FAQ (distant reading)

How does a distant reading work? 

On a psychic level, we are all energy, and our auras are connected together as one, like a giant interconnecting web of light. This web of light could be thought of as a giant library or database of information containing information about every person’s life (past, present and future).

In a reading, Omanisa accesses this web of light (with permission from your higher self and spirit guides) to read your story and reflect it back to you, with guidance and messages from your higher self and spirit guides (collectively referred to by Omanisa as ‘Spirit’).

Do I need to make an appointment time?

No. The reading is done at a time when Omanisa’s energy levels are at their optimum, in coordination with guidance from Spirit. Your e-parcel will simply arrive in your email unexpectedly (a pleasant surprise!), within the current estimated delivery time (see right hand column on this site).

So this isn’t a skype service, or a phone consultation?

No. With distant delivery, Omanisa can do your reading when the moment is right, with absolute concentration on guidance from Spirit, without any distractions.

Can I ask specific questions I would like answered, before Omanisa does the aura reading?

You can ask Om to focus on a specific area of your life, such as ‘love life’ or ‘finances’, if you would like to ensure the topic stays focused on your area of interest, but please don’t be any more specific than this.

Questions are generally leading, providing Omanisa with too much insight into your expectations, fears and hopes. This influences the reading process and can colour it unnecessarily. If you have specific questions, note them down privately for yourself and when the reading arrives ask yourself how the guidance in the reading might apply specifically to your queries.

Omanisa advises staying open to what your guides really want you to know. Trust them. This service isn’t suited to people who want their decisions made for them, or for people hoping for prediction. If you would like to discuss specific issues, consider purchasing an Interactive Skype Consultation.

Can I ask questions after the reading to clarify specific issues?

Yes, questions and feedback are welcome. But Om would like to clarify that she won’t answer questions that are prediction requests or ‘please tell me what to do” requests. You are encouraged you to trust your own intuition and common sense, and to make your own decisions. Omanisa is happy to be the channel for healing and guidance from Spirit, but would prefer that the recipient take responsibility for applying the healing and guidance in ways that are right for them.

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