Group Coaching

In 2021, Australian Naturopath Omanisa Ross ran a series of web-based group coaching journeys called “Spirit Medicine with Om”. These journeys were designed to teach elements of Omanisa’s unique modality, Spirit Medicine, which she has created over 25 years of practice.

Omanisa on a Wildflower Spirit Journey through central Australia for her 50th birthday

Omanisa loves teaching people how to use spiritual tools in creative, pragmatic ways to enhance physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Her Spirit Medicine modality draws on the wisdom of ancient cultures and First Nations people, linking it in with naturopathy, psychology and neuroscience using a clever blend of mindfulness, storytelling, creative visualisation and playfulness.

This is what some of Om’s students had to say about Spirit Medicine with Om in 2021:

“I absolutely loved your ‘Spirit Medicine with Om’ course this year – it was such an enriching and enjoyable experience. It supported me greatly in connecting with my own inner wisdom, building a relationship with my guides, and using deliberate and focused psychic intent to support a significant up-levelling in my life. I honour your talent for making difficult to grasp spiritual and psychological concepts so easy to understand, while enhancing their potency and power courtesy of your next-level insights.”

“Omanisa has a beautiful energy that flows into everything she does. Her genuine passion for healing and promoting wellness is inspiring. Om’s Spirit Medicine Course is a refreshing, well developed package that allows the student to delve deeply, in a supported space, into their own spiritual self care, intuition, wisdom and talents. My experience has been an amazing journey of connectedness with other like-minded, creative and inspiring individuals. I have learnt new methods and techniques for healing and honouring my authentic self. Thank you Om for all that you do and all you are.”

Our New Coaching Journeys!

OUR 2022-23 COACHING PROGRAM has been given a make-over and a new name….

Shadows into Light brings forgotten wisdom out of the shadows, back into the Light of our awareness, reconnecting us with the land, with spirit, with ourselves and with each other. Coaching and training began in late October 2022. Students were given first option on positions at our Visionary Retreats, with massive discounts given to graduates. Our next intake will be in February-March 2023 and you are welcome to apply in advance.

Which Package is right for you?

Do you want to learn how to heal yourself or become a practitioner who heals others? The 3, 6 and 9 month coaching packages are Self-Care packages. The 12 month package is a Practitioner Training apprenticeship.

Self-Care Coaching

With the 3, 6 and 9 month Self-Care Coaching Journeys, Omanisa will teach you how to use Spirit Medicine to heal yourself, achieve your goals, develop emotional intelligence and have better access to your inner wisdom.

The 3 Month MindLight Journey teaches core skills, showing you how to use a blend of mindfulness, meditation and psychic awareness to communicate with your body, subconscious and Ki (Prana/energy). Om will show you how to uncover the deeper emotional and psychological patterns contributing to your illness, burnout, self-sabotage or feeling of being stuck. MindLight helps you develop healthier self-care habits and release the blockages that are holding you back.

The 6 month HeartLight package begins with MindLight and then builds on this, with an additional three months taking us on a deep dive into working with inner selves, especially the inner child, and finding the light hidden in the shadows of our subconscious. HeartLight shows you how to talk with your inner selves, set boundaries with love, assert yourself and resolve internal conflicts that might otherwise lead to illness, burnout, self-sabotage etc.

The 9 month SpiritLight package adds an extra three months onto the self-discovery and self-care work already done during MindLight and HeartLight. This package is for spiritual seekers who would like to learn how to use oracle cards and work with their spirit guides for their own healing and personal growth. The work we do during the 6 month prior will ensure that the spirit-journeying we do in SpiritLight is well-informed and done with good self-awareness, making it safe and healthy.

Practitioner Training

Learn how to deliver one of Omanisa’s Spirit Medicine modalities in your own unique way, by blending it with your existing skill-base and interests. Om teaches students how to access a slightly altered state of consciousness while staying grounded and engaging critical thinking skills, so they can be effective spiritual healers and counsellors. Apprentices are given full access to the weekly Self-Care Coaching groups so they can master the art of self-care and prevent practitioner burnout. Later in their training, apprentices have the opportunity to co-facilitate the group Self-Care Coaching sessions with Om.

We have some free Information Webinars coming up if you would like to learn more about the Self-Care Coaching, Practitioner Training, and Retreats (and ask questions).

Omanisa holds space so gently and thoroughly. I attended an auric healing workshop where we mapped our auric fields and what was going on with them. We had the opportunity to begin healing and mending our auric fields and be supported by one of the best practitioners in this modality that I have ever come across. I use Omanisa’s auric cards regularly and feel blessed to of been contributed to by Omanisa’s talents and tools that I will take with me for life.

Our Visionary Retreats

Shadows into Light students are invited to our yearly Visionary Retreats, with graduating students being gifted with massive discounts (apprentices come for free!). In 2023, we’re running two different versions of the retreat at two different locations.

The “Lorien Valley” retreat in Nymboida takes place on a 100acre bush block in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range at the edge of the Nymboi-Binderay national park, 240m above sea-level, 444km north of Sydney. These long weekend camping retreats provide graduating students with an opportunity to wield their newly developed skills in an immersive, nature-based setting. Group sizes are deliberately kept small- in 2023 we’ll only be taking 3 students out at a time! During these Visionary Retreats, Om helps you bond deeply with Nature in a shamanic way, setting the stage for life-changing, magical, visionary experiences. Students will have private time alone with Om, as well as ceremonial group experiences and forest nature-walks, with canoeing/kayaking on the Nymboida River as an optional extra. On the day after you arrive and settle in, those who are fit and healthy enough to do so will be invited to fast after a buffet brunch and stay awake outdoors in Nature that evening, awaiting their vision.

In 2023, the venue for our Darwin-based weekend retreat is yet to be confirmed, but we’re hoping to host it at a tropical beach-front house at Mandorah on the Cox Peninsula. Three or Four Shadows into Light graduates are welcome to stay for the full weekend, with magical sunset beach-walks in the evenings, group-prepared meals, and a campfire-circle at night. This retreat will be co-hosted by Omanisa and her graduated apprentices. We’re still in the planning stages, but so far it looks like the retreat will include two one-day workshops: a Gaian Healing workshop where students are attuned to Nature, and a second workshop which is yet to be announced.

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If you would like to learn more, we have regular free webinars, where you can meet Om, learn about her history and heritage, the Spirit Medicine modality, the Coaching Packages, Practitioner Training and the Visionary Retreats!

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Our “Shadows into Light” Packages

Transform your Shadows into Light by shining the light of awareness into your depths, looking for the gifts in disguise as tragedy in your life, making friends with your inner shadows and accessing buried gifts.

Read on to learn about each package. Choose which Shadows into Light transformative coaching journey is right for you, and send in your application! Our next intake will take place around February-March 2023.

3 Month Self-Care Journey

“Know Thyself” was the first phrase written over the gateway at Apollo’s the sun God’s temple at Delphi, where people would come seeking wise guidance. You have a powerful internal guidance system. Shadows into Light teaches you how to access this inner wisdom by listening inwards, being there for yourself and harnessing the power of your attention. Self-awareness and intuition go hand in hand: as you uncover the light in one, you uncover the light in the other. Intuition grows when we do the work of self-inquiry and self-reflection.

6 Month Self-Care Journey

Shadows into Light builds bridges of light within us, reconnecting us with lost parts of ourselves, bringing them out of the shadows of our subconscious, into the light of our conscious awareness. Shadows-selves are parts of us we have buried deep within due to trauma, self-worth wounds and unhelpful beliefs. Understanding our inner shadows helps us resolve internal conflicts and self-sabotage. Our inner shadows can also be beautiful gifts and treasures, valuable inner resources we struggle to recognise, appreciate and make good use of. By helping us recover our shadows, Shadows into Light helps us become more balanced, vibrant, powerful and whole.

9 Month Self-Care Journey

Do you need help weathering the storms of life and coming out through the other side feeling stronger, lighter and wiser? Would you like to unlock the ancient wisdom encoded in your DNA so you can access healing and guidance from within?

Omanisa has been helping people find light hidden in the darkness for over 25 years and her transformative journeys share the most effective tools she’s found for helping people feel lighter, shine brighter, and intuit wiser.


Would you like to become a Spirit medicine practitioner and work with spirit guides, use herbal medicine for spiritual healing, read oracle cards, or learn how to read and heal the aura? Shadows into Light coaching journeys show you how to access the therapeutic power of ancient spiritual practises in a series of easy, simple steps you can integrate into your daily life. Our mind, body, heart and spirit thrive on these practises! The one year apprenticeship is Omanisa’s practitioner training package. Students select one of Omanisa’s Services (or a unique combination of them) and learn how to deliver it as a practitioner.

“I would like to send through my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the Apprenticeship program. The experience has been a very deep transformation across many areas of my life and spiritual journey. There are so many aspects of the program that I enjoyed but the one that was very specific to my own journey was developing the self confidence and knowing that I AM a divine being and it is safe and exciting to fully integrate every part of who I am in the here and now. Being a student for many years it is so exciting to now be stepping into my own power and fully aligned.