Psychic Advisory Service

With the Psychic Advisory Service, Omanisa uses her psychic ability and mediumship skills to answer your questions, providing spirit-guided advice and insight into the challenges you are facing and supporting you with your personal and professional development and goals. Omanisa has over 25 years experience as a psychic healer, counsellor, advisor, mentor and coach. Please note, this service doesn’t rely on tarot or oracle cards of any kind.

As a strong empath and naturopath, Omanisa is especially gifted in her ability to help you see your health from an holistic perspective so you can understand how your mind, emotions, relationships and behavioural choices might be contributing to your health and wellbeing or compromising it. Omanisa has many years experience helping people improve their interpersonal communication skills and emotional intelligence, leading to better quality relationships with more attunement to self and others, and healthier boundaries. She is also passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and make better decisions with study, career and business. She won’t, however, make your decisions for you. It’s great to have advisors who can help you look at things from different angles and see the bigger picture, but ideally, your choices should be your own.

While Omanisa is happy to provide predictions, she reminds all her clients that the future in not fixed in stone, so rather than asking for predictions, it can be more effective to ask what actions you can take to move towards your goals, hopes and dreams, and address your concerns. There isn’t much use in listening to a clairvoyant or fortune teller tell you about the future if they haven’t accurately tuned into your personality and your present and past. A good psychic advisor reads the past and present to get a good feel for possible future outcomes, and helps you develop good decision-making skills by helping you learn from your past and be discerning and mindful about your current choices.

Budget Service

For a 50% discount on the Standard Service below, you can opt to purchase the Email Package and send 1-3 questions to Omanisa via email. Allow a week for the reply.

Standard Service

The standard service is a 30 minute conversation with Om via Zoom. If you would prefer a phone consult, simply go ahead and book below, then send us an email letting us know.

Darwin Locals

The Standard 30 min service above is only available for online bookings. If you’re a local Darwin client and you want to come into the clinic, you can select this 30 minute service as an add on when booking any of the following consult types. I recommend adding it to the 30min Deep Aura Cleanse.