Gaian Healing

“I just had a Gaian spiritual healing with Om over Facebook messenger video chat. I was hesitant because I’m old school and love face to face interaction. But I went ahead and booked a session. Wow!! this healing blew me away. I could feel the energy straight away. It almost feels like she was in the same room with me working on my chakras. Om dug deep and really helped me. By the end of the session my heart was so light, my head was so clear. I cannot thank Om enough for this healing “

This consult draws on First Nations (shamanic) healing wisdom. Come on a healing journey into your inner world, to connect with the spirit-medicine of Nature. The healing is guided by Gaia (Mother Nature), the wisdom of Nature. 

  • Learn how to self-soothe and access the healing medicine of Nature via your inner sanctuary.
  • Learn how to use relaxation meditation and mindfulness skills in a highly creative way, in the imaginal realm, via creative visualisation (which isn’t just about “seeing”). 
  • Enhance your grounding and your connection with, and access to, the Earth’s healing energies. 
  • Connect with Nature-spirit allies such as animal spirit guides.
  • Cleanse, repair, realigns, recharge and reconnect your aura with “Wild Qi”, Nature’s healing energy.  
  • Learn how to “dream while you’re awake” and access an Alpha brainwave state so you can communicate more readily with you subconscious and do some light-level self-hypnosis.

Our group coaching packages give you weekly contact time with Omanisa, providing a blend of training and coaching that gives you insight into the science, psychology and the core psychic skills behind Om’s techniques. Improve your self-care, guidance and healing skills, or learn how to provide a Gaian Healing for others as a practitioner.