Free 5 day Intensive

Playing with oracle cards is a time-honoured way to open our mind to new perspectives, reframe our experiences and see ourselves in a new light. Oracle cards reflect us back to ourselves and challenge us to think outside the square. They help us see and understand our hopes, fears, weaknesses, gifts, skills, and higher potentials, enhancing our self-awareness and helping us find creative solutions to life’s challenges so we can cultivate greater happiness, harmony and balance in our lives.

This 5-day Intensive will be held in a private Facebook group and hosted by me, Omanisa! I’m a naturopath and spiritual mentor who facilitates “sacred play” experiences in group settings with people who want to to learn how to use spiritual tools in a creative, playful, pragmatic way to make life better. My events are full of laughter, learning and fun! I love demystifying spiritual tools like intuition, while also turning the volume up on playfulness, creativity and mental clarity. Playing with oracle cards can keep your mind supple and make you wiser while keeping you young at heart!

During this free 5 day Intensive I’ll show you how to confidently read any deck of oracle cards without needing to refer to a book. If you ever played with oracle cards and found it difficult to interpret and use them, this 5 day intensive will show you how to translate any reading into a simple core message or insight you can apply in a practical way to your life. I’ll show you how to unlock your intuition and get it flowing, with a blend of practical, step by step exercises designed to help you awaken and strengthen your psychic muscles. Anyone can access their intuition once they learn the basic skills needed to develop this ability.

If you would like to attend this FREE event, please register below, and share this page with friends and family you think might like to come. The more registrations we get, the more often we run these intensives and the sooner you will be able to attend!

As questions about this event come in from all you lovely people, I’ll add them to the Q&A below for everyone to benefit from.

Love Om xxx

FAQ from and for all of you!

When you say a 5-Day Intensive, how long will each daily session be?

There is no set time commitment each day and no specific times when you have to show up. It’s up to you how much time you invest and when you show up. I’ll do series of very short written posts each day with good visuals that outline each step, along with a daily live video featuring a demonstration and a challenge. The daily live will happen spontaneously at different times each day, usually in the morning. It isn’t necessary for you to be present during the live: you can watch later! I’ll be encouraging everyone to create their own posts sharing their experiences as they go through each step. You might take a photo of your oracle card spread, and the results of written exercises given, or record a video of yourself completing the challenge. Obviously, you’re under no obligation to share anything at all, but the more engagement I get from group members, the more pearls of wisdom I will share! I have a very basic set of steps I can give you… if the enthusiasm is there and I can see group members understand and are ready for more, I’ll provide bonus content.

Would this apply to crystal oracle cards as well?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what deck of cards it is, as long as it has pictures and/or words, ideally both. I’ll be working with my Aura Cards as one of my main demonstration decks, and all these have on them is a circle of colour with a word, but even these can be used to stimulate psychic visions, inspire insights and craft wise messages. I mention the Aura Cards because there’s a strong connection between the aura and crystals, both of which can help us understand the colour-based metaphors in oracle cards. We could do an entire course on colour alone when it comes to reading Oracle Cards!

PS The exercises in this 5 day intensive are borrowed from my SpiritLight Self-Care Coaching program. SpiritLight is an epic deep dive into into the light of spiritual wisdom and sacred play! You can learn more about the Self-Care Coaching programs HERE. If you’d like to become a professional Oracle Card reader, or take the next step in your spiritual business, you might like to become an apprentice and do the 1 year Practitioner Training.