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“Thank you so much Om. This was a beautiful reading & so accurate to my current situation & feelings. I feel like this came to me at exactly the right time & gives me a sense of peace & hope when I really needed it. It has also given me some beautiful, helpful & healing imagery to work with while in meditation & reminded me if I put in the work the results can be magical. I love love love the fairytale themes that always seem to go along with my readings, a reminder that magic does exist.”

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Omanisa began working with her spirit guides in her early teens and has been connecting others with their guides since 1996. Om has a special affinity with animal spirit guides, but also enjoys working with nature spirits, ascended masters, gods and goddesses, magical creatures, past-life guides, higher selves, inner selves (eg inner child) and angels.

 We have many spirit guides, some of whom are very personal to us, and others which are what Omanisa refers to as public-use guides; well-known characters and universal archetypes that are accessible to all, such as animal spirit guides and ascended masters. Omanisa tunes in and sketches whichever guide most wishes to communicate with you at this time.

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To inquire about expected waiting times and/or place and order, please contact Omanisa via the contact page. Om only takes one order for this service per month, to ensure quality is maintained. Omanisa retains copyright on images. Allow up to one month for delivery of your package after placing your order by making payment. There are two package options you can choose from:


*Spirit guide portrait – original copy

*Beautifully presented comprehensive published spirit guide reading

*Guided audio meditation to help you connect more deeply with your guide

*Tailored Aura-Spray to attune you with your guide and enhance your connection

*Postage costs covered

With this version, the entire package is kept private for you alone. The artwork won’t be featured in Om’s Spirit Guide Oracle sets or shown on in the gallery etc unless you grant permission. The Aura-Spray, audio meditation and prints of the artwork won’t be made available to the general public for purchase. You do, though, have the option of negotiating an affiliate marketing arrangement with Omanisa if you would like your guide to be shared, and your guide agrees to this.


*Spirit guide portrait – digital copy

*1-2 page reading full of information about your guide and what they are helping you with

*Guided audio meditation to help you connect more deeply with your guide

With this option, your written reading is kept private for your eyes only. You have the option of ordering a print (paper or canvas) of your sketch, and an Aura-Spray to help you connect. If your guide agrees to “go public”, Om will help your guide reach a wider audience by making their portrait and a short general message from this guide available to the public. The artwork might also chosen to be featured in a Spirit Guide Oracle card set, with funds being raised for publishing via sales of prints, an attuned Aura-Spray and the guided audio meditation associated with your guide. If your sketch is included in the Spirit Guide Oracle set, you will receive a free oracle set and Aura Spray if you want them.


If you are experienced with meditation and mindfulness, or you have a good imagination, you might like to listen to one of my guided meditations which helps facilitate a meeting between you and your guides.

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  1. […] and this has helped me see that I was undercharging. For similar reasons, I’ve bumped the Spirit Guide Sketch up to $200 and can only do one of these per month. Have you seen the spirit guide sketches? […]

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