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My name is Omanisa and this module is the first in my Spirit Medicine with Om training course, where students learn how to heal themselves and access spiritual guidance using a blend of ancient shamanic practice with modern creative therapies, mindfulness, meditation, creative visualisation and naturopathy.

I absolutely loved your ‘Spirit Medicine with Om’ course this year – it was such an enriching and enjoyable experience. It supported me greatly in connecting with my own inner wisdom, building a relationship with my guides, and using deliberate and focused psychic intent to support a significant up-levelling in my life.

Carina F – Student 2021

The entire course can be studied via distance. You don’t need to be local to my area – Darwin, Australia – to study with me. Module 1 introduces shamanism as the foundation of Spirit Medicine, a creative, nature-based spiritual practice shaped by the deep wisdom of First Nations cultures world-wide.

  • LESSON ONE – What is a Shaman? Learn about the definition and history of shamanism, with quotes from previous students about what shamanism means to them.
  • LESSON TWO – Becoming a Shaman In this lesson we explore the many pathways to shamanism and I share my initiation story – the vision quest I went on aged 16 when I met my power animal.
  • LESSON THREE – The Shamanic Personality In this lesson I describe typical shamanic personality traits , based on my observations over 25 years of sketching and reading the aura colours of many naturally gifted shamans.
  • LESSON FOUR – Shamanic Visionary State Discover a range of methods shamans use to enter an altered state of consciousness I call the shamanic visionary state.
  • LESSON FIVE – Levels of Reality Most ordinary people only have access to Level One. In Spirit Medicine with Om, I teach you how to access Level Two and Three.

This lesson features three student-only offers:

  • A $60 discount on a Spirit Guide Portrait and Reading, where I tune in to find what animal spirit is helping you, and what they are helping you with, and then I sketch your guide for you!
  • A Shamanic Aura Sketch and Reading, where I scan your energy field and create an aura portrait depicting your shamanic personality traits. This include a past and/or future life reading, to help you “meet” you inner shaman and see their unique skill set.
  • A Gaian Healing where my shamanic guide and I collaborate with your guide to re-attune and reconnect you with the spirit medicine of Nature.

CAUTION: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this module contains images of western desert painting men who have died.  

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