Self-care Coaching

Stuck in a rut? Frustrated with yourself because you aren’t looking after yourself well? Worried about your health? Tired of putting yourself last? Or perhaps you’ve recently made some wonderful progress with your self-care and you’re determined to stay focused and build on your success!

Book in for a Self-Care Coaching consultation, and learn how to make positive, sustainable behaviour and lifestyle changes, with naturopath and holistic health coach Omanisa Ross supporting you along the way.


Self-care is a movement away from self-neglect or self-harming behaviours, towards self-love and self-nurturing. Good self-care means taking an active role in protecting or improving your health, wellbeing and happiness. 

While there are basic self-care needs we all have, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising, self-care comes in many shapes and sizes because we are individuals with unique situations and needs. 

For one person, self-care might mean going to bed a little earlier so they can get up and go to the gym before work. 

For another it might mean lazing about in their pyjamas all day on a Saturday, indulging in some much-needed movie-therapy after a hard week at work. 

Self-care means different things to different people, and our definition of self-care can change over time. 

What does self-care look like to you?

Here are some examples of self-care from my clients, friends, students and colleagues:

  • “Breaking up with a friend who always takes and never gives anything back.”
  • “Giving up refined sugar and dairy because it makes my face break out in angry red pimples that make me feel ugly and self-conscious.”
  • “Drinking 3 coffees every day instead of 6!”
  • “Using methadone instead of heroin.”
  • “Setting better boundaries for myself with work. This means not bringing my work home with me!
  • “Owning up when I stuff up, instead of all the crazy lies I used to tell that would always land me in deeper trouble eventually anyway.
  • “Having some more raw foods and wholefoods in my diet. Less junk food.”
  • “Slowing down and taking time to rest and relax each day instead of being married to my list of things that need to be done.”
  • “Not being so strict with myself all the time about what I eat and how much I exercise.”
  • “Having at least 1 alcohol-free day a week.”
  • “Making sure I remember to drink enough water each day!”
  • “Getting regular massages.”

What can Omanisa help you with?

*Recognising your personal self-care strengths

*Getting out of a rut, with slow, gradual, achievable steps

*Making regret work for you in a healthy, constructive way

*Picking yourself back up after setbacks, dust yourself off, and have another go

*Monitoring, acknowledging and enjoying your progress

*Recognising that self-care is a skill, and like any skill it can be practised and made stronger

*Identifying the triggers that derail your self-care, leading you deeper into self-neglect/harm

*Understanding the value of “lesser demons” when weaning yourself off self-harming behaviours

*Seeing the underlying needs you’re instinctively trying to meet when you’re caught up in unhealthy habits

*Putting shame and guilt back in their corner so you can focus on helping yourself instead of beating up on yourself

Booking in

You’re welcome to book yourself in using my online booking calendar. Just let me know whether you’re coming to the clinic (Palmerston, Northern Australia) or if you’re prefer to work via phone or video consult.

Consultations are currently being charged at $100AU.