Gaian Healing Workshop

This workshop showcases Om’s unique healing modality, the Gaian Healing, a channelled healing attunement and visionary meditation journey guided by Gaia (the Earth Mother) re-attuning your aura with your larger energy field, with Nature itself, enhancing your access to Nature’s healing medicine.

The Gaian Healing workshop blends meditation with Nature-connection and play, helping us see Nature through the eyes of our inner child and higher self. Om will teach you what she has learned about working with the spiritual medicine of Nature during her 25+ years of practise!

All of the meditations and nature-spirit-journeys will be channelled from Gaia and every attendee will receive a personalised healing attunement, channelled through from Gaia by one of our Gaian Healers. While the Gaian Healing Workshop is primarily about improving your access to the spirit medicine of Nature for your own wellbeing, Om will be showing you how to share this connection, this healing energy, with others.

  • Learn how to access the healing medicine of Nature
  • Learn how to combine Nature-therapy with relaxation meditation and mindfulness skills
  • Enhance your grounding – your connection with, and access to, the Earth’s healing energies. 
  • Connect with Nature-spirit allies such as animal spirit guides.
  • Cleanse, repair, realign, recharge and reconnect your aura with “Wild Ki”, Nature’s healing energy.  
  • Learn how to “dream while you’re awake” and do some light-level self-hypnosis.

This year, we’re hosting the Gaian Workshop at Golden Sands Retreat, a beautiful beachfront property at Mandorah, on the western side of Darwin Harbour on the Cox Peninsula, a pleasant 15-minute Sealink ferry ride from Cullen Bay or a 90min drive from Darwin city. We can pick you up and drop you off at the ferry at our end. Arrive earlier or stay longer if you want some extra beach-exploration time. A plant-based catered lunch is included on both days.

LEVEL ONE – “Hands & Heart”

  • Saturday July 29th
  • 9am – 5pm
  • $250

Gaian Level One will be held on Saturday for beginners and previous students wanting to refresh their connection. This workshop restores the flow of Gaian Healing energy from the Earth up through your feet and out through your hands, helping you access healing energy for yourself and others.

LEVEL TWO – “Third Eye”

  • Sunday July 30th
  • 9am – 5pm
  • $250

Gaian Level Two is being held on Sunday for those who have completed Level One. This workshop brings Nature’s healing energy up to the third eye to enhance your psychic awareness and help you “see” in new ways that align with your higher potentials.

LEVEL ONE & TWO – “HeartSight”

If you would like to attend both days, we have three options:

  • Workshop attendance only $450 : Arrive Saturday morning, go home that night and come back again the next day. It would normally be valued at $500 but we’re giving you a $50 discount to cover your extra ferry or fuel expenses for the trek home and back each day.
  • Stay overnight $600 Enquire as to whether we have spare camping spaces if you’d like to stay overnight on the Saturday night. This option includes a catered dinner, breakfast, campfire drumming magic, and sunset/sunrise beach walks.
  • Full Retreat Package $770-$990 If you’re interested in attending both days, you might like to apply to stay for the full weekend Visionary Nature Retreat, arriving Friday afternoon for some Nature exploring and staying both Friday and Saturday nights.


If you catch the ferry over in the morning, we can pick you up and you can enjoy a morning walk on the beach, partake in a plant-based buffet breakfast on the house, and chat with other students.

Daily6:30 am6:45 am
Daily7:00 am7:20 am
Daily7:45 am8:00 am

If you want to catch the 5pm ferry home, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get there on time. Alternatively, you might like to end the day with a walk on the beach and even have dinner at the Mandorah country club. We can drop you there and you can catch their shuttle bus back to the ferry terminal when you’re ready.

Daily5:00 pm5:20 pm
Daily6:00 pm6:20 pm
Daily7:00 pm7:20 pm
Daily9:00 pm9:20 pm
Daily11:00 pm11:20 pm

About Omanisa

Born and raised in Alice-Mparntwe in central Australia, Omanisa spent her adult years in Darwin-Larrakia training and practising as a naturopath and spiritual healer.

Om has over 25 years of professional practice reading and healing the aura, and helping people connect with their spirit guides and the spiritual medicine of Nature.

You can learn more about Om on her About Om page, which includes a story about the very first Gaian Attunement she received from her power animal during a Vision Quest when she was 16 years old. You might also enjoy learning about Om’s ethos/values on her Mission Statement page.

Workshop Application Form

For the full Visionary Nature Retreat, please see this page for more information.