Aura Remedy – Releasing grief

IMG_5120Sometimes when we are sad, we express it in strange ways! We might get angry, for example. We might have a tantrum, shut people out, run away, or give up. We might not even really be aware of the grief…. we just feel “off” and we’re acting out, but we don’t know why. Releasing the grief behind this behaviour makes the behaviour go away.

Today I made a special Aura Remedy blend for helping people (and their children and/or inner child) through these troubling moments in life. This blend uses Apache tear to release the underlying grief, especially when this grief has to do with feeling helpless or powerless, unloved or misunderstood, rejected or abandoned.  Continue reading “Aura Remedy – Releasing grief”

Aura Spray – Courage and Synchronicity

Today I am making some Aura Sprays for clients. I make all of my own gem, flower and colour essences. Two of the beautiful Aura Colour essences being used in an Aura Spray today are Courage Orange and Synchronicity Pink Courage Orange is a “Phoenix riding from the ashes” colour. It brings all the warm colours back into the aura after they have been burned … Continue reading Aura Spray – Courage and Synchronicity

Food Spirit Medicine

As a healer, I work with spirit guides and spiritual energies from many parts of nature, and with my love for food-as-medicine and my background as a naturopath, I have a special affinity for food spirit medicine.

What is food spirit medicine?

Food spirit medicine is the spiritual healing energy of plants we consume as food. Foods don’t just have a mechanical and chemical impact on the body, they have a spiritual healing effect on the aura or energy field. We don’t have to eat these foods to access the healing from a food, however. In just the same way that we can call on an angel to protect us, or the spirit of a mountain or a tree to ground us and lend us strength, we can call on the spirit of a food to bring us healing medicine. Continue reading “Food Spirit Medicine”

The Super Hero

I had had a lovely morning talking with my daughter and she has inspired some blogs. Here’s the first one, before I forget everything she told me! “I don’t understand. You get these people who go vegan, but they haven’t done their research and they aren’t eating properly, and they get sick, and then instead of fixing up their diet, they just decide veganism is bad for them … Continue reading The Super Hero

Blood Pressure

My great uncle is in his mid eighties and isn’t on any prescribed medications. Not because doctors haven’t tried to put him on them mind you, but because he (like me) prefers a natural living approach to health. 

He recently had some trouble with his blood pressure consistently showing some high readings. I personally felt that it was tied in with some stress and the effects a dog bite had had on his immune system. Everything in the body is connected, and the slightest little tweak here and there can have a domino effect throughout the entire system. My great uncle, like most of us in my family, has a great love for nature and a strong social conscience. As a result, his sense of well-being cannot easily be separated from the well-being of his community and his community was facing challenges. It would be so easy to turn a blind eye and not care, but honestly, what is the point in having this human existence if we don’t engage?

Continue reading “Blood Pressure”

Tulips, Sunflowers and Van Gogh

Little bit excited. Two days in Amsterdam on a house boat, coming up! Look like we’ll be visiting the flower market and I can snap away with my camera to my hearts content. I can’t believe I’m going somewhere where people love tulips as much as I do! Then after that, we’ll go visit a vegan cafe, and then on to the Van Gogh museum, to see … Continue reading Tulips, Sunflowers and Van Gogh

Mocha chocha zebra cake

When I’m not inventing cakes, I’m making variations on Emily von Euw’s cakes. I consider her my cake teacher! This is a cake I made using one of her recipes. It’s a favourite of ours; probably the most more-ish recipe I’ve found so far (so I don’t make it too often because we might eat too much and then it wouldn’t be incredible any more.) … Continue reading Mocha chocha zebra cake

Organically Grown Food

One thing I loved about travelling through Europe last time I was there was that so many people had their own backyard vege gardens. Some family members we stayed with, especially in Slovakia, served meals where at least 75% of the meal came from the garden. I loved it! I grew up with vege patches and am always happier when I have one in my … Continue reading Organically Grown Food

Lavender and the Watchful Blue Aura

photo-31Spirit keeps telling me to take Lavender, these past few days, bringing it into my life and to my attention in various sneaky ways. First it arrived via my current obsession with edible flower petals, and I found myself prickling it over my food. Now It’s the card I keep pulling from my home-made herbal deck. I have Lavender tincture preserved in pears, which is lovely and soft compared to the alcohol version.

Agitated Depression

I can’t say this is an issue for me at the moment but it is for many people I am energetically supporting. I love herbs that calm anxiety while also treating depression, because the two so often go hand in hand. Lavender treats dizziness and insomnia, and stops us from from getting caught up in obsessive thoughts.

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