Aura Remedy – Releasing grief

IMG_5120Sometimes when we are sad, we express it in strange ways! We might get angry, for example. We might have a tantrum, shut people out, run away, or give up. We might not even really be aware of the grief…. we just feel “off” and we’re acting out, but we don’t know why. Releasing the grief behind this behaviour makes the behaviour go away.

Today I made a special Aura Remedy blend for helping people (and their children and/or inner child) through these troubling moments in life. This blend uses Apache tear to release the underlying grief, especially when this grief has to do with feeling helpless or powerless, unloved or misunderstood, rejected or abandoned.  Continue reading “Aura Remedy – Releasing grief”

Aura Spray – Courage and Synchronicity

photoToday I am making some Aura Sprays for clients. I make all of my own gem, flower and colour essences. Two of the beautiful Aura Colour essences being used in an Aura Spray today are Courage Orange and Synchronicity Pink

Courage Orange is a “Phoenix riding from the ashes” colour. It brings all the warm colours back into the aura after they have been burned out or smothered. This is a fantastic recovery colour for exhaustion, depression and creative block. It helps us overcome our fears and embrace our inner strengths. This colour always reminds me of a lions mane!

2015-05-29 12.43.58Synchronicity Pink brings faith and magic back into our lives. It restores a feeling of flow, of everything falling smoothly into place. Having rediscovered our faith in divine timing and a sense that we are supported by the universe, we let go of our fears and stop trying to control what cannot be controlled. Viewed with psychic vision, this rich, deep pink aura colour contains silver and red sparkles.

If you would like Omanisa to create a special blend for you, have a look at the Aura Remedies page and place an order. You are very welcome to contact Omanisa for more information.

Food Spirit Medicine

As a healer, I work with spirit guides and spiritual energies from many parts of nature, and with my love for food-as-medicine and my background as a naturopath, I have a special affinity for food spirit medicine.

What is food spirit medicine?

Food spirit medicine is the spiritual healing energy of plants we consume as food. Foods don’t just have a mechanical and chemical impact on the body, they have a spiritual healing effect on the aura or energy field. We don’t have to eat these foods to access the healing from a food, however. In just the same way that we can call on an angel to protect us, or the spirit of a mountain or a tree to ground us and lend us strength, we can call on the spirit of a food to bring us healing medicine. Continue reading “Food Spirit Medicine”

The Super Hero

I had had a lovely morning talking with my daughter and she has inspired some blogs. Here’s the first one, before I forget everything she told me!

“I don’t understand. You get these people who go vegan, but they haven’t done their research and they aren’t eating properly, and they get sick, and then instead of fixing up their diet, they just decide veganism is bad for them and they stop altogether. Where’s the sense in that?

It’s like being a super hero and burning out because you are saving too many people and doing it all night when you should be sleeping. So you go to the doctor and you ask him for advice and he says ‘Oh you should stop being a super hero, it’s bad for you’.

If you really loved helping and saving people, you wouldn’t accept a lame kind of response like that. You’d think ‘This doctor is useless. If he was a decent doctor, he’d say ‘Let me help you organise your time and energy better, and set some limits on how much work you do and when, so that you can keep doing what you love’.”

I love my daughter’s analogy because it fits in so beautifully with the messages I have been giving my community, my clients and myself, regarding the art of giving, caring and achieving without burning out.

Just yesterday I was explaining to one of my clients why it’s okay to take the time to look after herself, and to accept help from others.

“I am capable of seeing 6-8 clients a day, but I don’t. I might make lots of money seeing that many people but is that what really matters? I could sustain that load for a few months, but I would eventually would burn out and have a health crash. Then I wouldn’t be able to see anyone at all and it might take months to recover.  In the meantime, I would have no energy for friendship and family, and no time to do what I love.”

I knew my client, as a practitioner herself, was completely fixated on being in service to others, so I had to come at it from another angle. It’s the same thing I have to do with mothers; quite often they won’t engage in healing themselves for their own sake, but if I remind them that their unresolved issues are creating unhealthy behaviours they are role-modelling for their children, they are suddenly all ears; they won’t engage in self-care for themselves, but they will do it for their children. Practitioners in the helping industry are much the same; they won’t engage in self-care for themselves but they will do it for their clients.

“By seeing less clients and looking after myself well, I can consistently provide a very high quality of service. In order to be at my best for my clients, I need to look after myself. I need to make sure I get enough sleep and rest, that I eat well and that I don’t abuse myself with addictions and self-destructive behaviour. If I don’t look after myself I am being unprofessional.”

Finally I saw a little glimmer of something register in her eyes. She heard me.

In this past week, I have had to have similar conversations with clients who are highly ambitious and reaching for goals that demand continuous striving. Many of them are surrounded by sales industry hype, encouraging them to push harder, reach further, stay up later… and then when they inevitably crash in a heap, they feel as though they have failed. We have to set boundaries and listen to our body. The best chance of success in any long-term endeavour comes from self-assessing, knowing your limits and pacing yourself.

If you have career goals but you get sick, or you fail to meet a set deadline, or you lose money in a venture…does that mean you will always fail, you don’t have what it takes and you should just give up? No. Just take a breath. Have a rest and reassess. I sincerely believe that a good business person has the capacity to take lemons and turn them into lemonade. If you hit a roadblock, sit back for a moment and consider your options. Be creative and innovative. Be daring and wise.

If helping others really matters to you, learn how to do it without burning out. Believe me, I know how it can feel after a nasty crash: you wonder if you are insane. Should you just walk away altogether because you aren’t cut out for it? No. Don’t turn your back on who you are, just find more sane and well-managed ways to do it.

If a vegan diet isn’t working for you, educate yourself, adjust the diet, be kinder to yourself and perhaps back off a little until you find your feet but don’t run away and give up altogether if it really matters to you.

All of these situations are learning opportunities. Burn-out is a learning opportunity. Do it often enough while paying attention to the causes and you will learn how to avoid it altogether. And avoiding it is wise, because it can turn you off your your dreams and values altogether. Burn out exhausts our capacity to care and strive, so it should be handled with extreme care. If possible, always take a break when suffering from burn out, because decisions made during this time will be coloured by cynicism and a lack of caring. It’s only after you have recharged your batteries that you will be able to really trust what your heart is telling you once more.

The secret to doing what you love long term: pace yourself and care for yourself along the way. You don’t have to be a machine pumping out achievement and/or service to others on a non-stop basis. You don’t have to conquer the world in a day, save everyone or be perfect. Real accomplishments take time and involve set backs and mistakes. Go slowly and cherish the journey. Keep your batteries charged and you won’t burn out.

Blood Pressure

My great uncle is in his mid eighties and isn’t on any prescribed medications. Not because doctors haven’t tried to put him on them mind you, but because he (like me) prefers a natural living approach to health. 

He recently had some trouble with his blood pressure consistently showing some high readings. I personally felt that it was tied in with some stress and the effects a dog bite had had on his immune system. Everything in the body is connected, and the slightest little tweak here and there can have a domino effect throughout the entire system. My great uncle, like most of us in my family, has a great love for nature and a strong social conscience. As a result, his sense of well-being cannot easily be separated from the well-being of his community and his community was facing challenges. It would be so easy to turn a blind eye and not care, but honestly, what is the point in having this human existence if we don’t engage?

Continue reading “Blood Pressure”

Tulips, Sunflowers and Van Gogh

Little bit excited. Two days in Amsterdam on a house boat, coming up! Look like we’ll be visiting the flower market and I can snap away with my camera to my hearts content. I can’t believe I’m going somewhere where people love tulips as much as I do!

Then after that, we’ll go visit a vegan cafe, and then on to the Van Gogh museum, to see his Sunflowers painting. I took some great sunflower photos at a friends house the other day, while being taken on  tour of her garden. I was crazy about sunflowers as a kid, and loved collecting the seeds from our giant sunflowers in the back yard in Alice Springs. I think I would like to sketch one of these paintings, in honour of the bee in particular. It takes a LOT of hard work to create a little bit of honey. I hope this bee gets to keep his/her honey. Bee spirit medicine comes through often during healing sessions with healing and guidance for my clients.


Mocha chocha zebra cake

When I’m not inventing cakes, I’m making variations on Emily von Euw’s cakes. I consider her my cake teacher! This is a cake I made using one of her recipes. It’s a favourite of ours; probably the most more-ish recipe I’ve found so far (so I don’t make it too often because we might eat too much and then it wouldn’t be incredible any more.) I used stevia as the sweetener, and organic decaff. I love the marbled pattern it got this time. Usually, the idea is to put the cake in the freezer to harden a little before you add the last layer. It’s actually more fun when you don’t, because they mix together in interesting ways, hence my zebra pattern! I love zebras. If you like the look of this recipe, you might want to buy Emily’s book, Rawsome Vegan Baking. Or you could come eat some for free at my clinic while attending one of my ‘Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret’ private screenings. Yes, I’m bribing you with cake. It’s shameless isn’t it?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Organically Grown Food

One thing I loved about travelling through Europe last time I was there was that so many people had their own backyard vege gardens. Some family members we stayed with, especially in Slovakia, served meals where at least 75% of the meal came from the garden. I loved it! I grew up with vege patches and am always happier when I have one in my own back yard, even if it’s just a range of herbs.

At the moment in my garden, I have spinach, kale, parsley, basil, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, lemon, gotu kola, rosella, banana and Chinese greens. And none of them have been sprayed with pesticides! How pleasant!

Here are some interesting links about organically grown food.

About pesticides

Shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce

New study find significant differences between organic and non-organicly grown food

Lavender and the Watchful Blue Aura

photo-31Spirit keeps telling me to take Lavender, these past few days, bringing it into my life and to my attention in various sneaky ways. First it arrived via my current obsession with edible flower petals, and I found myself prickling it over my food. Now It’s the card I keep pulling from my home-made herbal deck. I have Lavender tincture preserved in pears, which is lovely and soft compared to the alcohol version.

Agitated Depression

I can’t say this is an issue for me at the moment but it is for many people I am energetically supporting. I love herbs that calm anxiety while also treating depression, because the two so often go hand in hand. Lavender treats dizziness and insomnia, and stops us from from getting caught up in obsessive thoughts.

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