Gaian consults

Omanisa is a rainbow shaman guided by Gaia.

Gaia is ‘Mother Nature’, the Earth Goddess.

A shaman is a healer with a deep spiritual connection with Nature and an ability to go into trance and take visionary journeys into the realm of spirit of behalf of others for the purposes of healing and spiritual growth.

Omanisa was initiated onto this path at a young age. She began training herself to enter visionary trance states at the age of 14, and two years later, she was taken on a vision quest by an American Indian Shaman. At the end of the quest, Omanisa had a profound visionary experience. This was when she discovered her calling to work with colour as a visionary artist and healer. It was her first “Rainbow Shaman” initiation, an attunement that opened her third eye and helped her see Rainbow Ki, the energy of the human aura.

Like the spider with its web of rainbow colours, Omanisa can feel and sense vibrations in the grand interconnected web of life that connects us and runs through us. Om is blessed with the spirit-medicine of spider, spider who wove the first words, who feels vibrations through her web; spider who sews repairs into the fabric of your aura and helps you weave new connections, new energy lines, new stories….




Receive a channeled shamanic healing attunement from Om’s spirit guide Gaia. This attunement assists with grounding, while also enhancing your connection with, and access to the Earth’s healing energies. Each attunement is unique, and there are two levels of attunement. The first clears and aligns the aura from the feet chakras up to the hand and heart chakras. The second attunement brings the Gaian energy up to the third eye, enhancing one’s clarity, clarivoyancy, and ability to see the bigger picture.




Om has been sketching people’s spirit guides for them, and connecting people with their guide via guided meditations and reading for many, many years. The prototype Spirit Guide oracle cards feature this visionary artwork. Choose this booking type if you’d like a reading using this oracle card deck!

A limited first edition print run of the cards only are currently in production. Om is teaming up with her daughter Mikiah who is creating her first deck, to offer a special introductory package to those who would like the advance print run along with a limited edition print and other perks.


If you are interested in learning more about the shamanic path and becoming a healer, you might like to study with Om. You can be a casual student or an apprentice.