant to this site and I can share snippets as I go, but in this case I’m working on a family history. The three characters/ancestors I’m writing about were very spiritual people, so perhaps at some stage there will be something I can share, even if it’s just me wrestling with deep questions in an attempt to understand my character’s spirituality.

But in the meantime, one of my clients has texted me a spiritual question, and it’s the kind of question that can’t be answered with a single text reply, so we’ve agreed that I will blog a reply instead!

The nature of the soul…..It’s an eternal question. One that many philosophers and spiritual thinkers have wrestled with.

Here is my client’s question:

“I’m reading a book by Ruth White and she was saying we are sort of split like corn husks. One husk is yin and one is yang. With the husks is our soul and within that soul is little grains or beads of different personalities that incarnate for the experience of the soul and at the end when we are all finished the 2 husks will form together and that’s when the twin flames join… sort of. Does that make sense to you?

So I guess what I’m confused about is… our past lives: are they really ours (our personalities). Or another of our soul’s personalities?”
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Overcoming perfectionism

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.50.34 AMGood morning beautiful people!

I’ve been doing a lot of teaching about Burdened Purple lately, so this is the colour I’ll share today. Purple is an aura colour that can tend to make us over-serious if we have too much of it in our aura. An excess is usually characterised by very dark purple colours. While the right amount of purple makes us responsible, spiritual, deep, intuitive, reflective and so on, an excess tends to adversely affect the belly chakra, effectively crippling the free expression of our spontaneous and playful inner child.

You can think of each colour as representing a personality type, an inner self (a part of your personality) or a set of learned and habitual behaviours. Burdened Purple, like all aura colours, expresses itself in many possible ways.

When we have very small amounts of this colour in an otherwise bright and vibrant aura, Burdened Purple can help us to become more responsible, organised, efficient, sensible, and grown-up. This colour appears in the aura when we are taking another step into the seriousness and sobriety of the adult world. It can also appear when our romantic inner child has been woken up to some realities and is becoming more level-headed (but hopefully not jaded and disillusioned).

This can be a tricky colour to keep in balance though. More than a pinch, and you can find yourself struggling with the following:

*Perfectionism. This part of us has very high, often unrelenting or unrealistic standards. The up side to this is that they apply themselves diligently to whatever they do, and can achieve incredible things as a result of their high standards. The down side is that this fastidious attention to detail can make this part of us a bit neurotic and controlling. It’s difficult to work with others when you can’t trust them to have the same standards you do, and it can be difficult to complete things or produce finished works when you are so intensely anxious about it being ‘perfect’. This can cripple the career and potential of people who would otherwise be prolific in their contributions to the world around them. Perfectionism, when managed carefully and kept under control, can be useful but if it takes over, it can wreak havoc on your life. Continue reading “Overcoming perfectionism”

Psychic self-protection and boundaries

How do I care for my psychic space, in terms of keeping it clear and clean and protected from low frequency energy in the world around me? And why won’t you ever hear me using the term psychic attack?

I’ll answer the last question first….

Just the phrase itself, “psychic attack” will light up areas of your brain to do with feeling threatened, and change your behaviour in ways that emphasise your perception of feeling separate from others in negative ways. Just reading the word ‘attack’ will press your limbic buttons, shut down the parts of your brain that help you control anger and fear (the anterior cingulate and striatum) and put your amygdala on the alert, generating a fight or flight response that spreads throughout your entire body.

What’s wrong with this? Well, if there is any actual attack, I’d say this it is. We attack and corrode our own health on all levels when we become stressed in this manner, especially when the stress is chronic and habitual, which definitely happens with people who tend to be on the alert for psychic attack.

If you aren’t much interested in neuroscience, let me explain the same phenomenon from my perspective as an aura reader and healer. As soon as you decide that your existing boundaries aren’t strong enough to protect you from the ill-wishing and psychic negativity of a persecutor, you give your power away and your auric frequency drops. Whether the psychic attack is real or not, the end outcome is the same, because when your frequency drops, your energy levels drop, your mental clarity disappears, your thinking becomes negative, your emotions become fragile and/or erratic, and you may feel unwell. If you were ever going to vulnerable to the negative energy of another person or situation, it’s when your frequency drops, but really, you are doing their job for them by poisoning yourself with negative thoughts, beliefs and stories. Continue reading “Psychic self-protection and boundaries”

Bridging in healing

Healing class this morning was lovely. Here is one of the techniques or healing concepts we explored:


Bridging is the idea of connecting two areas or parts of a person that are disconnected. While it mostly comes up as an intrapersonal issue (within ourselves), bridges can also be built between ourselves and others, or between ourselves and our dreams. Quite often though, resolving internal divides resolves external divisions. As my mother so often says : “Magic begins on the inside!” Continue reading “Bridging in healing”

Reflective Emotional Listening

This is a term I came up with after working with a couple who I realised were having trouble hearing each other emotionally. Both of them felt as though their feelings were going unheard by the other, and this was driving a wedge between them. I based my idea on ‘Reflective Listening’, which I talk about in my book Aura Colour Therapy in the section … Continue reading Reflective Emotional Listening

Being open to receiving

I’m loving this year so far. I’ve been walking every day, sometimes twice daily. I have just discovered the marvellous world of podcasts, after some encouragement from my stepdad, cousin and brother. My stepdad helped me set up a TED Talk app on my phone, my brother set up the podcast app and my cousin has been raving for years about the joy of podcasts. My world has opened up just that little more! Today I discovered a few authors and books I have written down on my wish list, after listening to a few podcasts on my 6km walk.

The first healing class for the year started back today. I have half a dozen different classes (4 people to a class). Each one is a little different with the regular students learning from each other as well as me. I love the small class sixes- so much easier for us to bond, feel safe with each other and get quality one-on-one time. In class today, we talked about the importance of being your authentic self, rather than masking yourself in order to please people, or because you are afraid of judgement and rejection.

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Contentment and Savouring

One of my favourite new tricks I’ve been mastering over the past two years is the art of savouring and practising contentment. It’s so much fun! Makes you feel so happy and peaceful. Here are some really cool, basic ways to use this tool. Each one is tied in with time: NOW Savour this moment. Appreciate and enjoy it. What is it about this moment … Continue reading Contentment and Savouring

Giving your power away and projecting your shadows onto others

From time to time, someone will contact me asking if I can help them remove a hex, or because they are under psychic attack. I refer them on to other practitioners because I don’t enjoy the ‘giving your power away’ paradigm. To work with them, I either have to honour their paradigm and enter into it, or find a way to coax them out of it. The first approach means dropping my frequency and playing make believe in a way that disempowers both me and the client. The second option is doable but can be tiresome; people who readily embrace the idea of hexes and psychic attack tend to be fear-based in their thinking, some to the point of paranoia, and they are so deeply ingrained in their fears that invitations to reframe reality are met with the same suspicion they apply to everything else.

As much as possible, I like to honour the beliefs of others and sometimes the best way I can do this with fear-based clients is to refer them on to someone who shares their beliefs. But I’m also in the process of learning how to speak up for my own truth, so I wanted to write this blog to clarify my thoughts on this topic, for both myself and others. And perhaps also to explore an AND perspective; how can I honour their paradigm AND help bust them out of it at the same time. I think the answer lays in my core truth regarding the value of metaphor in spiritual work as opposed to taking everything so literally.

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