Crystal Art Gallery and Testimonials

2015-04-23 17.42.36Thank you for the amazing healing! Specifically, I want to thank you for being so reliable and trustworthy!! When I first listened to the healing, I didn’t feel anything and didn’t get any connection, totally unlike our previous sessions. So my head says what is that? did it even work? bla bla bla…but the next night, the healing kicked in and was truly amazing!! (I could actually can FEEL the healing bomb hitting me:):)haha )

Thankfully, because I trust you, I manage to pull through these doubts I have instead of letting my head get in the way. All these years of work/healings with you have filled up my trust-basket:) I know from past experience that the healings ARE working and often in very deep ways! So, thank you so much for managing to gain my trust, even over a distance!! Amazing!! How did you do that?! (I really don’t trust easy at all!! )

I just wanted to share that with you, because trusting you helps me stay in the moment with the healing process and to trust spirit even more. It helps me let go and have faith!!


photo-53“This is my delightful Crystal Healing by Omanisa. The crystal devas that came thru were : kunzite, turquoise, blue lace agate, wulfenite, opal, moonstone, to name just some of them… Can you see them?”

“Dear Om
Loved, loved, loved your crystal healing! So enjoyed revelling in the energies of the crystal devas.
Wulfenite was especially touching. You astound with your abilities and profound talents, yet again.
Much love and gratitude XXX”





photo-53“THANK YOU so very, very much for the wonderful reading Omanisa and the picture. JUST GLORIOUS”


Features crystals such a chrysophrase, smithsonite, tigers eye and blue-green tourmaline.






imageThis crystal healing features crystals such as tree agate, rainforest jasper, unpolished hematite, blue lace agate and sugalite.



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