Omanisa specialises in reading the aura and working with spirit guides, especially animal and plant spirit guides. Click the titles below to learn more about each service.


Receive a reading from Om! With this service, Omanisa reads your aura using the Aura Cards, a deck of 88 cards she created based on the colours in her chalk-box that she uses to create Aura Portraits.

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Commission a unique psychic artwork! Once you’ve placed your order, Omanisa will tune in to your aura and sketch one of your spirit guides for you. Along with a photograph of the sketch, you will receive a 20 minute audio reading, filled with messages and guided imagery from your guide. This service is available via email only.


Omanisa has been sketching and reading the aura for over 20 years Find out what your unique colours are in this moment of your life! An aura sketch and reading is a snapshot in time that mirrors you back to yourself in full, glorious colour. While spirit will pass messages through to you on a range of topics, such as career, love, health, life lessons, your unique gifts and skills, relationship patterns, emotional wounds, the emphasis is usually placed on spiritual growth and higher guidance, personal and professional fulfilment and the development of greater mindful self-awareness.

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