1. The other thing that strikes me when reading this story is the fact the second healer trusted her instincts and continued to conduct the healing in line with the client’s needs. She was able to work through her own doubts without affecting the flow of the healing she delivered.

  2. What an evocative piece. I felt like I was right there with you sharing your glorious morning. Thank you.
    ps Very interested in the essence that helps you deal with deep-seated fears, whether that be flower or bee!!

  3. I’m certainly feeling very different within myself since that weekend. I know some of it is simply the medicine of bush and silence, but can definitely see a new confidence, courage, assertiveness in me that wasn’t there before and it feels as though it’s linked to the clearing of old fears!

  4. Thanks Om – great observation. The whole time I was reading this I had the image of plugging the clients power cord into the universes power cord – as an example of how I can plug people in without using myself as a channel. I think ill be using this from now on! Thank you xoxo

    • Yes, it was a good reminder for me too- I think those of us with a Reiki background have been conditioned to think in a particular way. I love working with students who have no training background because they don’t have preconceived ideas about how to ‘do healing’ and that helps open my mind to other ways of thinking.

  5. Wondeful post. I could the energy I this flower affecting me as I read this so I had a bit of a giggle when I read your last paragraph! Amazing insight as always xx

  6. Always such interesting posts. I’ve always been accused of being too sensitive etc etc. Its only now I embrace that and not look at my sensitivity as a negative thing. Xx

  7. Same here. My emotional sensitivity used to be a liability, now it is one of my strengths, so long as I keep it in check with a bit of health detachment, grounding, boundaries and centring!

  8. as always, i gain so much from reading your posts, your books and learning from it all!! I feel so blessed to have you as a teacher and what a wonderful person you are as well!! thanks for sharing your wisdom xxx

  9. Om, thank you for your wisdom – intuitively I understand these words and hope to bring this practice into my life and present moments. I also notice the tendency of people around me to deal with negative emotions in the way that you describe and am not sure how I can respond to another’s repression of emotions – how I can be more aware and supportive…

    • Hi Bec. First rule is to be sure, as a healer/sensitive, that you don’t empathetically take on or embody the other person’s repressed emotion. Healers energy fields can have an instinctive tendency to syphon off the heavy dross from others. This can be fine in a professional setting so long as you are genuinely completing the circuit by earthing or transmuting the energy, but if you don’t clear yourself properly, or the boundaries between yourself and the other are complex (as in personal relationships), syphoning can get messy.

      Compassionate awareness of the repressed emotion, with your healthy boundaries very much in place, is the way to go. It can be tempting to point the repressed emotion out to people, but if you try this, tread carefully. People either repress deliberately or due to lack of self-awareness. Either way, there are boundaries and walls in place… an outer front protecting internal privacy and vulnerability. Push too hard and people will get offended or confused.

      If you become aware of another person’s repressed emotion, the first thing to do is breathe and relax. Role model the healer’s approach for the other person’s field. Then evoke the following state: “I have absolute faith in this person’s ability to resolve their repressed emotion, in their own time and space.” Remember that we don’t have to fix things for other people all the time, and it’s important to respect peoples personal space.

  10. Great Reading Om, Thanks for sharing. Its always a timely reminder that – Self Care for the Healer on a regular basis keeps us in check to be able to deliver the Clear Channels that you are talking about. Thank you xxxxxx

  11. I was meditating this morning and saw beetles and frogs moving so rapidly across my field of vision. There were too many to count and were a pale/yellowish and green. I feel connected your post and found it while Googling. I also noticed that you posted this today. I deeply feel what you’re saying am on a similar path right now as you.

    Viewing the frogs and beetles was comforting, but I’m struck by something else I saw. Each frog or beetle had what I can only describe as lightning bolts lashing out of their mouths, every which way. These ‘bolts’ had a straight line, but when bent, formed 90 degree angles. The frogs,beetles, and bolts then turned white/violet and was so blinding that I came back…. I’m not sure if you know what this is about….?

    In any case, I’m thankful to have found your site and look forward to your forthcoming posts. 🙂

    • Hello, wow this is cool. I’ve had lots of beetles around me too, only I hadn’t noticed this until you told me your story. Not sure what beetles mean for you… but for me they are ancient energy and they act like a bridge, connecting you with your ancient past whilst simultaneously encouraging you to shed your skin and evolve that ancient energy another step further, quickly and effortlessly. Lightening energy is similar.

      Lightning energy seems strong at the moment- yesterday I put Fulgurite elixer (crystal created by lightning hitting sand) into someone’s blend, and another client had an electric eel spirit guide with him. I’ve also noticed a lot of Silver showing up in people’s aura’s. Lightning energy brings about sudden/dynamic change/transformation. It raises our frequency just long enough to facilitate a leap in consciousness or spiritual evolvement. That’s the ‘flash’ you saw/felt. The day after Heket spoke to me, a client gave me two very high frequency crystals to wear pinned on the inside of my shirt and then the eclipse happened the next day. Heket set the stage, while the crystals provided an energy boost. To me the eclipse felt like a door into new life.

  12. I think we all have the ability to ‘see’ beyond time and space but as you so rightly say, its about cutting out the mental clutter so you have the ability to receive. To be very focused and open at the same time seems to be the secret.

  13. A lovely synchronicity moment happened with my heket sketch for this blog. I left it in the scanner after I scanned it in and forgot it was there. Weeks later during a healing class, one of the students started talking about how she had a thing for frogs and had just purchased some abstract frog art. At the end of the class, the students asked if I could photocopy some information for them about the spirit helpers who had come through for them that morning, including Heket. When I opened the scanner to do this, the Heket sketch fell out. The student who loved frogs exclaimed with delight. She fell in love with the sketch so I gave it to her. Obviously it had been sitting in my scanner waiting for her!

  14. You are an amazing, insightful and beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this. Right now I am giving both you and your inner child a massive hug. XxxX

  15. Om, I can relate so much to what you are saying.. and still to this day I find it hard but consciously I keep reminding myself I am strong and get through everything the universe and life throws at me. You are amazing soul and I’m sure you will find inner strength to trust. x Jo

  16. Interesting experience! Your visual disturbances remind me of my own I had in my early 20s after attempting suicide (when I was 18). My solution was to get glasses! LOL After awhile they were just messing my vision up so I stopped wearing them 😛

    Funny you mention the thing about messy equaling happy for you. It’s usually the opposite isn’t it? Or maybe that is my judging function in my personality type talking! LOL Do you have a “P” instead of a “J” in your personality type? 😉

    • P.S. I forgot to add I concluded my visual problems were likely due to sinus or migraine related stuff. Needless to say I don’t find the glasses helpful and don’t wear them

    • I think I have different kinds of happy associated with my personal space. I have another, different kind of happiness linked with clear surfaces and a lack of clutter. I can be quite ruthless when it comes to throwing things away in a quest for simplicity. But yes, different personality types for sure. Which personality system are you referring to?

  17. Ok I have no idea what type I am! My daughter loves personality systems and I vaguely remember her talking about my personality according to different systems but I can’t even remember what the system was, let alone what all the P’s and J’s etc mean. What is P and J?

  18. I love your blogs Om, the chainsaw could be representing trimming up areas of your life so that it’s more simplified. I have have said out loud so many times this month that there must be something going on out there the shifts have been I credible representing prioritising and getting back to basics and what’s really important, letting go of what we truly don’t need in order to lead a simple life, thanks for sharing xo

    • Thanks Kathleen, what you have said resonates. This whole year I have had a craving to simplify my life and to cut the excess away rather than adding more or expanding. I feel like I’m in a Clarity Yellow phase. I think Saturn in astrology has something to do with cutting things away. Xxx

  19. What an insightful and wonderful read Om. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. Tammy x

  20. Om you are an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air. I love and have learned so much through you, but more importantly how a person MUST be themselves and be true to themselves. It’s amazing what opens up when one does this. I have no doubt you’ll find the right thing to do regarding a move/change…. and if you change your mind 100 more times, who cares. Enjoy being you. Tammy xxx

  21. The first initial thought that conspires to my ever churning brain is YAY Om is staying! My guiding force to inner perspective and peace is here to fulfill my life to infinity! But my secondary thought is happiness is in the mind of the beholder. You bring so much happiness to everyone around, it will grace you where evere you go. Here there everywhere, where ever it may lead, it is your destiny. I lover your work and hope that you can bless other people as you have blessed me… An inspiration for life and conquered in lightenment.

  22. Wow what an awesome ride, thanks for sharing. I so related deeply to all you shared, particularly the parent phase that I am still in and also “I love emotions, psychology, energy and spirituality” because that is me too exactly without supplements because I believe it is all there energetically. You are a true inspiration to me and others and it will be awesome to gypsy yourself out there.

  23. I googled’ Kurrajong tree spiritual energy’ and got your site Om, very cool. My inquiry was due to my grounding experience with my Kurrajong tree today. Its powerful energy drew me in so I went closer. The old leaves close to dropping away and the presence of the new buds. Now I’ve read this I have more clarity. thanks

    • Kurrajong was the second flower essence I ever made, with my teacher Mhyrlyn. It’s such a wise old spirit energy. Did you know it’s Darwin’s flower emblem? You are so lucky to have one on your block! xx

  24. Hi Om! Now you have seen me! And my link to my web page is http://www.breemccutcheon.ntpages.com.au
    or Facebook page link is ( or search Bree McCutcheon- CHANGE AGENT)

    Cd recordings to take home for Relaxation, Motivation, After Smoking Therapy ( used after a personal session for smoking cessation)…and more to come; Dance Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Pain Relief!

    And I’m working from Sundari Natural Health Centre rooms and Top Health Clinic ( Wood St) also- as well as ok to make house visits if appropriate. 🙂
    Cheers! I’ll be signing up to your blog to keep in touch! I look forward to our my session with you- the aura sketch sounds interesting! 😉

  25. Thanks for the session today Bree. It was delicious to feel so relaxed and I really loved the imagery you used. My clients will love your work! xx

  26. Just a quick HUGE thank you for an awesome workshop yesterday. I learned lots but what stands out the most is I learned I can do crystal healing on another. I haven’t felt I needed to use crystals for a few years and that’s ok.
    After a good night’s sleep I am so keen for Bec’s idea that we get together and practice. Thank you Bec.

  27. As an experienced reader and healer, I still found Om’s workshop to be inspirational, amazing and full of new and fascinating information. One can never stop learning and so I encourage all people, novices through to experienced, to attend Om’s workshops. They are insightful, fun and most importantly they help you to become a better person and therefore a better healer/reader. Thanks Om. Much love. Tammy

  28. Omanisa’s Aura Workshop gave me to top-up I needed and I gained exciting new skills. Looking forward to the next workshop!

  29. Really a great article.

    In this age of running, we actually should just stop and be. Slow down. Take things as they are and feel contentment.

    Wonderful how the idea connects with Minimalism. I think, you’ll love that particular concept 🙂

    Would love a feedback on my blog about Minimalism and Simplicity from a fellow lover of the concept 😀

    Do check it.

    Great to connect with you. Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank you Hardik, lovely to connect with you and to read your work. I really loved your blog about mindfulness and being present. There seems to be a large gulf in society between the frenetic striving of business/marketing/life-coaching/consumerism and the peacefulness of a more spiritual approach to life. Too much emphasis on the former can affect our ability to experience feelings of contentment. I love mindfulness.


  30. Love your blogs Om, especially these colour ones, keeps me refreshed. I have started back with healings have been so humbled interpreting your cards they are an exceptional tool, Thank you love you xo

  31. Hello Kathleen. Sorry, I didn’t see this sooner. I’ll need to keep a closer eye on comments. Yes, Void Blue is another name I use for Midnight Blue. Good on you for working that one out! xxx

  32. I like it as a piece of writing but I can’t say I enjoyed the experience itself. I’m obviously needing more exploratory work on finding a balance between boundaries and surrender. xxx

    • I just re-read this blog for the first time since I wrote it and found your comment. Thank you! Wow, so interesting to read over some of my 2014 blogs. They really do reflect one of the keywords I embraced with my intent at the beginning of that year: rebellion! How wonderful, to settle into one’s own skin after shrugging off the shroud that doesn’t fit.

  33. Thanks Om! I think this is the perfect colour for me to work with at the moment! Love you, Susie xxx:)

    Sent from my iPad


  34. These are ABSOLUTE!!!
    I love it so much I could burst!!!
    Of course! A chakra in a cake 😉

    Omi I love your blend of colour energy with actual flavour energy – and even better on top of that they have ingredients which actually give U a zing in some respect… Healthy life cakes!
    This is your new calling!

    Now come teach me to make them wow!

    We could definitely go travelling with this 😉

    • I’m going to write a book and card set to go with them, and then maybe we can do some workshops together, weave some music and more creativity games in. xxx

  35. HaHa! Glad you love it sis! I’m really excited about them too. Been waiting a long time to find out what my new self would be and this has all happened accidentally, and seems so perfect. I love that is mixes my style of naturopathy (food as medicine), with my chakra/colour work, my love for herbal medicine, my spiritual values and my creativity. I would love to make cakes with you! Today I am going to try making some purple cakes with a crown chakra taste, xxx

    • Thanks Manny, lovely to have a fellow vegan enjoying my creative meals. Thank you for the link and for the work you are doing to raise awareness. xxx

      • Thank you so much! I look forward to future interactions with you. Feel free to follow me on any social media site and I’ll gladly follow you right back! 🙂

  36. I like this new Lego style food building thing you’re developing 😉
    Very creative

    • Thank you. I was wondering if the creativity might suddenly flip from desserts to main meals. I think the beetroot boat would make a lovely entrée.

  37. Thankyou. I especially clicked with the part about worshipping your own inner riches instead of laying it at the mercy of an external gods feet.

    • Yes, it kind of fits in with some conversations Spirit has been having with me about how we worship ‘Gods’ in many different forms. Like money or love or science or religion or approval from others etc

  38. Hi Om

    I really enjoyed today and found it interesting. Especially the exploring healing through being mindful of my body.

    I really liked the way you had people caring for themselves through caring for others.

    It was also comforting that you were keeping an eye on what we were doing while healing others. Like when you said to me don’t go into them so much.

    I was inspired at how you can do group work in that space. I am thinking how I could do that in my consulting room.

    Will send ebook stuff later.


    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Damien, thank you so much for the feedback. It’s really helpful! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. I really love teaching and it was great to finally have you there with us. Yes, it’s not a big space, but we somehow pull it off, and in doing so, perhaps we are challenging ourselves even more regarding boundaries, and build better boundary-muscle in the process.

      Love Om

  39. Thank you so much for this !
    It’s exactly what I’ve been going thru – of course! You’ve always had a knack at that 😉
    Been trying to understand my own truth tunnel … Observe it … Open it up let it expand…. The thing that is hardest is trying to deal with people who are so caught up in their own that they don’t see what impact they’re making…
    Yet if u think about it – this is the hardest thing to do!

  40. Oh my gosh I just love it! Can’t believe you even have sections and layers in one cake eeek!!! I want to come to your cupcake class !!!

    • The different textures and layers make it taste more interesting and it’s more fun to make when theres more than one layer. Lets make a cake together on Skype, you me and mum!

  41. Omanisa, this sounds absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to make it. Thank you so much for creating and sharing.

    • Thank you! The sketches and painting I’ve done this year have really surprised me. Maybe what I learned in art class a few years back has had a chance to sink in. I felt completely out of my depth at the time though!

  42. thanks Ominisa, your blog always comes to me when I need it and always tells me exactly what I need to know at that time. Namaste

  43. Thank you for this post, just what i have always thought about the issue of psychic attack as disempowerment. Great to read such sane and sensible articles.

  44. Thanks for this reminder about being open to receiving, and about letting go of fears etc that block the solar plexus too. Thanks and blessings.

  45. You didnt mention green energy….I have a few pics of light green energy streaks near me. Are you familiar with that color/energy? Sometimes it seems a teensey blue green. 🙂

  46. Hello Amanda!

    If the green energy was around the head, these are the possible meanings I would associate with it, but it would very much depend of the exact shade, positioning, quantity and other colours:

    *The presence of nature based spirit guides like nature spirits, elementals, fairies, elves etc

    *Guides that vibrate at green frequencies like Archangel Raphael, guides and deceased loves ones who are/were healers (e.g. a nurse, midwife or herbalist), and/or have a strong connection with nature or work with plants (e.g. gardeners, environmentalists, horticulturalists, dieticians).

    *Some green shades are associated with musical or performing arts skills. Eg guides helping you with these skills or skills learned in past life.

    *If the blue-tinged green is lighter, it can represent teaching skills, dancing skills or a guide who is helping you be more present in the moment.

    *If the blue-tinged green is darker it’s more about spirit asking you to slow down, spend time alone with nature, take time out etc

    Keep in mind that I experience the aura via the filter of my personal colour-associations, history and systems. All readers perceive the another person’s aura through the filter of their own (i.e. reading the aura is a subjective experience to some extent).

    But personally, I think you have a couple of young green dragons with you. You could think of these as archetypal metaphors for ‘fire energy in the heart chakra’: inspiring our passions as well as helping us connect with others in meaningful ways and build bridges in the community around us.

    Om xx

  47. Hi Omi

    Thanks so much for sharing this information about Meghan as I’ve had enquiries from clients occasionally.

    Keep up your great work and I’m loving your artwork!

    Cheers Shorty :o) xo

    Cheers & Blessings :o) Sharon HardingClairvoyant Medium Northern Territory & Outback Australia

    4th Generation Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Teacher Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Communicator Website: http://www.sharonclairvoyantmedium.comFacebook: Sharon Harding MediumPH: 0418838546

    Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:42:47 +0000 To: sharonharding-medium@hotmail.com

    • Thanks Sharon! It was lovely chatting with Meghan and learning more about her work and how she feels about it. Glad you have a good resource you can share with your clients about her now. I referred a client your way recently xxx

    • Thank you! It was lovely to work with pen and pencil for a change instead of chalks. I adore line work. Black pens are probably my favourite art tool!

    • Yes, there is a link embedded in the words ‘Vegan Naturopathy’, highlighted in a different colour towards the end of this blog post. Can you see it? xx

    • Hi Omanisa! So lovely to hear from you. It’s going okay. I like to ask others what colours they’re seeing to see if we are seeing the same. It’s amazing really because we quite often are a lot of the time. I absolutely love colour. At the moment my favourite colour is sky blue – not sure why just really like it. What is your favourite colour at the minute? I will definitely check out your page (and bookmark it). Again, lovely to hear from you – was a nice surprise. Rob.

      • Hello Coffee Shop Psychic… I was doing a site revamp and came across this reply from you almost a year later. I think I had better check my notifications are working!!! I hope you can roll with me, trust the perfect timing and accept a heart-felt apology. I love sky blue- for me it’s a freedom, wide open-space, emotional equilibrium kind of colour. I think for me at the moment, my favourite colour on a more immediate basis is a rich, deep pink, one I call Wholehearted Pink. But my long term favourites are eucalypt-green (what I call Hermit Green), Silver and and yellow-brown ochre colour I think of as the Resourcefulness colour. And now I am very carefully ticking a wee little button I can see down there that says “Notify me of new comments via email” and crossing my fingers for a reply. Rainbow blessings!

  48. Recently I had gone through some experiences with feelings of a presence. I actually took a photo of myself in the mirror one day and I had a white, almost transparent ball that was hovering my heart/chest. What would this mean to you? I am so interested in figuring this out. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Whitney

      It’s really important we find our own stories/perspectives on these things, and not take another’s word for gospel (even if they are a psychic!). I can tell you my impressions if you wish, but I would highly recommend doing the spirit guide meditation on this site, after spending some time gazing at the photograph. This way you can gather your own impressions first. Let us know what you discover!

  49. Thank you Om
    That was incredibly helpful I’ve felt spirits guidance with this exact situation lately, n the problems i find myself in.Funny i have been n searching for a shirt in this exact colour .Once again the answer I was not clearly receiving, is now with your words and wisdom cleared the cobwebs for me n I can start putting it in the right place in my mind and soul.
    Thank you again

  50. Love this! Ive just experienced all of what you wrote about! And just so happens, as im reading this and realizing that I really expected what I was doing to be a lot of hassle etc, I am wearing orange 😉 I vow from now on to allow everything to be easy. Thank You Omanisa for sharing this. Lots of Love to you. Xxx

    • Glad you are being kinder to yourself! I think a lot of us are learning how to do this at the moment. Almost every client I’ve worked with over the past week has had this colour in their aura- having it presented to me over is great for my learning (both personally and professionally) but also suggests that many of us are collectively learning to recognise these Burdened Purple patterns so we can overcome them. Xxx

  51. Reading this sent goosebumps all over my body! Thank you so much for writing this, it really resonated with me. Flying for me is very euphoric. I was alone, looking at the beautiful see of clouds and looked over to my hands. They were had a green aura emitting from them. To other passengers I must have looked insane, because for five minutes I stared at my hands fascinated. It went away after that but I will forever cherish that memory. You stated that green was the color of charity and I feel that my soul purpose in life is to save others.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! People with green hands can be healers, helpers, volunteer workers, gardeners, environmentalists etc. Nature, healing and helping are three useful keywords for the healthy green aura. Those certainly are magic moments, those little windows into other ways of seeing. xx

    • You are definitely part of my cool family Nuala. If all goes well, Kay might take the workshop further afield and at some stage the cards will be ready (watch this space!). Pity it’s before Lorna arrives! xx

    • My pleasure Aunty Kay. Many many blessings for you and the beautiful work you are doing to help people find ways of seeing themselves and their lives that are more empowering, fulfilling and resourceful! Hug you soon. Om xx

  52. Hello! Do you mean books that teach you how to read the aura? You could try finding some of Judith Collins books, not sure if they are still in print. Or my Aura Colour Therapy book which has a section on using psychic perception to read the aura. So much of it is just about developing a language of colour and refining your psychic perception skills. A good understanding of the chakra system helps a lot. The positions meanings I’ve developed for the different body areas are loosely based on the chakra positions, but also just come from what my guides taught me and years of experience. Again, like the language of colour, it tends to be personal or subjective… so it’s just a matter of deciding what each area means for you.

  53. Interesting read! I was just looking in the mirror, having a conversation with myself/higher self as I often do (crazy as it may sound!) and afterwards I could see my hands glowing bright orange. I’ve never seen this before, what could it mean?

    • I don’t think that sounds crazy at all! Very sensible, really, building a connection/relationship with your self/higher self. First, just want to let you know that reading the aura is a rather subjective experience. We all ‘see’ through the filter of our own perception and associations. So what orange means to me what be quite different to the meaning it holds for you. But having said that, there is a really simple way to find some fairly universal agreement on colour meanings and that is to use the chakra system. Orange is the colour of the belly chakra, associated (for me at least) with things like childhood, the inner child, the parent/child relationship, reproduction/birth, and so on. So perhaps your conversation activated this chakra. When I see an orange aura, it can mean things like (depending on the shade and accompanying colours!) a good sense of humour, spontaneity, flow, adaptability, social connection, hope, playfulness, and so on. Sometimes, in healing, it can represent (or be used for) restoring balance and flow to the aura/energy field/body as a whole. My guess is that you are probably partly claircognisant, and well connected with your inner child… both of which may have been in use or active during your conversation.

  54. Thank you for this beautiful article. This might seem crazy but the reason I came across your article was because last night I had a dream where I was wearing a glittered orange blouse and silver glitter or sparkly pants. There was a toddler in my dream running around the top of the building and I was scared of him falling. My thousands in the dream we were holding hands, it’s crazy to me because we have been trying for a baby for quite a while and I am currently four days late. I will be testing tomorrow, but if I am indeed pregnant than what I saw was my own aura exactly as you described it….Thank you so much once again, I had a great time reading your article. Xoxo

    • That doesn’t seem crazy… what a lovely dream! I hope reading this has given you hope and that your dream comes true. Thank you for your lovely message, with love Om xxx

  55. Hi Omanisa,
    I am so interested in your Apache Aura spray for my daughter! I cant tell you how delighted I am to have ‘found’ you!
    Funnily, we have been in contact already. You actually found me!

  56. […] The Universe always arranges for us to be in the right place at the right time, huh? Here is a link to a blog that shows you how Courage and Synchronicity appear to me visually when I am reading […]

  57. […] really enjoyed doing an aura sketch on site for a client. Two things about the sketching amaze me. First is that I get to the end of […]

  58. Wow, thanks Om! I love your blog post, and especially your excitement about your lightbulb moments about how all your creative projects fit together. It was a delight to chat with you – thanks for the aura-card reading and the insights you gave me about my card-deck project. And thanks for mentioning my card deck in your blog post, and linking to my site. Much love – Aunty Kay

  59. How are you all? Here is some more information for you.


    Do you have a deck of Aura Cards? If so, here is some aura colour theory information about the Courage Colour:

    *Courage is an aura colour that uses fire energy or warm colours in the aura. It’s made from a blending of red, orange and yellow sparks, with the overall colour being mostly orange.

    *We can’t have courage is our aura lack fire energy (red, orange, yellow colours).

    *We can ‘burn out’ our courage by over-using it eg pushing ourselves too hard, or being too brave when really we need to back off and find another way.

    *An absence or loss of Courage or fire energy is what I call ‘burn-out’…. it creates a greyness in the aura, like the dead ashes of a fire that has gone out or a grey cloud covering our inner sunshine (Depression Grey).  An excess of cool colours (eg blues, greens) can be a prelude to Depression Grey, or burnout. Burnout can stop us from having drive, passion, determination, hope, positivity etc.

    *Another aura pattern that can cause loss of courage is excessive Anxiety Yellow ie worry making us freeze up with overwhelm, inaction, or procrastination…

    *A third aura pattern that can drain courage is low self worth (eg Insecurity Yellow). In these cases we run away from challenges too quickly because we don’t believe in ourselves (eg our inner strength, our capabilities, etc)

    • Hello Charlotte,

      It really depends as to the kind of silver present, whether it’s a personality colour or a temporary frequency stimulated by life events or personal growth, where it’s found in the aura, and what other colours are present. We have many colours in our aura, not just one, and it changes with us as we change. Some colours are personality colours that stay for an entire lifetime, but most come and go depending on our mood, attitude, experiences, environment and so on. People with a lot of silver in their aura are quite mystical, unless they have heavy, hard colours to offset this and provide good grounding (eg dark browns and greys). If you are silver and ungrounded (mystical, dreamy, spiritual, good imagination etc) the advice is to work on your grounding (being more present in the body and the moment, more practical etc). If you are silver with good grounding (disciplined, efficient, sharply observant etc) the advice would be to work on softening your heart chakra and learning how to surrender, trust and go with the flow. Hope that helps! Om

  60. Thank you so much, I often get stuck in different realms in dreams i get sleep paraylsis then it in and out of lucid dreaming which is my BIGGEST problem, i meditate often. This is my personality color I believe, I am also HSIP and clairsentient. Thanks again

  61. Someone(a clairvoyant) said that she can’t read my palm because black aura surrounds it. What do you think about this?

    • Hi Sasha,

      I think this is cruel, and lacking in integrity, because it risks giving you as the client an unnecessary fear that you are “bad” or “going to die” or that you are “sick”! Because essentially, these are the things the general public associates with the idea of a “black aura”. The reality is, she couldn’t read your palm, or didn’t want to, for whatever reason (off her game that day, feeling unwell herself, unable to read you, a lack of compatibility between you, or her just not liking you because you triggered some association that reminded her of someone from her past she didn’t like). It’s very unlikely that her “black aura” assessment actually reflects anything negative about who you are or your health, and its probably more likely to be about her as the reader. Keep in mind she is a palm reader, not an aura reader and that isn’t what you went to her for. Personally, if I found a black aura, it could have many different interpretations depending on the positioning and surrounding colours (an aura is never just one colour) and the exact shade of black. It could be the client is shielding (ie black as an ‘invisibility shield’ of sorts is a classic self-protection mechanism people use to maintain privacy.) It could be the client is convinced they are bad or afraid they are sick… this is itself could produce a blackness in the aura. As could having someone around you recently die, or having a gift for mediumship, or being a powerful natural psychic. Other causes for black in the aura are trauma, depression, or illness, but my point is, these aren’t the only causes for a black colour in the aura. I hope that helps! 🙂

  62. I have a silver white aura around my body and gold at the top of my head. Also have sparkles in the whiye silver part. The gold part started today when i woke up . i seen the gold and the white silver with sparkles in it when i looked over my shoulder. Then i asked my son what color i was he then confirmed that i changed colors.any input on my colors would be great. I also have my twin flame with me but i desided to walk away last night from him. Could that be why i changed.

    • Hi Jennifer, gold has many possible meanings, but perhaps for you it’s reflecting an improvement in self-worth, and/or some deeper contemplation about what really matters to you. Silver and white are usually about changes for the better. Silver can represent sudden changes, and any change that resolves stagnancy. I hope that helps!

  63. […] After this, I met my light and shadow guides, Thomas and Khryse, who took me under their wings and taught me all about yin and yang, about balance. They helped me integrate my male and female sides. Years passed, I became and aura reader/healer, a “rainbow shaman”. My next meeting with Gaia came during an aura reading with a client. The young lady was pregnant, but didn’t know it yet, and Gaia just happened to be delivering the spirit of the child into her womb at that very moment! You can read this story here. […]

  64. Hey Om,

    I’ve looked everywhere for the booking link but I can’t seem to find it. I’d like to attend. I wanted to do last years but couldn’t. Please let me know xx Kristel

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hello Kristel

      It’s just a matter of reaching out and making contact, having a conversation with me, as you have done. There’s no automatic booking process with this worlshop. With every person who asks to attend, I have to check in with Gaia before saying yes. Not everyone is ready! I can see we have another conversation already happening on messenger, so I’ll continue this conversation with you in that space.

      For anyone else reading this and wondering how to book in, just use the contact form on this page to communicate via email or phone/text. Some people are given an unreserved Yes! Others are given self-care homework to do before the day, to make sure they are ready for the attunement. Gaia hasn’t said No to anyone yet, but she tells me if this happens, it doesn’t mean never recieving the attunement, it just means doing some healing work on yourself and having the attunement done another time, when you ARE ready.


  65. Hi Om,

    I am interested in doing the aura card reading course. Do we need to purchase new cards as well?



  66. Lovely article I’ve just come across this now as I’m looking for info on strengthening my connection to source so I can develop my psychic abilities! (And being aware not to let ego have the upper hand + trick me in wanting to attain these “skills” so much!!)

    • Thank you! What a wonderfully refreshing response! I love your awareness of the tricky games ego can play and the art of managing it.

  67. I can’t see my own aura but my Pops can. I journal every day and my aura color is an entry each day so I have him read me. Today was as slight silver lining with sparkles. I feel really good today!

    • Oh what a refreshing comment to read! Thank you, this is a lovely story. Silver and sparkles definitely reflect a high-frequency state, and help us feel good. The opposite is grey, where all the sparkle has gone out of us, due to being drained, oppressed, bored, stagnant, unhappy etc. I can be a great idea to work out what helps you feel sparkly so you can restore your sparkles when they dim.

  68. These cards have become an essential step when conducting therapies for clients. They have such a broad range of uses and insights. I absolutely love them! The big i use regularly to help expand my understanding and the small book os great for helping a client explore a read and put it into context.

    Plus theres an active community on facebook where Aura Card users can share and discuss thier readings.

    • This will be fun to explore as a group! I feel as though the cards are inviting us to expand our sense of what might be possible for us, to dream bigger and release old limiting beliefs about our worth.

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