Subscription Service

Most of Om’s services incorporate some form of meditation, guided imagery, creative visualisation, and/or mindfulness training, combined with therapeutic story-telling and shamanic/visionary journeying.

Om began meditating when she was 14 years old, and is largely self- and spirit- taught. Her meditation practice was a lifeline for her throughout her teen years, helping her access a place of inner peace, strength and wisdom in the face of repeated trauma, abuse and loss, such as the suicide of her father when she was 15 years old.

In her mid-twenties, after ten years of personal practice, Omanisa’s spirit guides began teaching her how to use her meditation skills to help others navigate their own healing journey; she learned how to “go in vision” for others, and how to lead people through guided healing meditations or “visionary healing journeys”.

With over 30 years experience creating spontaneous spirit-guided meditations for others during healing circles, courses, classes and individual client consults, Omanisa is now offering her gift to the general public as a Meditation Subscription Service.

Members have access to an archive of guided healing meditations, with a new meditation being added weekly. While Omanisa uses these meditations to teach a range of skills, including relaxation and mindfulness meditation, Om is a nature-spirit medium whose primary spirit guide is Gaia, the Earth Mother, so her true gift lays in leading spirit-guided, nature-based healing journeys.

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