Self-Care Coaching

Our next intake, which will be in FEBRUARY 2023.

Stuck in a rut? Frustrated with yourself because you aren’t looking after yourself well? Worried about your health? Tired of putting yourself last? Or perhaps you’ve recently made some wonderful progress with your self-care and you’re determined to stay focused and build on your success!

If so, you might like to come on a web-based Shadows into Light Self-Care Coaching Journey run by Australian Naturopath Omanisa, for a nourishing experience full of laughter, love and warmth, with like-minded others. Our Shadows into Light Journeys help people access their inner wisdom (intuition) and apply spiritual wisdom in a grounded, practical way.

If you are unfamiliar with Om’s work, we recommend reading through her Mission Statement to get a feel for her ethos and the focus of her intent as a healer, mentor and guide.

Omanisa’s interactive weekly Zoom-based Self-Care Coaching sessions are creative and inspiring and they build a wonderful sense of community with people from all over Australia and beyond. Om will teach you how to use her Spirit Medicine modality for your own Self-Care, using a blend of training, coaching and group conversation. Spirit Medicine blends the spiritual medicine of ancient cultures and First Nations wisdom with nature-therapy, philosophy, good psychology, neuroscience and pragmatism.


Self-care is a movement away from self-neglect or self-harming behaviours, towards self-love and self-nurturing. Good self-care means taking an active role in protecting or improving your health, wellbeing and happiness. 

While there are basic self-care needs we all have, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising, self-care comes in many shapes and sizes because we are individuals with unique situations and needs. 

For one person, self-care might mean going to bed a little earlier so they can get up and go to the gym before work. For another it might mean lazing about in their pyjamas all day on a Saturday, indulging in some much-needed movie-therapy after a hard week at work. 

Self-care means different things to different people, and our definition of self-care can change over time. 

What does self-care look like to you?

Here are some examples of self-care from my clients, friends, students and colleagues:

  • “Breaking up with a friend who always takes and never gives anything back.”
  • “Giving up refined sugar and dairy because it makes my face break out in angry red pimples that make me feel ugly and self-conscious.”
  • “Drinking 3 coffees every day instead of 6!”
  • “Using methadone instead of heroin.”
  • “Setting better boundaries for myself with work. This means not bringing my work home with me!
  • “Owning up when I stuff up, instead of all the crazy lies I used to tell that would always land me in deeper trouble eventually anyway.
  • “Having some more raw foods and wholefoods in my diet. Less junk food.”
  • “Slowing down and taking time to rest and relax each day instead of being married to my list of things that need to be done.”
  • “Not being so strict with myself all the time about what I eat and how much I exercise.”
  • “Having at least 1 alcohol-free day a week.”
  • “Making sure I remember to drink enough water each day!”
  • “Getting regular massages.”

What can Shadows into Light help you with?

  • Getting out of a rut, with slow, gradual, achievable steps
  • Recognising your personal self-care strengths
  • Making regret work for you in a healthy, constructive way
  • Picking yourself back up after setbacks, dusting yourself off, and having another go
  • Monitoring, acknowledging and enjoying your progress
  • Recognising that self-care is a skill, and like any skill it can be practised and made stronger
  • Identifying the triggers that derail your self-care, leading you deeper into self-neglect/harm
  • Understanding the value of “lesser demons” when weaning yourself off self-harming behaviours
  • Seeing the underlying needs you’re instinctively trying to meet when you’re caught up in unhealthy habits
  • Putting shame and guilt back in their corner so you can focus on helping yourself instead of beating up on yourself

Chose which Shadows into Light transformative coaching journey is right for you, and send in your application! We begin on the 22nd of October 2022 and applications close the week prior.

Transform your Shadows into Light by shining the light of awareness into your depths, looking for the gifts in disguise as tragedy in your life, making friends with your inner shadows and accessing buried gifts.

3 Month Self-Care Journey

“Know Thyself” was the first phrase written over the gateway at Apollo’s the sun God’s temple at Delphi, where people would come seeking wise guidance. You have a powerful internal guidance system. Shadows into Light teaches you how to access this inner wisdom by listening inwards, being there for yourself and harnessing the power of your attention. Self-awareness and intuition go hand in hand: as you uncover the light in one, you uncover the light in the other. Intuition grows when we do the work of self-inquiry and self-reflection.

“Omanisa has a beautiful energy that flows into everything she does. Her genuine passion for healing and promoting wellness is inspiring. Om’s Spirit Medicine Course is a refreshing, well developed package that allows the student to delve deeply, in a supported space, into their own spiritual self care, intuition, wisdom and talents. My experience has been an amazing journey of connectedness with other like-minded, creative and inspiring individuals. I have learnt new methods and techniques for healing and honouring my authentic self. Thank you Om for all that you do and all you are.”

6 Month Self-Care Journey

Shadows into Light builds bridges of light within us, reconnecting us with lost parts of ourselves, bringing them out of the shadows of our subconscious, into the light of our conscious awareness. Shadows-selves are parts of us we have buried deep within due to trauma, self-worth wounds and unhelpful beliefs. Understanding our inner shadows helps us resolve internal conflicts and self-sabotage. Our inner shadows can also be beautiful gifts and treasures, valuable inner resources we struggle to recognise, appreciate and make good use of. By helping us recover our shadows, Shadows into Light helps us become more balanced, vibrant, powerful and whole.

“I would like to send through my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the Apprenticeship program. The experience has been a very deep transformation across many areas of my life and spiritual journey. There are so many aspects of the program that I enjoyed but the one that was very specific to my own journey was developing the self confidence and knowing that I AM a divine being and it is safe and exciting to fully integrate every part of who I am in the here and now. Being a student for many years it is so exciting to now be stepping into my own power and fully aligned.

9 Month Self-Care Journey

Do you need help weathering the storms of life and coming out through the other side feeling stronger, lighter and wiser? Would you like to unlock the ancient wisdom encoded in your DNA so you can access healing and guidance from within?

Omanisa has been helping people find light hidden in the darkness for over 25 years and her transformative journeys share the most effective tools she’s found for helping people feel lighter, shine brighter, and intuit wiser.

Omanisa holds space so gently and thoroughly. I attended an auric healing workshop where we mapped our auric fields and what was going on with them. We had the opportunity to begin healing and mending our auric fields and be supported by one of the best practitioners in this modality that I have ever come across. I use Omanisa’s auric cards regularly and feel blessed to of been contributed to by Omanisa’s talents and tools that I will take with me for life.

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