Soul Mates

As a spiritual counsellor, the idea of soul mates is one that comes up fairly frequently while working with clients. As with everything I do, I try to take a balanced approach to this. On the one hand, we need to honour the romantic inner child in us that believes in fairy tales. If this childlike part of the heart chakra becomes jaded by disappointment and heartbreak, our hearts can shut down due to cynicism and fear of getting hurt again. Continue reading “Soul Mates”

Mini Aura Expo

The Mini Aura Expo today went really well and we all had a wonderful time. Throughout the afternoon, people moved around amongst groups, giving and receiving. It was quite a relaxed, organic process. There were about eleven of us, with two healing tables erected and three tables set up for readings. We spent 30 min introducing ourselves and establishing what each person most wanted to get out of the day. This included working out who the healers were going to be and whether they wanted to do team healing, or to blend healing and readings together.  Continue reading “Mini Aura Expo”

Pass-it-on Green

This is an article I wrote many years ago. Thought I might share it again. Pass-it-on Green is a combination of Conflict Green, Resentment Green and Performance Green.

Revenge, curses, passing-the-blame, seeking retribution, family feuds. 

Such energy can be handed down through the generations like an inheritance. This colour can be stored within the energy field in a latent ‘sleeping state’ for long periods of time, only to be triggered by coming into contact with an ancestor of the ‘enemy’. Like a curse, the energy of retribution can be carried down through generations or lifetimes (passed) until an inheritor manages to resolve it. Each inheritor must choose between taking out retribution on the ancestors of the original enemy or overcoming the ‘curse’ by releasing its energy through themselves and thus releasing themselves from its hold. This release is a discharge of the emotional loading inherited on a psychic level from our ancestors or past selves and may involve reliving the original core emotions experienced when the colour was initially passed onto you or your family.

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Sample Aura Card Reading

Possible interpretations for

Misfit Orange above the head (Crown Chakra position)

The major theme in this reading could be:

*Feeling misunderstood or not fitting in.

*Being rebellious in order to be your own person

*Refusing to conform to social expectations

*Not feeling accepted by others

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Aura Colour Sample Reading

For those of you with a card and book set, here’s a sample reading using a random selection of cards:

Crown: Idealistic Pink

Brow: Conservative Brown

Throat: Honour Blue

Heart: Watchful Blue

Solar Pleus: Firedancer Red

Sacral: Healing Green

Base: Impatience Red

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Sticky Brain Syndrome

Sticky Brain Syndrome is a tongue-in-cheek syndrome that I invented this morning in the shower, after telling my mind, in no uncertain terms, to shut up because I was entirely fed up with hearing the same sentence repeated over and over again. Thankfully, it listened and dutifully went quiet.

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Reading spirit guides in the aura

sketched by Omanisa

When I’m reading the aura, I generally find spirit guide energy above the client’s head. Assigning a specific area of the aura to ‘the colours of spirit guides’ is helpful because then I can discern spirit energy from the energy of any incarnated beings the client might be interacting with. Using the area above the head as the spirit guide area makes sense because this is the area governed by the crown chakra, our spiritual chakra.

I tend to see spirit guides as balls of coloured light, with the colour, positioning and size of the ball giving me information about the guide’s personality and purpose. These meanings are my own personal system, and certainly not a rule of thumb- everyone perceives energy in their own unique way. I like the ball of light idea because to me, spirit is energy…the image of a guide as a character or human is secondary to the idea of spirit being an energy field.

Larger balls generally represent ‘older’ or wiser spirit guides. White balls are ‘master’ guides- guides with a very high frequency. When a ball of light is touching on, or close to the body, it means the guide and human have a very good working relationship and have probably been together for a long time.

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Reading aura colours around the hands

When I sketch the aura, I use a full-body sketching format, rather than just the head and shoulders. This is a bit like pulling a seven card tarot layout, where each position in the layout has a different meaning, rather than choosing just one card and having no layout pattern at all. By using different body areas to represent different parts of a person’s life, I can cross-reference colours with positions for greater accuracy, just as the tarot reader cross-references tarot cards with positions in the tarot spread.

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