*Herbal Remedies

Omanisa stocks a large range of liquid herbal medicines, and a small range of herbal tablet stock. The liquid herbs can be combined together to create a tailored prescription for your personal needs.

Ordering without an appointment

If you are an existing naturopathic client and you need herbal support for an acute ailment, or you have an existing herbal prescription from another naturopath and you need it restocked, Omanisa can do this for you as long as she has the ingredients in stock.

Om may need to ask you some questions to ensure nothing has changed in your life that might make certain herbs unsafe for you, as herbs can interact with prescription medications and are not safe for use in all situations.

Contact Om to make enquiries.

Booking an appointment

If you would like herbal support but you don’t fit into either of the two categories described above, consider booking an appointment with Omanisa for one of the following services:


Initial Consult 60 min for $90.00

Follow ups 30 min for $60



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