She’s just a cow

Passing by the field alongside the fence Walking free in the sunshine Butterflies flutter by as my love awaits A cow watches me from her side of the gate Our eyes connect and I look away So rude of her to stare In that over-curious way But I can’t resist looking again There’s something in her eyes Calling me a friend Our gazes lock, transfixed… She tilts her head and comes closer … Continue reading She’s just a cow

Hello Spirit

“Hello Spirit” Hello Om. Lovely day. Lovely way to be connecting with you. This is new. Spirit seems pleased as though looking around at a room that has been rearranged, and liking it. I have just rearranged my room, but I think Spirit is talking about this wordpress site. Our history of connection has taken place with paper and pen, and while I work with … Continue reading Hello Spirit

Spirit Journey

This is another from one of my old diaries. (2004)


I stand amidst the rocks with my arms outstretched, my head tipped back, and I greet the sky.

“Greetings Spirit. Welcome to this place and time. Well come to my space.”

A warrior woman in riding leathers swoops down upon a eagle with a saddle on its back. She greets me with a staff-length wand stamped upon the ground and holds it forth. I am honoured. She is well come. Sitting herself down upon a rock to wait, she points to the sky.

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Clearing writing blocks

It might seem to some as though I was always able to write and produce very easily and freely, but no, that’s not the case. While I have many, many journals filled with writing, I had no idea how to transition from this to book writing. I was afraid and had to do years of work to clear blockages that were holding me back. This blog contains stories about some of the interactions I had with spirit while attempting to clear my writing blocks. I think these diary entries are from around 2004.

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