BASE CHAKRA Gemflower Blend

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis blend is designed to tone and balance the base chakra. Carefully selected remedies encourage improved energy flow through the base chakra without over-stimulation. The heart chakra often provides an important counterbalance for base chakra energies.

One of the primary actions of the base chakra is to provide grounding and while this remedy does assist with this, the “Ground Yourself’ remedy from the Aura Kit range (coming soon) contains frequencies more specific for grounding and toning both the base chakra and an extension of the base chakra energy workers refer to as the ‘earth chakra’, which is positioned below the feet.

The core colour frequency of this bottle is red, a fiery energy that flames upwards through the chakra system, infusing the aura with vital energy sourced from our body and our connection with Earth. This imagery is associated with the idea of kundalindi energy; the releasing of a fiery, sexual, snake-like energy stored at the base of the spine. Red fire energy is passion-filled, daring and warrior-like, with strong survival-of-the-fittest instincts and a fierce love for life.

Balanced Red:

Decisive, active, passionate, assertive, strong, independent, powerful, bold.

Excessive Red:

Impatient, competitive, aggressive, impulsive, ambitious, power hungry, hyperactive.

Blocked Red:

Too ‘nice’, overly apologetic, depressed, exhausted, hesitant, dependant.

You may need this remedy if:

*You feel disconnected from your body, you wish this was ‘your last lifetime on earth’, or you don’t enjoy having a body, being physical, and exercising your body.

*You feel exhausted, drained, burned out, bored or apathetic. You are just going through the motions of life in a robotic, automatic manner without any genuine passion or enthusiasm.

*You lack drive, determination, sexual drive/passion, assertiveness and a healthy sense of self-preservation. Your niceness, politeness and/or shyness holds you back from moving forwards.

*You worry about financial security, you won’t allow yourself to spend on luxuries, you never seem to have enough and/or you worry losing your home and/or possessions.

*You are accident prone, vague and/or dreamy, get caught up in your head too much and get accused of not listening by loved ones.

*You are disorganised and you procrastinate, finding it difficult to make decisions and commit to decisive action. You get overwhelmed by possibilities!

*You tend to passively wait for others to take the lead and make decisions for you, so that you don’t have to!

About the ingredients


Kurrajong gives us the patience to see things through and to pace ourselves without burning out due to exhaustion. This flower essence balances the base chakra by helping us dig deep for the stamina, strength and determination to face challenges whilst also knowing when it is right to let go and walk away. Belonging to the same flower family as the kurrajong, the bat’s wing flower helps us develop a stronger, more assertive sense of self, encouraging us to stride forwardly boldly and stake our claim!


This Central Australian flower essence disperses excessive and congested red energy in the base chakra by balancing and harmonising anger. It teaches us how to forgive and let go whilst standing in our power. Staying angry, seeking vengeance, hoarding power and passive-anger all over-stimulate the base chakra, ultimately causing damage due to congestion and inflammation.


A flower essence gathered at the Devil’s Marbles in Central Australia, corchorus has a similar frequency to kurrajong, helping us dig deep for hidden strengths buried deep in dormant layers of the base chakra. With this remedy in the blend, we develop the grittiness needed to face challenges without fear, whilst clearing any disempowering tendency towards martyrdom.


These beautiful stones have a slight pink heart to them when seen with psychic vision, making them a useful bridge between the base chakra and the heart chakra. The addition of a touch of heart stops the red energies in this blend from becoming overpowering and overstimulating. Garnet balances by calming or stirring passion, depending on what is needed. Both crystals work to improve our relationship with money and sexuality.


Red jasper grounds, balances and aligns the aura, while also recharging our batteries and  instilling us with courage and the determination to pursue our goals. This stone improves decision-making skills. helps us become more efficient and organised, reduces anxiety and improves our ability to set healthy boundaries.

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