Omanisa has been working as a healer since 1996. She has an excellent reputation as a healer with a broad repertoire of skills, a highly refined ability to perceive the aura, and a natural gift for spiritual counselling.

Choose between the four services below, and click the links to learn more….


This is Om’s primary healing service, combining energy work with mindfulness training, available in person from Omanisa’s North Australian Palmerston clinic, via Skype, or as a personally tailored multi-media healing-package delivered via email.


This package focuses on the clearing of energy blockages and habitual behaviours that are holding you back in one of four areas in your life: love/relationships, health/wellbeing, money/abundance or career/success. An initial diagnostic Skype consultation is followed up with the delivery of a multi-media healing package personally tailored to your unique needs.

chakra-meditation.jpgCHAKRA BALANCING

While the Aura Healing tends to take a broader view, focusing not only on chakra health but the fabric of the aura as a whole (energy layers, lines, etc), the Chakra Balancing service focuses solely on restoring chakra function.

2015-03-19 17.12.08AURA HEALING SKETCH

Pre-ordered and delivered via email in the form of multi-media healing-packages. Each package is personally tailored for you, channeled through for you from Spirit, in the form of a visual healing-sketch and an audio recording.

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