MindLight is Term One of “Shadows into Light” a personal development program I created to help you improve your self-care, self-healing and self-awareness skills using a blend of mindfulness and psychic Ki-mastery. I’ll share with you the tools I use to help my clients and myself maintain and restore balance and wellbeing, drawing on 25+ years of professional practice as a shaman and psychic who reads, sketches and heals the aura.

MindLight is excellent for developing the mental discipline and self-awareness needed to harness and direct your attention, strengthen your power and clarity of intent, and enhance your intuition. This course provides the foundational pre-requisite skills needed for further “Shadows into Light” study (HeartLight, SpiritLight).

As with all of the “Shadows into Light” courses, MindLight includes:

  • Course MaterialSelf-paced, online self-study. Work at your own pace. No assignments to submit.
  • Weekly MasterclassGroup online coaching via Zoom, with the occasional residential in Darwin.
  • Facebook Group This is a group discussion space. Ask for help, share the results of exercises, etc
  • Student ClinicExclusive free or discounted healings, readings etc from me and my apprentices.
  • Discounts- Receive 20% discounts on consults with me during your term of study.
  • RetreatsStudents get first option on retreats, as an optional added bonus.


The MindLight course material is primarily experiential, as per my preferred teaching style, with most of the emphasis being placed on practical application via guided meditation, reflective thinking exercises and practical homework assignments.

There are five core skills we develop in MindLight:

  • HOME- Mindfulness, grounding, centering and self-soothing.
  • SANCTUARY- Inner and outer Sanctuary. The Flow State.
  • PURPOSE- Power, focus and clarity of Intent. Meaning and purpose.
  • LISTEN- Deep listening, observation, body scanning, intuition.
  • VISION- Creative visualisation, perspective and perception shifts.

These individual skillsets culminate in two therapeutic meditations, the OMANTRA and HindSight–ForeSight Methods, which can be combined with the Transformation Workbook to facilitate positive shifts in awareness, behavioural habits, mindset and mood.

There will be spaces to record your thoughts throughout the course, but you might prefer to have your own journal you can record your MindLight journey within.


As a MindLight student, you have 3-4 months access* to our 90min weekly Masterclasses, where you can ask me questions, discuss and share your experiences with the MindLight exercises, and practise your MindLight skills during live guided training meditations facilitated by me and my apprentices. While you are automatically enrolled in every available class during your term of study and will receive reminders containing the Zoom-link, you aren’t required to attend.

Every part of this program is an opportunity, not an obligation.

During group and/or one-to-one discussions held during these masterclasses, some of your fellow students may benefit from your wisdom and guidance, especially if you are more experienced and/or further along in your studies. Likewise, apprentices and students who have completed MindLight might be of wonderful assistance to you! Our students love the connection and conversations that take place during these classes.

*3 months Standard, 4 months for the Special Offer. Please note, we do take some time off over Christmas/new year, and on the odd occasion when neither me nor my apprentices are available to host.


MindLight students have 3-4 months access to the “Shadows into Light” community discussion and support group on Facebook, where you can ask questions and share your thoughts with me and fellow students. Juicy snippets of wisdom and conversation relating to all the “Shadows into Light” courses are shared here, providing sneak peeks into both HeartLight and SpiritLight. This group is also the primary way you can access Student Clinic. Please join us if you haven’t already!


As a MindLight student, you receive 20% off consults with me during your 3-4 months of study. access to Student Clinic. This includes being added to the Monthly Free Draw to win one of the paid Student Clinic options for free. Sometimes the draw is random, like a lottery. Sometimes free sessions are given to specific members to thank them for their contribution to the Facebook Group and Masterclasses, or for helping promote the “Shadows into Light” program and bringing in new members.

  • Free consult (with apprentice, no supervision from me). Reach out and ask for support from one of our apprentices in return for a testimonial. For example, you might like help with a step in your Transformation Workbook, or you’re having trouble with your self-care etc.
  • Light supervision (in the clinic or via Zoom for $50-70). I’ll be in the background doing some writing/editing, keeping one ear out and being available if you and the apprentice need help/support/guidance.
  • Full supervision (can happen in one of two ways:)
  1. Be a guest client at one of our Apprenticeship Classes for a $100 fee and receive healing from myself with apprentice assistance or from one of my apprentices with me guiding/supervising. This is a magical way to soak up some of the training apprentices are receiving, without committing to the full apprenticeship.
  2. Pay for a consult with me and arrange to have one of the students present as my co-healer. Two healers for the price of one! Choose the apprentice you most deeply resonate with, and learn along with them, gaining deeper insight into the healing process.



Students who started with us in 2022 were given a very special once-off package deal which included large discount vouchers they can use towards our Visionary Nature Retreats. Students joining from 2023 onwards don’t receive these vouchers, but they are given first option on available spots before they’re offered to the general public. We’re hoping to run at least one of these a year. In 2023 our retreat will be held at a beach-front property Mandorah in Darwin on the last weekend of July, from Friday through to Sunday evening or Monday morning. Our 100 acres in Nymboida NSW isn’t quite ready for hosting retreats yet because we’re still rebuilding after the 2019 fires, and have had delays due to flooding. The retreats are a blend of Nature-based meditations, Gaian Healing attunements, playful and mindful Nature-exploration, and creative therapies. I’m hoping to make some announcements about pricing offers in April/May 2023.

Please Contact me if you would like to reserve your place in July’s Retreat.