*Herbal Remedies

I’m currently in the process of transitioning away from standard naturopathic practise and minimising my massive herbal stock. Rather than keep a comprehensive range of herbs in the dispensary, I’m creating herbal chakra tonics and a small range of therapeutic blends for the home medicine kit. While the home medicine kits are still very much in the home-trial phase, the herbal chakra tonics are a hot-and-happening thing in the 2018 Brinkin clinic:


While I love the biochemistry of herbal medicine, I am equally passionate about what I think of as ‘plant spirit medicine’. This is a little like the tradition of flower essences, where the ‘aura’ or energy of a flower is used as a medicine to help with the healing of various emotional states. When I look at a plant or a herbal tincture made from a plant, I ‘see” a unique energy signature that can, when a person connects with that plant or tincture, change that person’s aura frequency and chakra functioning. I’ve combined this psychic ability with my naturopathic herbal training to create a range of liquid herbal tonics for balancing the chakras. The doses used are very small, too small to have a significant biochemical effect, but not small enough to trigger homeopathic effects. This makes them safe for general use, with each blend presenting a unique scent, taste and energy signature.

The tonics compliment the Aura Sprays and integrate in with a range of meditation and mindfulness exercises I designed for use alongside them. I’m slowly working on creating specific kits that combine sprays, tonics, and guided meditations with workbooks containing practical self-care exercises and naturopathic guidance.

Stay posted for photographs and information about the 20 tonics!





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