MindLight functions as the core foundation of Spirit Medicine, so this is where we start our Shadows into Light Journey, learning how to listen deeply and focus our mind with clarity and power of intent.

Deep Listening with the calm composure of a wise elder and the joyful, open-minded curiosity of a young child can heighten our awareness, bringing us peace, clarity, inspiration and insight. Deep Listening reconnects us with ourselves, others, with the land, and with Spirit. Eastern cultures call this “Meditation”. Psychologists prefer to think of it as “Mindfulness”. Omanisa’s word to describe this skill is “Intuition” or “Perception”, and this is what she uses to read the aura and listen to Spirit. All First Nations have their own word for deep listening, meditation, intuition and reflective thinking. For example, in the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal people of the Daly River region, 220 kilometres south of where Om lives in Darwin, NT, call it “Dadirri”.

The developing of Intuition is only one half of the MindLight equation. The other half is “Intention”, where we learn how to harness and direct the focus of our attention in ways that align with our intention. Intention is associated with will, the ability to take action and make things happen. Omanisa calls this power of intent. Power of intent comes from an ability to focus our intent. But before we can focus our intent with any kind of power, we need clarity of intent. MindLight helps us get clear about what we want to focus on, how we want to focus on it, and why. Intent is also a psychic skill. This is what Omanisa uses to “speak” to Spirit.

A major facet of MindLight is creative visualisation, which isn’t just about imagery. Visualization acts directly on the brain, altering brainwave activity and biochemistry in ways that improve our mood and our health. The creative visualisation skills Omanisa learned with her family as a teenager have a proven track record for improving many facets of life, from athletic ability to cognitive performance, to self esteem and goal achievement. They can be used to boost our immunity, lower stress, enhance healing and improve pain management. They are also the foundational skills for anyone wanting to develop psychic and spiritual awareness.

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