Vaccine Support Kit

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The Vaccine Support Kits have been designed for people who are feeling anxious or hesitant about having vaccines or giving them to their children because they are worried about side effects and/or bad reactions have occurred previously.


The “Single” kit covers one adult (12yrs and over) for one vaccine or a child for two vaccines. (This is also the best kit to choose for infants)

The “Double” kit covers one adult for two vaccines or two adults for one vaccine each, or 2 children for 2 vaccines

The “Family Kit” covers two adults for two vaccines each, or 1 adult and 2 children for 2 vaccines each.

The “Large Kit” cover three adults for two vaccines each, or 2 adults and 2 children for 2 vaccines each.

Please contact me to discuss if you need a larger “Community Kit”.

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This Kit contains a range of naturopathic remedies to help make post-vaccination journey a smoother one and improve your recovery time.

It contains 3 homeopathic remedies and 2 herbal ones. The first dose is taken the day before any vaccine. The expiry is a year from purchase.

This kit is safe for general use and comes with a list of guidelines regarding dosage and scheduling, with appropriate modifications for pregnant women, children and the elderly on medications.

Client reviews:

“The kit has helped him so much, the first day was horrible but the second day much better and after that it’s like he never had his immunisation. We are extremely thankful for your wonderful work! I hope it helps others also, it has been an absolute Godsend for us, especially since he has had such bad reactions every other time. Will definitely be coming back to see you, thanks again!”

“Had my first jab this morning! Wow it was so quick. Felt a slight pain run down my arm to my hand. Realised a short while after I’d taken arnica and rubbed on calendula that the sensation had gone. Have since taken the herbal mixture as well. Feels good!! Thank you again.”

“Thank you Omanisa for the vaccine kit. After using it for only an hour my arm felt so much better and after two days of using the remedy and the combination in the kit the side effects were all mostly gone. Highly recommend using this kit when getting vaccinations.”

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Vaccine Support Kit

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