HeartLight builds on the skills learned in MindLight, taking us on a journey that nourishes our relationship with ourselves and others, helping our heart feel lighter, brighter and wiser!

MindLight and HeartLight are a vital pre-requisites for SpiritLight; before we can safely engage with the Spirit Realm, we must first see, embrace and transform our inner shadows. Otherwise we run the risk of projecting our shadows onto Spirit in ways that damage our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

HeartLight taps into the power of love as a transformative force. Learn how to build a dynamic, loving, relationship with your body, subconscious, inner selves, and others. The Inner Self work we do on this journey provides us with the foundational skills we need to communicate effectively with other people and with Spirit. Liberate yourself from hidden subconscious conditioning, old reactive patterns learned in childhood and past relationships.

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself is an act of self-love that helps you trust yourself, heightening the intuitive light of wisdom in your heart. When you practice this skill with something Om calls L.U.B, your ability to communicate your intention and boundaries clearly to others without aggression and mixed agendas deepens this act of love, clearing away messy shadows tangling up the heart-space between yourself and the world around you.

HeartLight Application

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