KI-MASTERY – Spirit Medicine with Om


Omanisa has been teaching healing, meditation, spirituality, and psychic awareness for over 20 years and has trained over 100 healers, psychics and card readers. At the beginning of 2021, Om began taking 10 apprentices through a year-long apprenticeship, teaching them about Spirit-Medicine, the art of using ancient spiritual practices for healing. Om also refers to this as “C.A.L.M. healing and self-care”:

Creative Visualisation forms the bedrock of Om’s visionary ability to perceive, communicate with and move Ki energy using her psychic senses. Students learn how to use guided imagery, imagination and the power of belief (Intention, faith and self-hypnosis) to heal themselves and others by shifting their mindbody state. Learn how to access waking dream-states at will to heighten your psychic awareness and power of intent.

Aura Colour Therapy is a modality created by Omanisa which blends aura-based colour therapy with breath-work, creative visualistion, herbal medicine, naturopathy, psychic self-care and Ki-mastery. The aura or light-body is the the non-physical part of us. The aura is composed of Ki, also known as prana, chi, or qi. Interestingly enough, Ki is also the name of the earth goddess in ancient Sumerian. Mother Nature is known by many names of various cultures, one such name being Gaia, the spirit guide who attuned Omanisa to Aura Colour Therapy and encouraged her to become a nature-therapist (naturopath).

Light-healing for the Light-body is central to Om’s approach as a Ki-healer. “I feel lighter now!” is the most common response clients have after receiving healing with Om. Om has a highly-developed awareness of the energy field, chakras and the many channels or energy lines which make up the light-body. Students receive training about the chakras and how Ki energy moves through the light-body.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Mantra-work is woven throughout all of Om’s work as a therapist, counsellor, coach and advisor. Every method Om teaches is based on one or more of these divine “M” words! Om is passionate about psychoneuroimmunology and neurotheology. PNI explores the links between personality, the nervous system and the immune system, while neurotheology is “spiritual neuroscience” and researches how spirituality, religion and spiritual practices affect the brain.


It’s worth noting that not all of Omanisa’s apprentices go on to become professional healers. Some are just using what they’re learning to heal themselves, improve their quality of life and enhance the way they perform in their existing line of work. Most of Om’s students work in some kind of health or service-based industry. Some have backgrounds in environmental science and many are creative, with a passion for storytelling, music therapy or the visual arts.

This apprenticeship is suited to the following groups of people:

  • Established healers who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills, especially in regards to psychic awareness and self-care, light-body anatomy and physiology, shamanism, visionary art and creative therapies, herbal medicine, and working with spirit guides.
  • Hobby healers who want to take their skills to the next level and become professional healers.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to read and understand the aura and use this for spiritual counselling.
  • Professional healers, oracle/tarot readers and psychics who are burned out and need help finding more sustainable ways to keep doing what they love.
  • Sensitives, empaths and natural channels who would like to understand and develop their gift in ways that are safe, practical and grounded.
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who would like to develop their intuition and spiritual counselling skills in ways that will compliment their practice.
  • Anyone who works with or on behalf of First Nations people and/or the environment, who would like to develop skills and awareness that will deepen their connection and capacity to be of service without burning out.
  • Artists, story-tellers and creative people who would like to develop their intuitive awareness and their ability to channel inspired visions and ideas.
  • Naturopaths who would like to learn how to blend spirituality with naturopathy in a therapeutic way, with a special focus on herbal medicine, flower and gem elixirs, colour therapy, chakras and mindbody healing.

TERM ONE “Spirit Medicine with Om – Part One”

Formal teaching for Term One begins in mid January and finishes mid March. During this two-month block, you will learn about Wild Ki, Sanctuary, Centering, and Grounding, along with some preliminary introductory work on Protection, Boundaries, Basic Psychic Awareness and the 4 Psychic Types. Om will sketch your Aura for you, help you connect with your guides and begin identifying your unique strengths. Most of the contact time in Semester One is a blend of one-on-one time with Om and clinic time where you learn the art of Witnessing by observing Om working with other students and her clients.

April- May Intermission

During this two month Intermission, students have an opportunity to rest, consolidate their skills and catch up on course materials if they’ve fallen behind. Omanisa and her husband of 30 years, Stephen use this time to go on their yearly wildflower treks through the outback to search for new flower essences for the clinic. In 2022, they are planning to travel from Darwin back to the 100 acre nature sanctuary they care for in Northern NSW. (If they can’t get over borders, they will explore outback NT instead!). This property burned in the November 2019 fires. Om and Stephen are slowly rebuilding a small base camp from which to host future drug-free shamanic visionary quests. While internet reception can be challenging during this time, Om always looks for opportunities to connect with apprentices and take them on special nature-journeys via Zoom.

TERM TWO “Spirit Medicine with Om – Part Two”

Term Two begins in the second week of June and finishes just before Om’s birthday on the 122th of August. In Semester Two, Om will teach you about Psychic Perception and Intent, Rainbow Ki, Clearing & Ki Flow, the Three Levels of Reality, Spirit Connection and Spirit Guides. Weekly one-on-one sessions are alternated with clinic time, with apprentices being invited to assist Omanisa during consults with her clients and other students.

August-September Intermission

This is another rest period for apprentices. Om and Stephen usually use this time to go wildflower hunting in the outback and visit family in Central Australia, often sharing highlights along the way. As always, Om stays in touch with apprentices and is still available for conversations when she’s in reception.

TERM THREE “Spirit Medicine with Om – Part Three”

In Term Three (October to November) apprentices are guided onto their path and into their power. Omanisa will either help you develop your own healing modality, or teach you how to deliver one of hers, such as the Aura Healing or the Gaian Attunement. The emphasis is always placed on the concept of integrating what Omanisa teaches you in with your existing skill-base and individual interests. Focus topics vary depending on each students vision for their future, and might include soul-retrieval, business development, insurance, and so on. At this stage, weekly contact time centers around supervision as you begin to deliver healings and/or readings and spiritual counselling to others.

Casual Students

If you can’t afford the full year, please talk to Omanisa about becoming a casual student.


To enquire about an interview to become an apprentice in 2022, please email us below. While we prefer taking on apprentices with existing experience and/or qualifications in naturopathy, healing, card reading, psychology/counselling etc, we’re also interested in talking to people with natural gifts and skills, even if they aren’t in professional practice as a helper and haven’t got any formal training behind them.

Please tell us about your history, experience, training, gifts/skills, areas of interest and WHY you would like to be considered for an apprenticeship with Om in 2022