Omanisa is a psychic counselor, creative therapist, naturopath, herbalist, visionary artist, aura colour therapist, and shamanic healer. 

“Healing isn’t always about fixing what is broken, rusty, bruised or wounded…. sometimes it’s about making what is beautiful even more beautiful.”

Aura Consults

Your aura is YOU. You are more than just a physical body, you are a radiant being of light.

“Your spirit essence is light. Every thought, feeling and experience you have is a frequency of light. And on the deepest, most subtle levels of being, your body is light. YOU are light.”

Omanisa is a psychic counselor, healer and visionary artist with a gift for reading the aura.


Gaian consults

Gaia is Mother Nature!

Gaian consults are spiritual healings and readings guided by the spirit of Nature.

“There are many spirit guides who guide me during my consultations. The most potent of these guides, the one I work with the best, is Gaia.”

Omanisa is a Gaian healer. She is a rainbow shaman, a nature-spirit medium who loves working with the spirit-medicine of nature.


Herbal consults

Omanisa is a qualified naturopath with over 17 years experience with a passion for working with herbal medicine and the spirit-medicine of plants.

“I listen to your story and see your aura colours. This helps me know what plant-medicine to give you, which plant-spirits will be the best healing guides for you.”

Blending high-quality liquid herbal tinctures with her own unique range of Australian native flower essences, colour remedies and gem elixirs, Om prescribes therapeutic “Chakra Kits” containing Aura Sprays, Herbal Chakra Tonics, guided meditations, and more.