MindLight – 3 month coaching journey

MindLight is the first term of “Shadows into Light”. This web-based hybrid course teaches you how to use Spirit Medicine for self-care, using the following resources:

  • Self-study Course Modules
  • Access to weekly Self-Care Coaching via Zoom
  • Connection with our Self-Care Community via Facebook
  • The Transformation Workbook
  • A Library of Guided Meditations

I’ll be piecing the modules together gradually as we go, and you’ll be helping me! You will have ongoing access to these modules as a reference you can re-visit any time you need to brush up on something. Shell, Heidi and Larni, your voices are featured sharing your wisdom in the first lesson, so I’ll need you to let me know if this is okay before we release the course to more students in the new year.

Self-care Coaching via Zoom

Our 90min weekly self-care classes are taking place via Zoom. I’ll post the Zoom link up in our Facebook group every week, on the Tuesday before class. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, and you receive reminder prompts via email and text, it’s a good idea to sign up to classes using my booking app. If you miss out, the replays are posted in the Facebook group in the days that follow, and links to these posts are emailed out.

Self-Care Facebook Group

This is where most of our communication is happening and it’s a wonderful place to share your thoughts about self-care. Some of our conversations from Tuesday nights will spill over into this space, and your homework can be shared here too. Here’s the link for this group if you need it: Self-Care Group.

Transformation Workbook

You can either work through this at your own pace or follow along based on the pages that are assigned as homework each week.

Library of Guided Meditations

Coming Soon!


MindLight Module One

In module 1 of MindLight, we define Spirit Medicine. In Lesson 1, students define what Spirit Medicine means to them and do some word play exercises. In Lesson 2, Omanisa begins sharing her own definition, with a special emphasis on the branches of neuroscience we'll be drawing on during our MindLight journey. In Lesson 3, we delve into the philosophical, spiritual foundations of Spirit Medicine.