Spirit Consults

“I just had a Gaian spiritual healing with Om over Facebook messenger video chat. I was hesitant because I’m old school and love face to face interaction. But I went ahead and booked a session. Wow!! this healing blew me away. I could feel the energy straight away. It almost feels like she was in the same room with me working on my chakras. Om dug deep and really helped me. By the end of the session my heart was so light, my head was so clear. I cannot thank Om enough for this healing “
Reyson S.
Gaian Healing client

Gaian Healing

This narrative healing consult draws on First Nations (shamanic) healing wisdom. A Gaian Healing takes you on a guided meditative journey into your inner world, to connect with the spirit-medicine of Nature. The journey is guided by Gaia (Mother Nature), the wisdom of Nature embodied as a Goddess. 

  • Learn how to self-soothe and access the healing medicine of Nature via your inner sanctuary.
  • Learn how to use relaxation meditation and mindfulness skills in a highly creative way, in the imaginal realm, via creative visualisation (which isn’t just about “seeing”). 
  • Enhance your grounding and your connection with, and access to, the Earth’s healing energies. 
  • Connect with Nature-spirit allies such as animal spirit guides.
  • Cleanse, repair, realigns, recharge and reconnect your aura with “Wild Qi”, Nature’s healing energy.  
  • Learn how to “dream while you’re awake” and access an Alpha brainwave state so you can communicate more readily with you subconscious and do some light-level self-hypnosis.  .

If you’d like a taste of the Gaian Healing before you commit to booking a healing, you might like to attend an online Gaian Meditation class.  

Oracle Card Reading

Receive an inspiring reading full of vibrant characters and story-telling, rich with metaphors that help you reflect on your own story and see it through a new lens.

The Oracle Cards used in this reading  featuring Omanisa’s spirit guide artwork. Om has been sketching people’s spirit guides for them, and connecting people with their guides via guided meditations and readings for many years. Each archetypal character in this card set represents a specific mindbody pattern and set of life-lessons.

If you have your own deck of Oracle, Tarot or Aura Cards and you’d like to learn how to use these in an intuitive way to enhance your reflective thinking skills, you might enjoy attending Om’s Intuitive Card Reading class. 

Spirit Consult

This consult is the “Spirit” equivalent of the Aura Consult. It has exactly the same consult structure, but we use the Spirit Guide cards instead of the Aura Cards at the beginning of the consult. In essence, this session combines the Gaian Healing and the Oracle Card Reading together in one consult.

You will need a 90min with Om for this consult

Spirit Guide Package

“Wise Woman” sketch of Gaia, by Omanisa


Receive your own Spirit Guide portrait, an original artwork that is yours to keep, along with an extensive reading and a guided meditation.

Learn more…

Spirit Medicine with Om

If you are interested in learning more about the shamanic path and becoming a healer, you might like to study with Om. 

Omanisa is a rainbow shaman guided by Gaia. Gaia is ‘Mother Nature’, the Earth Goddess. A shaman is a healer with a deep spiritual connection with Nature and an ability to go into trance and take visionary journeys into the realm of spirit of behalf of others for the purposes of healing and spiritual growth. Omanisa was initiated onto this path at a young age. She began training herself to enter visionary trance states at the age of 14, and two years later, she was taken on a vision quest by an American Indian Shaman. At the end of the quest, Omanisa had a profound visionary experience. 

This was when she discovered her calling to work with colour as a visionary artist and healer. It was her first “Rainbow Shaman” initiation, an attunement that opened her third eye and helped her see Rainbow Ki, the energy of the human aura.

Like the spider with its web of rainbow colours, Omanisa can feel and sense vibrations in the grand interconnected web of life that connects us and runs through us. Om is blessed with the spirit-medicine of spider, spider who wove the first words, who feels vibrations through her web; spider who sews repairs into the fabric of your aura and helps you weave new connections, new energy lines, new stories….