Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

My name is Omanisa. I’m a spiritual naturopath who lives and works in Northern Australia.

I’ve been teaching healing, meditation, spirituality, and psychic awareness for over 20 years and have trained over 100 healers, psychics and card readers. 

If you are interested in psychic awareness, Ki-mastery, intuitive oracle card-reading, aura reading, aura healing, shamanism, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual counselling, herbal medicine and so on, you might like to study “Spirit Medicine with Om”.


Spirit Medicine with Om is training course which I designed as a way to pass on the knowledge I have gathered from a lifetime of practice as a healer and psychic. Spirit Medicine is spiritual medicine, a blending of ancient shamanic practice with modern creative therapies, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and naturopathy. 

Spirit Medicine practitioners are modern day shamans! 

Shamanism is a nature-based spiritual practice informed by the deep wisdom of indigenous cultures world-wide. Shamanism is a deeply creative approach to healing, counselling and spiritual mentoring that often appeals to artistic, open-minded, nature-loving people like myself, especially those who have a natural gift for entering trance states. 





This option applies to the first level of Spirit Medicine with Om only. 

Spirit Medicine Self-Care introduces the core concepts of Spirit Medicine and teaches you how to heal yourself using Spirit Medicine, as per my mantra, “self-care comes first”. Before reaching out to support others, we must first support ourselves. 

The Casual Study option is a series of self-paced, online self-study modules for casual students who don’t want to become apprentices. There are no deadlines, you can work at your own pace in your own time, you don’t have to show up to classes and you don’t need to submit assignments. You do, though, have the option of booking in with me for discounted private training consults to consolidate your learning, ask questions and be taken through some practical exercises, although I cannot guarantee my availability during intensive apprenticeship training blocks.

If you would like to be a casual student, you can begin now in the following ways:

1) Read the first Module, an “Introduction to Spirit Medicine” for free!

2) As you read through this module, there will be little prompts, invitations to book in with me for one or more private consultations so you can get a taste of Spirit Medicine, Om-style. 

3) You are also welcome to book in for private coaching sessions with me if you would like to discuss the course content and have some practical training in person with me. You don’t have to be a local to do this, Spirit Medicine can be given and taught via Zoom consults. If you’re on a budget, consider splitting the cost of a training session between yourself and 1 or 2 friends (no more than three people at once please!). The paid modules will contain coupons for discounted training sessions. 

Please note the discounted prices are only available via the course modules which will be available in February 2022. If you want to wait and be notified you can add yourself yourself to the waiting list by filling in the form below:


This might be a better option for you if:
  • You would like a more immersive learning journey with me
  • You know you benefit from group learning with a spiritual community
  • You’d like to attend a class about crystal healing, card reading, herbal medicine and/or guided meditation. 
  • You’re interested in becoming a professional spiritual healer, shaman, counsellor

The full apprenticeship consists of three courses, and each one is a pre-requisite for the one that follows. Each course of study lasts runs 2 months, with a two month rest before the next one starts. This allows time for catching up if you fall behind.

Apprentices have access to one or more weekly online classes via Zoom, a Facebook support group, and regular contact time with me for personalised training. 

I’m currently doing interviews to gather my apprentices for 2022, so if you would like to have a conversation with me to discuss this, please make a booking so we can see if we’re the right fit for each other.


Course Modules


Special focus classes are available for those who select the Full Package option


The Gaian Meditation class teaches students how to use shamanic self-healing skills, with a special focus on using guided imagery for Nature-connection and self-soothing self-hypnosis. This class provides the basic skill-set needed for students who would like to progress to Level Two and learn how to heal others using shamanic journeying, and how to deliver a Gaian Healing Attunement. Those who progress to Level Three will learn how to deliver this modality in a workshop setting. 


This class teaches Om’s methods for shamanic crystal healing. Crystals are a fun way to learn about frequency medicine and the spiritual anatomy and physiology of the energy field. Each lesson provides insight into aura colour therapy, chakra theory and Om’s OMANTRA method, a mindfulness healing technique that can be combined with crystal therapy and chakra balancing. Apprentices who specialise in this area throughout the year and graduate from Spirit Medicine Mastery will be given wholesale access to Omanisa’s range of gem elixirs and aura sprays. 


This class teaches you about the healing uses of herbal medicine, flower essences and homeopathy. As with the crystal class, chakra theory is included, along with some meditation. Apprentices who specialise in this area throughout the year and graduate from Spirit Medicine Mastery will be given wholesale access to Omanisa’s Chakra tonics, kits, books and cards, and her unique flower essence range.


This class teaches you how to use the Aura Cards and Oracle Cards to do readings for yourself, using intuition and psychic skills such as clairvoyance. If you progress onto the next level of learning, you will learn how to do readings for others. Graduates of the Mastery Level have wholesale access to Om’s Aura and Spirit Guide oracle cards. 


Further Study for Apprentices

If you just want to learn some self-care skills, you might be content with Level One. 
But if you loved it and want to learn more, you can apply for the next level:


“Spirit Medicine Journeying”

In Part Two of the Apprenticeship Program, we learn how to apply the core skills learned in Part One to the art of healing and guiding others. Students learn how to journey into the spirit realm and work with their spirit guides. Topics include soul-retrieval and shape-shifting. This part of the program includes clinic time, where students begin to heal each other, and may be invited to observe my client consultations as part of their learning. 


“Spirit Medicine Mastery”

Part Three is the Graduation Level, an intensive training process that helps you craft your own spiritual healing and/or counselling modality, learn how to deliver it, and set yourself up to practice professionally. Clinic time for students at this level may include assisting me with my client consults. 


It’s worth noting that not all of my apprentices go on to become professional healers. Some just use what they’re learning to heal themselves, improve their quality of life and enhance the way they perform in their existing line of work. If you’re mostly interested in improving your self-care, you might just stick with Level One – Spirit Medicine Self-Care.

Most of my students work in some kind of health or service-based industry. Some have backgrounds in environmental science and many are creative, with a passion for storytelling, music/sound therapy or the visual arts, all of which make them perfect candidates for studying Spirit Medicine.

This apprenticeship is suited to the following groups of people:

  • Established healers who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills, especially in regards to psychic awareness and self-care, light-body anatomy and physiology, shamanism, dream-work, creative therapies, guided meditation, herbal medicine, and working with spirit guides.
  • Hobby healers who want to take their skills to the next level and become professional healers.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to read and understand the aura and use this for spiritual counselling.
  • Professional healers, oracle/tarot readers and psychics who are burned out and need help finding more sustainable ways to keep doing what they love.
  • Sensitives, empaths and natural channels who would like to understand and develop their gift in ways that are safe, practical and grounded.
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who would like to develop their intuition and spiritual counselling skills in ways that will compliment their practice.
  • Anyone who works with or on behalf of First Nations people and/or the environment, who would like to develop skills and awareness that will deepen their connection and capacity to be of service without burning out.
  • Artists, story-tellers and creative people who would like to develop their intuitive awareness and their ability to channel inspired visions and ideas.
  • Naturopaths and other natural therapists who would like to learn how to blend spirituality with naturopathy in a therapeutic way, with a special focus on herbal medicine, flower and gem elixirs, colour therapy, chakras and mind-body healing.

“Moon Goddess” Spirit Guide Sketch by Omanisa


Q : Does it matter if I don’t live in Darwin NT Australia? Can I still become an apprentice?

A : No that doesn’t matter. This year, we had students join us from New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. 

While local Darwin students are welcome to attend the clinic for certain sections of their training, the weekly group lessons take place on Zoom anyway. The style of healing I teach lends itself perfectly to distant work. As a healer, I work with clients all over the world and as my local clients can attest, a session via Zoom is no less potent than a session in the clinic.

"I just had a Gaian spiritual healing with Om over Facebook messenger video chat. I was hesitant because I’m old school and love face to face interaction. But I went ahead and booked a session. Wow!! this healing blew me away. I could feel the energy straight away. It almost feels like she was in the same room with me working on my chakras. Om dug deep and really helped me. By the end of the session my heart was so light, my head was so clear. I cannot thank Om enough for this healing "
Client testimonial

Q : What’s the weekly time commitment like? 

A : To some extent, that’s up to you, and we can negotiate a plan that works for you. I’d like you to have at least two private sessions with me during Level One, which takes place over two months, so this means having a 60-90 minute session with me every second week. 

Each course module will need 30-60 minutes of your time each week, and you will be have access to at least one 60-90min online Zoom class each weekly. If life gets busy and you don’t finish the module, you can catch up on reading later. The Zoom lessons are recorded and can be viewed in your own time if you can’t attend. 

Please remember there is a two month rest between levels if you need catch up time. If you fall behind, then catch up during the break and still want to apply for Part Two of Spirit Medicine with Om, you’ll just need to demonstrate your grasp on the core concepts to me. 


If you’re feeling too shy to book an interview, you can use the form below enquire about becoming an apprentice in 2022. 

Please tell us about your history, experience, training, gifts/skills, areas of interest, and WHY you would like to be considered for an apprenticeship with me in 2022. 

If you aren’t an existing client, you might like to book in with me to get a feel for my work first. It’s important to make sure we have rapport, our values align, and that my style of healing, reading and counselling resonates with you. You can book in HERE.

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