1. Interesting read! I was just looking in the mirror, having a conversation with myself/higher self as I often do (crazy as it may sound!) and afterwards I could see my hands glowing bright orange. I’ve never seen this before, what could it mean?

    • I don’t think that sounds crazy at all! Very sensible, really, building a connection/relationship with your self/higher self. First, just want to let you know that reading the aura is a rather subjective experience. We all ‘see’ through the filter of our own perception and associations. So what orange means to me what be quite different to the meaning it holds for you. But having said that, there is a really simple way to find some fairly universal agreement on colour meanings and that is to use the chakra system. Orange is the colour of the belly chakra, associated (for me at least) with things like childhood, the inner child, the parent/child relationship, reproduction/birth, and so on. So perhaps your conversation activated this chakra. When I see an orange aura, it can mean things like (depending on the shade and accompanying colours!) a good sense of humour, spontaneity, flow, adaptability, social connection, hope, playfulness, and so on. Sometimes, in healing, it can represent (or be used for) restoring balance and flow to the aura/energy field/body as a whole. My guess is that you are probably partly claircognisant, and well connected with your inner child… both of which may have been in use or active during your conversation.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful article. This might seem crazy but the reason I came across your article was because last night I had a dream where I was wearing a glittered orange blouse and silver glitter or sparkly pants. There was a toddler in my dream running around the top of the building and I was scared of him falling. My thousands in the dream we were holding hands, it’s crazy to me because we have been trying for a baby for quite a while and I am currently four days late. I will be testing tomorrow, but if I am indeed pregnant than what I saw was my own aura exactly as you described it….Thank you so much once again, I had a great time reading your article. Xoxo

    • That doesn’t seem crazy… what a lovely dream! I hope reading this has given you hope and that your dream comes true. Thank you for your lovely message, with love Om xxx

  3. Hi Omanisa,
    I am so interested in your Apache Aura spray for my daughter! I cant tell you how delighted I am to have ‘found’ you!
    Funnily, we have been in contact already. You actually found me!

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  6. Wow, thanks Om! I love your blog post, and especially your excitement about your lightbulb moments about how all your creative projects fit together. It was a delight to chat with you – thanks for the aura-card reading and the insights you gave me about my card-deck project. And thanks for mentioning my card deck in your blog post, and linking to my site. Much love – Aunty Kay

    • My pleasure, beautiful aunty- you were definitely a stand-out highlight for my week! Love you xx

  7. How are you all? Here is some more information for you.


    Do you have a deck of Aura Cards? If so, here is some aura colour theory information about the Courage Colour:

    *Courage is an aura colour that uses fire energy or warm colours in the aura. It’s made from a blending of red, orange and yellow sparks, with the overall colour being mostly orange.

    *We can’t have courage is our aura lack fire energy (red, orange, yellow colours).

    *We can ‘burn out’ our courage by over-using it eg pushing ourselves too hard, or being too brave when really we need to back off and find another way.

    *An absence or loss of Courage or fire energy is what I call ‘burn-out’…. it creates a greyness in the aura, like the dead ashes of a fire that has gone out or a grey cloud covering our inner sunshine (Depression Grey).  An excess of cool colours (eg blues, greens) can be a prelude to Depression Grey, or burnout. Burnout can stop us from having drive, passion, determination, hope, positivity etc.

    *Another aura pattern that can cause loss of courage is excessive Anxiety Yellow ie worry making us freeze up with overwhelm, inaction, or procrastination…

    *A third aura pattern that can drain courage is low self worth (eg Insecurity Yellow). In these cases we run away from challenges too quickly because we don’t believe in ourselves (eg our inner strength, our capabilities, etc)

    • Hello Charlotte,

      It really depends as to the kind of silver present, whether it’s a personality colour or a temporary frequency stimulated by life events or personal growth, where it’s found in the aura, and what other colours are present. We have many colours in our aura, not just one, and it changes with us as we change. Some colours are personality colours that stay for an entire lifetime, but most come and go depending on our mood, attitude, experiences, environment and so on. People with a lot of silver in their aura are quite mystical, unless they have heavy, hard colours to offset this and provide good grounding (eg dark browns and greys). If you are silver and ungrounded (mystical, dreamy, spiritual, good imagination etc) the advice is to work on your grounding (being more present in the body and the moment, more practical etc). If you are silver with good grounding (disciplined, efficient, sharply observant etc) the advice would be to work on softening your heart chakra and learning how to surrender, trust and go with the flow. Hope that helps! Om

  8. Thank you so much, I often get stuck in different realms in dreams i get sleep paraylsis then it in and out of lucid dreaming which is my BIGGEST problem, i meditate often. This is my personality color I believe, I am also HSIP and clairsentient. Thanks again

  9. Someone(a clairvoyant) said that she can’t read my palm because black aura surrounds it. What do you think about this?

    • Hi Sasha,

      I think this is cruel, and lacking in integrity, because it risks giving you as the client an unnecessary fear that you are “bad” or “going to die” or that you are “sick”! Because essentially, these are the things the general public associates with the idea of a “black aura”. The reality is, she couldn’t read your palm, or didn’t want to, for whatever reason (off her game that day, feeling unwell herself, unable to read you, a lack of compatibility between you, or her just not liking you because you triggered some association that reminded her of someone from her past she didn’t like). It’s very unlikely that her “black aura” assessment actually reflects anything negative about who you are or your health, and its probably more likely to be about her as the reader. Keep in mind she is a palm reader, not an aura reader and that isn’t what you went to her for. Personally, if I found a black aura, it could have many different interpretations depending on the positioning and surrounding colours (an aura is never just one colour) and the exact shade of black. It could be the client is shielding (ie black as an ‘invisibility shield’ of sorts is a classic self-protection mechanism people use to maintain privacy.) It could be the client is convinced they are bad or afraid they are sick… this is itself could produce a blackness in the aura. As could having someone around you recently die, or having a gift for mediumship, or being a powerful natural psychic. Other causes for black in the aura are trauma, depression, or illness, but my point is, these aren’t the only causes for a black colour in the aura. I hope that helps! 🙂

  10. I have a silver white aura around my body and gold at the top of my head. Also have sparkles in the whiye silver part. The gold part started today when i woke up . i seen the gold and the white silver with sparkles in it when i looked over my shoulder. Then i asked my son what color i was he then confirmed that i changed colors.any input on my colors would be great. I also have my twin flame with me but i desided to walk away last night from him. Could that be why i changed.

    • Hi Jennifer, gold has many possible meanings, but perhaps for you it’s reflecting an improvement in self-worth, and/or some deeper contemplation about what really matters to you. Silver and white are usually about changes for the better. Silver can represent sudden changes, and any change that resolves stagnancy. I hope that helps!

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  12. Hey Om,

    I’ve looked everywhere for the booking link but I can’t seem to find it. I’d like to attend. I wanted to do last years but couldn’t. Please let me know xx Kristel

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    • Hello Kristel

      It’s just a matter of reaching out and making contact, having a conversation with me, as you have done. There’s no automatic booking process with this worlshop. With every person who asks to attend, I have to check in with Gaia before saying yes. Not everyone is ready! I can see we have another conversation already happening on messenger, so I’ll continue this conversation with you in that space.

      For anyone else reading this and wondering how to book in, just use the contact form on this page to communicate via email or phone/text. Some people are given an unreserved Yes! Others are given self-care homework to do before the day, to make sure they are ready for the attunement. Gaia hasn’t said No to anyone yet, but she tells me if this happens, it doesn’t mean never recieving the attunement, it just means doing some healing work on yourself and having the attunement done another time, when you ARE ready.


  13. Hi Om,

    I am interested in doing the aura card reading course. Do we need to purchase new cards as well?



  14. Lovely article I’ve just come across this now as I’m looking for info on strengthening my connection to source so I can develop my psychic abilities! (And being aware not to let ego have the upper hand + trick me in wanting to attain these “skills” so much!!)

    • Thank you! What a wonderfully refreshing response! I love your awareness of the tricky games ego can play and the art of managing it.

  15. I can’t see my own aura but my Pops can. I journal every day and my aura color is an entry each day so I have him read me. Today was as slight silver lining with sparkles. I feel really good today!

    • Oh what a refreshing comment to read! Thank you, this is a lovely story. Silver and sparkles definitely reflect a high-frequency state, and help us feel good. The opposite is grey, where all the sparkle has gone out of us, due to being drained, oppressed, bored, stagnant, unhappy etc. I can be a great idea to work out what helps you feel sparkly so you can restore your sparkles when they dim.

  16. These cards have become an essential step when conducting therapies for clients. They have such a broad range of uses and insights. I absolutely love them! The big i use regularly to help expand my understanding and the small book os great for helping a client explore a read and put it into context.

    Plus theres an active community on facebook where Aura Card users can share and discuss thier readings.

    • This will be fun to explore as a group! I feel as though the cards are inviting us to expand our sense of what might be possible for us, to dream bigger and release old limiting beliefs about our worth.

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