Deep Aura Cleanse

With the Deep Aura Cleanse, Omanisa uses her psychic abilities to:

  1. Scan through your mindbody and aura
  2. Map out the emotional and psychological energy blocks, wounds and patterns
  3. Clear the worst of the congestion and damage away on an energetic level
  4. Give you strategies for moving forwards

She spoke about this in her recent “Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, & Deep Aura Cleansing” blog:

“As a clairsentient healer, I have a special gift for tracking through your energetic field, your mindbody, and unravelling emotional wounds and the history that helped shape them. I’m good at finding and recognising emotional charge in my client’s body’s, the kind of stuff that makes them reactive, that triggers them and stops them from being wise, making good choices, feeling happy and having healthy relationships. My empathic field as a clairsentient enables me to draw this charge out of my client’s field and release it. I breathe it in and release it, or lift it out and let it go, I feel it and release the charge. In essence, I’m showing them how to do this themselves, I’m role modelling going into their stuff, feeling it, verbalising it, expressing it…. And then discharging it. Afterwards, my clients feel lighter, brighter and more positive. A year after one or more powerful deep cleanses, they and their lives are often transformed in potent and significant ways, but only if they also commit to doing the work of self-change and self-care, rather than relying on me as the healer to do all the work!”


Please note, you have the option of adding a short 30 min reading to this service when you make the booking.

Deep Cleansing Commitment

If you know you love working with Om and you’re excited about doing this work with her, you might like to go ahead and commit with our package of 10 consults, which is discounted by 20%.