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My last Spirit Evening was the one just completed below. What a magical evening! There was some truly dynamic synergy between Kathleen and I, with her bringing in the Ian White flowers, and me bringing in my Central Australian wildflower friends. My wildflower book is in the last stages of editing and will be released in the next few months. In the meantime, I have some gorgeous flower oracle card decks I made up for the wildflower evening, available for $10 each. Here’s a photo of the front and back of one of the flower cards. The backs feature statements of power/intent that embody the spirit medicine of the flower. Call me on 0438110872 for orders, or email me via the contacts page. xxx

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Evening with Om and Kathleen- “flower spirit medicine”

Theatrette at Darwin Musuem

30th May 7pm to 9.30pm

Tickets $43.00 (To purchase tickets, click HERE)

IMG_2349Omanisa and Kathleen will introduce you to the magical world of wildflower spirit medicine and share their individual flower spirit stories with you, while passing healing messages and energy through from the wildflowers themselves.

Kathleen is a qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence consultant and will be bringing her Australian Bush Flower remedies along with her on the night, for those who would love a personally tailored take-home flower essence.

Omanisa studied flower essences as part of her naturopathic degree in 1996. A few years later she was introduced to the ‘no-pick’ method by another healer and has since gone on to develop her own unique approach to working with wildflower spirit energy.

Please note, due to energy and time constraints, not all audience members will receive personal wildflower healing or messages.

Please come for the pure joy of seeing spirit at work, and trust that what will be will be, remembering that spirit wisdom is often universally applicable.

There will also be lovely essences and flower healing cards available for purchase.

Blessings and love, Omanisa and Kathleen 

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