2015-07-14 14.42.58Omanisa is a plant-based whole-foods vegan naturopath who specialises in:

*Phytomedicine i.e. the use of herbs and plant foods as a form of medicine.


*Counselling, emotional health and stress-management.



Long/initial consult $90

Short consult/follow-up $60

Discounts are available for pension holders and students.

These prices don’t include the cost of remedies, or postage and packaging.

A standard naturopath consult does not include energy work, which is charged at a different rate. If you would like to combine energy work with naturopathy in the same session, contact Om to discuss this.


This service is available from Om’s clinic in Palmerston, Northern Australia, and via Skype. Please contact Omanisa to enquire about appointment vacancies.

More resources:

Screenshot 2015-05-04 15.24.53Om’s vegan website for blogs about vegan nutrition, phytomedicine, biocomplexity, recipes etc

Screenshot 2015-07-19 22.56.21

Ask the Vegan Naturopath is a Facebook group where Omanisa answers your nutritional questions.



For Naturopathic Blogs with a spiritual angle. Om specialises in reading the aura, working with chakras, and creating vibrational medicine.

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