Distant Aura Course

Reading and Healing The Aura with Om


I have been teaching students how to read and heal the aura for many years. Some of the most important skills I teach include the understanding the chakras, making mind-body connections, development of psychic ability, self-care of the aura, mindful self-awareness, and emotional well-being.

This self-study course hass been designed for distant students and is delivered via email, using a range of audio, video and written formats. Students begin at the Introductory Level (Level 1) and may progress onto the Intermediate and Advanced if they wish to do so. Each Level contain 8 units of study.

Rather than submitting essays and assignments for assessment, students will be asked to practise skill-development and self-assessment exercises, with a open test at the completion of each unit helping them ensure they have covered the theoretical material in depth.

Students progress at their own pace. At the completion of each unit, students check in with Omanisa via email to ask any questions they need to ask about the unit, before the next one is sent out.

Students can join Omanisa’s student facebook page. There may also be an opportunity for students to attend on-line forums or phone conferences.

Who studies with me and why

Some students comes to classes and workshops simply for their own personal development. They may have no intention at all of ever practising professionally, but they might still exchange with other students and practitioners, or provide healing and guidance to friends and family members in an informal manner.

I also have a lot of students who are already working in the health and healing industry, such as chiropractors, masseurs, counsellors, tarot readers, and beauticians. These people are focusing on professional development. Most of them want to take a more holistic, intuitive approach to their work. In essence, they are using this training to enhance their professional practice.

I have also guided many students from raw beginner through to the professional practitioner stage, helping them identify their unique strengths and to establish themselves amongst their local professional healing community.

My learning philosophy

We learn best by doing, observing and experiencing. I will provide you with exercises that will help you ‘do’, and video footage that will help you ‘observe’ and ‘experience’.

Our most valuable training comes from direct life experience. To become a good healer and/or spiritual counsellor, it is vitally important that you tend to your own personal development. For this reason, most of the exercises, especially in Level 1, will focus on self-healing and self-awareness. You cannot help someone else develop self-awareness if you have not first walked the path yourself; neither will you be able to easily see another person’s patterns if you have not addressed them within yourself first.

I strongly encourage you, as part of your training, to become the client of various holistic healers and counsellors, or to arrange exchanges with other students. Not only will learn a lot about yourself, you will also learn a lot from the healing styles and techniques of others.


Understanding the Aura

Aura colour theory
Basic anatomy and physiology (eg chakras)
The three aspects of self
Developing a language of colours

Understanding Psychic Abilities

Psychic Perception
Psychic Intent
Seeing and Feeling
Hearing and Knowing
Smelling and Tasting

Basic Healing

Psychic Self Care
Colour therapy and creative visualisation
Clearing and Personal Space
Connecting and Disconnecting

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