Healing Students

This year, in 2020, I’ll be re-establishing the Healing Classes we used to run before the two years of travel and living off-grid part time. So much has changed in this time!

Please contact me to let me know if you are interested in working with me again. I’m also open to taking on new students.


These evenings are taking place once monthly. They are free to current Reiki students and a few select Psychic Healing and Gaian Healing students. If you are one of the latter two, but haven’t studied Reiki with me or one of my students, please contact me to find out if I have space for you. This is the only onsite option available for Darwin residents that is being run after hours, so the space spaces will be reserved for current and past local students who cannot attend the weekday classes due to work commitments. At this stage, the classes are running at 7pm Wednesdays for 2 hrs.


Positions in the Psychic Healing Classes will be offered first to past Psychic Healing students, then to my Gaian and Reiki students. The emphasis in these classes is placed on developing psychic awareness (perception and intent) and psychic self-care skills. Students MUST pay before attending each class. All classes run once monthly during the working week. Some will begin at 10am, others at 2 or 3pm. Students can attend more than one class.

Larger Group $40 2hrs

This is a larger group of students (8-12), with less personalised one-on-one attention, hosted in my home above the clinic. Check this booking link for upcoming class times and to reserve your spot. Beginners and experienced students alike are welcome.

Small Groups $80-$100 2hrs

These smaller groups contain 3-4 people only, as per the original model used, hosted in the clinic. I will only be running two or three groups. One will specifically be for psychic healing students. The other will be for Gaian students (Nature-based healing, nature-spirit mediumship, shamanic journeying). If there is enough demand, I’ll consider setting up a third group.

Free small Mentoring Group

I’m looking for three local Darwin students who are experienced and level-headed (preferably past/present students) to meet with me once monthly for two hours during the working week to help me create training videos, and possibly stream Live Training for online students. Students would take turns being on the table, being trained ie helping me demonstrate techniques, and being the observer who manages the video and communicates with any online viewers.

Online training

Some lessons will be streamed Live to the Gaian Subscription group, with help from the mentoring group, who will assist with teaching. These will obviously be free for those in the Gaian group, but will also be made available as paid webinars for the general public, and turned into self-study online courses that can be completed in your own time.


Please contact me to discuss, via the Contact Form on this site, pm me on Facebook, or text 0438110872