Reading the Aura Cards

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What is the Aura?

Your aura is YOU. You are more than just a physical body, you are a radiant being of Light. Omanisa is a psychic counsellor, healer and visionary artist, who can see, draw, read and heal your body of light. She released her first deck of 88 Aura Cards for public use in 2011, and has been teaching students how to sense, read, sketch and heal the aura for over two decades.

There are two ways I see the Aura. 

One is quite literal: the aura is a spiritual or ‘electromagnetic’ field of energy within and around the body that I perceive with my psychic senses as numinous moving clouds, streamers and sparkles of coloured light.

The other way I think about the aura is more abstract and metaphorical: the aura is a beautiful colour-coded system for understanding the connections between mind, body, emotions, personality, behaviour, spirit and energy.

Omanisa Ross

What you will learn to master

Two Card Readings

Learn how to turn each colour into a character, cross-reference colours and do a relationship spread. With practise, the Aura Cards can help you master the art of reading personality types and relationship dynamics Learn about colour perception and illusions, Yin-Yang, the impact of warm and cool colours and how colours influence one another.

Build a ball of Light

Om will teach you playful Aura Colour exercises that help turn the flat 2D images on the cards into a multi-sensory experience that more accurately reflects the true nature of aura colours. These games “stock your subconscious” with the rich sensory references needed for intuitive reading while also setting the stage for some basic Aura Colour Therapy.

Storytelling & Three-card Spreads

A good reading has all the elements of a well-crafted story. Om will show you how to combine free-association with the structural elements of story-telling to craft insightful readings with helpful, succinct messages. Learn practical, creative, fuss-free ways to access your intuition and read the cards without needing to refer to a book. The skills Om teaches are applicable for all reading all cards, oracle and tarot alike. The Aura Cards are one of the best tools to begin building these skills!

Full Seven-Card Spread

Deepen your understanding of the 7-chakra card-reading system so you read the entire aura from head to toe. The body map Om uses in this spread is based on what she learned about the way aura colour meanings change depending on where they’re located. Silver above the head has a very different meaning compared with Silver found around the hands, or the chest or the feet, for example.

This course will improve your understanding of the chakra system, the aura colours it generates, and the connection between mind, body, spirit and emotion. The Aura Cards can be used to train your intuition, gain insight into your subconscious, improve your self-awareness, and improve your mindbody health.

Om at work

Meet Om in her studio and see firsthand how she approaches an Aura Card reading in this exclusive trailer.

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A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“Om’s course really helped me understand how to work with the Aura Cards. Now I can read them without referring to the book. And my oracle-card reading skills have improved too!”

— Rebecca Maili, Student