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Welcome to our Spirit Medicine group learning journeys!

Our Spirit Medicine courses and coaching programs, led by Australian Naturopath Omanisa Ross, bring forgotten wisdom out of the shadows, back into the Light of awareness, reconnecting us with the land, with spirit, with ourselves and with each other.

Omanisa on a Wildflower Spirit Journey through central Australia for her 50th birthday


Om is an Australian naturopathic herbalist, shaman, psychic medium, spiritual healer, counsellor, teacher and self care coach.with over 25 years experience providing spiritual guidance and healing to others.

She loves helping others feel lighter and brighter, wiser and more self-aware!

You can learn more about Om’s ethos here, and about her history and heritage here.

Omanisa loves teaching people how to use spiritual tools in creative, pragmatic ways to enhance physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Spirit Medicine draws on the wisdom of ancient cultures and First Nations people, linking it in with naturopathy, psychology and neuroscience using a clever blend of mindfulness, storytelling, creative visualisation and playfulness.

This is what some of Om’s students had to say about our Spirit Medicine courses:

“I absolutely loved your ‘Spirit Medicine with Om’ course this year – it was such an enriching and enjoyable experience. It supported me greatly in connecting with my own inner wisdom, building a relationship with my guides, and using deliberate and focused psychic intent to support a significant up-levelling in my life. I honour your talent for making difficult to grasp spiritual and psychological concepts so easy to understand, while enhancing their potency and power courtesy of your next-level insights.”

“Omanisa has a beautiful energy that flows into everything she does. Her genuine passion for healing and promoting wellness is inspiring. Om’s Spirit Medicine Course is a refreshing, well developed package that allows the student to delve deeply, in a supported space, into their own spiritual self care, intuition, wisdom and talents. My experience has been an amazing journey of connectedness with other like-minded, creative and inspiring individuals. I have learnt new methods and techniques for healing and honouring my authentic self. Thank you Om for all that you do and all you are.”

Which Package is right for you?

The Self-Care Coaching Package consists of online course modules and weekly Zoom classes, but we do have occasional gatherings to meet each other in person if you’re a Darwin local. Members also have access to a private Facebook support group and our Student Clinic program, with free and/or discounted healings from my apprentices, with or without my supervision. And for those who purchase within a week of being approved after application, we can offer an extra 1-3 months access for free and a 20% discount on consults with Om (or pre-purchase 10 consults with Om in advance and receive the Self-Care package for free!) Click the image above for more information or book a free conversation to discuss your options with me:

We have short, half day meditation workshops for Darwin locals. These workshops provide an experiential insight into the exercises Om teaches her self-care students and apprentices. Click the link above to learn more.

Om helps her local, interstate and international apprentices learn Spirit Medicine skills and weave this in with their existing skill set to create a cohesive, structured consult. If and when you’re ready to transition into professional practice, Om can help with this. Class sizes are 2-4 people. Students can be full time (weekly classes), part time (fortnightly classes), or casual. Apprentices have full access to the weekly Self-Care Coaching program so they can master the art of self-care and prevent practitioner burnout. Later in their training, apprentices have the opportunity to co-facilitate consults, the Self-Care Coaching sessions, and the Visionary Retreats with Om. Click the image above for more information or book a free conversation to discuss your options with me:

We have two venues for our Visionary Nature Retreats, one happens mid-year during the dry season in Darwin. The other is on our 100 acre bush block in northern NSW. Click the link above to learn more.