Make-a-wish Mindfulness Meditation

With reality creating, it pays to spend time reflecting mindfully on what it is you are intending to create. This meditation helps you do exactly that, incorporating creative visualisation, story-telling and mindfulness mantras that help you make/feel/see the connection between words, feelings and body sensations. [/audio Feeling is as important (possibly more important) than visualisation and affirmations. Or to phrase this a little differently: visualisation … Continue reading Make-a-wish Mindfulness Meditation

Base Chakra Healing

I just created a quick audio healing meditation for a client with a grumpy base chakra, and thought I might share it here too for others to enjoy. I forgot to set up the mike, so the recording quality isn’t as good as usual, but it will do! This meditation is helpful for anyone whose base chakra or ‘red energy’ is grumpy, sulking and feeling thwarted … Continue reading Base Chakra Healing

Healing Meditation : Fan Flower

This is a sketch of a flower fairy I met on my Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia. She belongs to a family of flowers called “fan” or “hand” flowers, because of their unique one-sided shape, but my inner child thinks of her as a “moth” flower, because she looks like a moth when her petals are only half opened. Here is a snippet from my book…. … Continue reading Healing Meditation : Fan Flower

Tree Dryad – Healing Meditation

  Tree dryads are tree spirits. They can be male or female, young or old. For the most part, they are shy, and rarely seen by humans. This tree dryad specialises in healing loneliness, abandonment and rejection wounds in the inner child, and she asked me to channel this healing through for you. Prints of Omanisa’s artwork are available for purchase on request. Continue reading Tree Dryad – Healing Meditation

Clearing Meditation

  Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy. The Clearing Meditation teaches you how to use creative visualisation to clear your aura by releasing. or letting go of, old congested energy and/or the past. Omanisa takes the listener through a sequence of different clearing techniques, using nature imagery to stimulate aura colours in the aura that have a cleansing action. Clearing … Continue reading Clearing Meditation

Rainbow Chakra Meditation

Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.  Learn the positions and colours of the traditional rainbow chakra system in this guided self-care meditation. This meditation guides you through the process of balancing your chakras with colour-breathing and creative visualisation. You don’t have to see clear pictures in your mind for this to be effective. Creative visualisation is actually a … Continue reading Rainbow Chakra Meditation

Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Listen for free, then contact us to enquire about purchasing your own copy.   The meditation teaches various grounding techniques using creative visualisation or magical intent. Grounding is a valuable technique to learn if you tend to be too floaty, spacey, vague, easily distracted, speedy or clumsy. As the counterpoint to (or anchor for) the altered state of mind accessed during healing and psychic work, … Continue reading Grounding : Self-Care Meditation

Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

Enter through a gateway leading into your inner world and rediscover your your ‘inner nature’. This journey familiarises you with the centre of your sacred inner garden, a meeting place between you and spirit, wher many healing journeys can begin. By learning to stay focsed on imagined sensory information such as imagery, sounds, feelings, sensations, smells and so on, you strengthen your capacity to connect … Continue reading Sanctuary : Self-care Meditation

Vision Quest : Shamanic Song Healing

Shamanic song healings carry sound energy throughout the universe, linking you up with times, places and magical intentions. Channeled though by two of Omanisa’s spirit guides, this male-female blending of voices invokes the power of the vision quest, an ancient journey undertaken to discover ones higher purpose or calling in life. While we may have one over-arching purpose, there are smaller ones that come and … Continue reading Vision Quest : Shamanic Song Healing