My Life as a Dreamer

My husband tells me the way I dream is unusual, and I’m curious to know if that is true!

I’ve always been an adventurous dreamer. As a child, I’d dream of being in the school yard, off in some little corner by myself, practising my levitation skills. I’d slowly lean back, keeping my body straight and stiff, balancing my weight on my heels. Instead of falling backwards I’d suddenly find myself floating with my heels an inch off the ground! It required a lot of concentration, but with practise, it became easier.

As the years rolled by, I was able to float a little higher, and for longer, and by the time I reached my teens I could fly! Sometimes, my flying looks like Wonder Woman. When I fly like this, it feels almost as though I am a dolphin, streaming, winding, whipping and turning effortlessly, this way and that. Other times, it’s more a sense of being able to jump with weightlessness, launching in the air and leaping to great heights. Continue reading “My Life as a Dreamer”

Abundance or poverty

If you are lacking something….

It’s usually because whatever you value, isn’t being valued in some way….

What is your currency?

Where is your poverty wound?

Is it money, love, time, success, health, friendship, connection, recognition/admiration….

…. you don’t have enough of? (Or something else entirely?)

What do you really value?

Sometimes your sense of lack will tell you about your values…

Shaping and informing them, or being shaped or formed by.


In other words, lack can teach you how to really value something:

If you don’t have something that blesses your life, you certainly appreciate it when it arrives…

After a while we might take it’s presence for granted and get a little sloppy in caring for our values with actions that back those values up in the real world.



If you are lacking something….
It’s usually because whatever you value, isn’t being valued in some way….

Are you looking after and caring for what you value…

Or letting what you value/love slip through your fingers?

Are you allowing it to be taken from you…

Or giving it away too freely?

If so, where are your boundaries?

Where are YOU?

Step up and own your space.


Are you open to receiving from the world around you?

From others?

Will you accept support and gifts of love?

Will you stay open to what the world around you has to offer?

By keeping your eyes, heart and mind open, you will see gifts of light and love coming your way….

Attuned to this belief, this truth….

You will align yourself with abundance


In order to receive,

Focus on deserving and connection…

Cultivate both.

Give what you want to receive…

Share what you value without giving everything away

Find ways to give that enrich you and others

Because you are in no way separate from the world around you


Perhaps what you value isn’t being valued by others…

Or you aren’t feeling valued by others

Value yourself

And it will never matter when people around you have other values


And always remember

The Universe gifts us in many blessed way that come in many different forms…

Are you focused on your abundance, or your poverty?

Are you fixated on lack, or the richness that surrounds you…

Even if it’s not in your preferr3ed form.

By celebrating what you do have, can do, and can be

You liberated yourself and set yourself free

From a fixation of poverty.


We are all rich in some ways,

And poor in others.

Will you let your poverty completely define you?


Or will you use it as a power that strengthens you…

Like a person of power always does?

While celebrating the blessings

However small or insignificant they may seem…


For this appreciation, gratitude, VALUING…

Is the bridge back to a fullness of being


Give and be,

what you most wish to receive






Therapeutic Storytelling

I specialize in storytelling. My clients tell me stories about who they are and the life they are leading; stories about health, life, courage, confusion and so much more. They cast themselves in a specific role that reflects and shapes their psyche and their story about themselves.

Listening to a person’s story tells me about their hopes, their fears, their insecurities and their strengths. And hidden in amongst the folds of every story told are little whispers of wisdom that grow wings with which to fly when they are unearthed from our depths and the light of positive attention is shone upon them. The same light can make fears and insecurities dissolve as though they were merely the remnants of a bad dream shaken off with the dawning of new realisations and insight.

In clinic, I use many different story-telling techniques to bring my clients face to face with their own stories. The telling of past live stories and fairy-tales for example, can re-present our stories to us in exaggerated,  metaphor-rich glory; stage-dressed in ribbons and tatters, delivered dramatically or humourously, with a classic plot line and characters who mirror us back to ourselves. Why do we tell the stories we tell, in the way that we tell them, and why do we keep repeating the same experience over and over again, attracting, or being attracted to, the same catalysts, characters and plot lines?

I love helping people find new ways to tell old stories: flipping through alternative possibilities and choices in perspective can make us feel as though we discovering and having the courage to wander down half hidden side-streets that lead to new delights and new life….  instead of walking the same tired old paths over and over again.

Who could you become? What do you aspire to? What kind of person would you like to be? These are the questions we are exploring when fleshing out the character of a spirit guide, another form of story-telling I love to use in clinic. You could think of your spirit guides as being your higher self playing dress-up, because in the broader scheme and things, we are all connected as one anyway; connected by universal story-lines (plot lines) and archetypal lessons.


The Two Wolves

Once upon a time, or so the Cherokee legend goes, a young Indian boy received a beautiful drum as a gift. When his best friend saw it, he asked if he could play with it, but the boy felt torn. He didn’t want to share his new present, so he angrily told his friend, “No!”

His friend ran away, and the boy sat down on a rock by the stream to contemplate his dilemma. He hated the fact that he had hurt his friend’s feelings, but the drum was too precious to share. In his quandary, he went to his grandfather for advice.

The elder listened quietly and then replied. “I often feel as though there are two wolves fighting inside me. One is mean and greedy and full or arrogance and pride, but the other is peaceful and generous. All the time they are struggling, and you, my boy, have those same two wolves inside you.”

“Which one will win?”, asked the boy.

The elder smiled and said “The one you feed.”

This story, told in How God changes your Brain, by Newburg and Waldman (neurotheology), is a wonderful example of the power of therapeutic story-telling. Stories can help us see ourselves more clearly. They give us visual metaphors to describe intangible feelings inside us, along with new strategies for managing our challenges. Continue reading “The Two Wolves”


Silver threads stretch beneath

Dewdrops basking

in moonlight dancing

Rainbow-sprites laughing…

Here in my heart

Silkwoven paths

spanning chasms

lighting patterns


in a void of stars

Pearl droplets spun of loves sweet milk

In flowing steams that ripple still

A river of stars course through my heart

And burst free to soar in cascading sparks

Sweet I melt into the sound

of StarFire

caressing naked ground

Falling softly to the earth

slipping through the Dragon’s hearth

Deep I fall into the sound

Aflame am I….

Eternal Bound

New year reflections

I’t s my first week back at work for the new year and I’m loving it. Here are some highlights for me:

*Seeing the very tangible physical change on a client’s face. She has had subtle shifts in perspective over the past four months or so, and it’s showing on her face. She looks so much more open and warm. Her face flows fluidly from one natural emotion to the next. She still has a beautiful, regal composure to her, but gone is the almost plastic, robotic stiffness to her features. She seems approachable now, at times warm and inviting. I love the way laughter will spill from her spontaneously now; the way she is a little more animated, rather then seeming guarded. The light is starting to come back on in her eyes. Continue reading “New year reflections”

Wings around my sister

Karlee handed the bottle of pills over to the program coordinator and sat down. Someone had ratted her out. She looked around the room at the other girls suspiciously, hiding the hardness in her eyes behind a thick fringe of hair and a demure smile. They were talking crap again. About how this one had said that and that one had done this. It was boring.

She watched Tanya for a while and wondered if it was her who had dobbed her in for the pills. Little prattler was a suck. Even the sound of her voice grated on Karlee’s nerves. It reminded her of a childhood ‘friend’. Bloody memories. But it was too late, one had sucked her in again. She wished she could get the pills back.

Continue reading “Wings around my sister”

The Teacher

(Based on a story told to me by a spirit guide, about a previous life of hers)

The tremors were coming more often now. And they were stronger. The children could see the cracks forming in the stone walls, and the dust was making some of them cough.

“Earth mother is waking up. Don’t be afraid. She will take us into her belly where a new world will begin for all of us.”

She kept her voice soft, low and soothing, relying on her gentle sing-song alto to sway them back into calm. Tightening the outer edges of her aura as it wrapped comfortingly around the group, she disciplined herself to relax the core, smiling a little to herself as they heaved a collective sigh and released some tension.

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Omanisa the Wanderer

IMG_6090I’m writing a post to test out my equipment for the trip through Europe, because I want to be able to blog as I go. Writing helps me process and appreciate my experiences, not to mention the joy of sharing. We couldn’t take the laptop because Steve needs to leave it with his partner for work. I only have a desk top. All that left us with was a half-buried thinagamy gadget that I haven’t quite got my head around, called a tablet. I purchased it second hand a while back but had a rough time getting it to work for me when using wordpress, which is the main thing I needed a computer for when travelling.
The tablet has a touch screen and oh my goodness, the arguments we would have with one another when it come to writing a blog! It just wouldn’t cooperate and I would always give up in exasperation. The last trip I went on, I left the stupid thing behind in protest. But!

I have had a break-through! I just hooked my keyboard up to the tablet, using the one and only port it has… and then plugged the toggle for the wireless mouse into the keyboard, which has two ports. Yay! For the first time ever, I’m writing a blog on my tablet and it’s working! *happy dance* Hmmm It’s doing a few annoying things, but it still a vast improvement.

We will be going to Ireland, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Innisbruck, Vorderlanersbach, Prague, and London. I have a new camera and am really looking forward to my time hiking through the Austrian Alps and exploring the Kew Gardens.

I just checked to see if I could upload photos from my camera. Amazing. That works too. Which means I can upload and clear my memory stick on a regular basis.

This is a photograph of Hibbertia, although I think it may be upside down……

My nick-name for this flower is soak-the-dawn, because it opens at dawn and then drops its petals a few hours later as the heat of the day sets in. It helps you slow down and savour the moment, something I’ve been talking with my clients a lot about lately, and it also improves cognitive function (eg memory, concentration, learning skills). I’ve noticed other practitioner using it to clear ‘parasites’ (foreign bodies) from the aura and have tested it out for this- it works really well! I think what it does is clear negative fear-based suggestion from the mind and aura. It’s not fun working with people who are mired in fear about psychic phenomena and it’s so alien to the way I work, the way I think, the mood i bring to things…. so when freaked-out people rub off on my aura, I use this remedy to clear the mess and my mindbody returns to its usual happy state.