Herbal consults

Omanisa specialises in herbal medicine and helping people transition to a healthy plant-based diet that works for them. She love helping people make positive lifestyle changes for their health and enhancing their mental and emotional health with herbs, education & training.

As a practitioner, Om’s forte is education, especially in regards to the development of emotional intelligence & mindbody awareness (ie “mindfulness”). Everything is connected; our physical health is influenced and affected by our social and emotional health. With this in mind, Om has a special passion for teaching meditation, communication & assertiveness skills. 

Naturopathic Herbal Consult

Spirit Medicine Consult


Omanisa was raised on naturopathic principles with healthy wholefoods and a food-as-medicine philosophy by her mother Shell who was inspired by Dorothy Hall, one of Australia’s most famous naturopaths. Growing up in Central Australia, Om was raised by elders who had a great love for Nature and a special connection with plants.

Om’s grandma Anne was the first female residential doctor in central Australia. Having dedicated her life to being in service to others, she fought hard for the medical rights of our First Nations mob, especially children with disabilities. In her spare time, Anne loved exploring the outback with her photographer husband Victor and her botanist brother Peter, photographing wildflowers. When she retired from medicine, she wrote a botanical book called “Wildflowers and Plants of Inland Australia”, with help from her brother Peter who established the plant walks and the herbarium at Uluru-KataTjuta, and was like a father to Omanisa during her childhood. After Anne died, Omanisa became the publisher for her wildflower book, and is currently working on a revised edition, along with a biography about her elders.

Red-flowered Kurrajong and ants (spirit medicine of patience, teamwork and strength)


In the late 1990’s, while still a naturopathic student, Omanisa was taken under the wing of a flower-essence practitioner named Mhyrlyn, who came from a long line of welsh gypsies. Mhyrlyn taught Omanisa a no-pick psychic technique for making flower essences. Omanisa now travels throughout Australia searching for wildflowers, communing with them and learning directly from the flower-spirits themselves what it is they wish to help humanity with.


Aside from her extensive collection of Australia native wildflower essences, Om also makes her own gem elixirs and colour remedies, blending these with the flower essences to create Aura Sprays. She has 9 specific formulations she prescribes along with herbal chakra tonics and matching meditations. She also creates tailored blends for customers during consultations, and a has special range of “spirit-blends” that compliment her Oracle Card range. 

Om has spent years learning about the spiritual properties and actions of herbal medicine and the correct doses needed to access these properties. This has resulted in Om’s range of Herbal Chakra Kits which combine liquid herbs with essences from Omanisa’s unique Australian wildflower range. The kits contain 1 Aura Spray along with 1-2 Chakra Tonics and the accompanying meditations. A course of treatment usually involves using each remedy at least once daily preferably just before listening to one of the prescribed meditations.