“Calm & Centre” 4 Pack of Chakra Shots


This is the “Sacred Play” version of my Chakra Tonics, designed for spiritual people and sensitives seeking a more subtle & healthy herbal high alternative to drinking and drug taking.

This pack has a calming, relaxing, grounding effect on the aura. It helps us slow down and savour the moment.

These Chakra 4-Packs are for adults only.



The Centre & Calm pack contains the following Chakra Tonics blended with vodka:

  • Trust Yourself (Crown Chakra)
  • Ground Yourself (Base Chakra/Brown)
  • Enjoy Life (Sacral Chakra/Orange
  • Rest in Nature (Heart Chakra/Green)

I’ve never personally consumed an entire pack in one sitting, because I prefer the subtlety of drop doses and dropper-fulls being dropped directly into my mouth or into soda water with a squeeze of lime. I encourage a “less is more” approach: make the pack last by not drinking it all at once. True sensitives will often be content with the delight of a single drop: the undiluted intensity of the taste explosion on your tongue can be lots of fun to play with!

CAUTION – More isn’t always better!

With this particular pack, Chamomile is the single repeated ingredient across the board, so please don’t drink the entire pack in one day if you have low blood pressure or you’re on strong sedatives (eg sleeping pills, anxiety meds), because this combined with the mildly sedative effect of chamomile and alcohol’s depressant effect on the central nervous system might lower your blood pressure too much and make you feel dizzy. The risk is small, but yes, it is possible to be too relaxed!

For everyone else, it’s comforting knowing that you’re free to play with the ingredients in the Chakra 4-Pack all evening without fear of being over the limit. The bottles are 15ml each, and the alcohol content is around 40-50% so each pack contains about two Standard Drinks. This means you can be the sober driver and keep you wits about you in environments where others are drinking, while enjoying the Ki-magic of plant-spirit medicine.

While these Chakra 4-Packs were specially designed for social and party-type settings, they can also be used by healers, spiritual mentors and meditators to enhance their awareness and the natural high of spiritual work, ceremony and sacred play.

  • Take 1 drop or dropper-full under tongue as needed
  • Can be added to soda water or other drinks
  • For adult use only
  • Refrigerate when not in use
  • Use within 3 months of purchase


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