“Shadows into Light”

If you would like to learn how to use Spirit Medicine to heal yourself, achieve your goals, develop emotional intelligence and have better access to your inner wisdom, you might enjoy studying online with Omanisa.

“Shadows into Light” is a spiritual self-care program run by Omanisa.

Omanisa is an Australian naturopath, healer, shaman, and psychic medium with over 25 years experience running workshops and courses. Om “walks with a foot in both worlds”, integrating spiritual wisdom from ancient/indigenous cultures worldwide with evidence-based therapy approaches inspired by scientific research into mind-body connections. You can learn more about Om’s ethos here.

Om is currently in the process of creating the latest updated version – the third edition – of her Shadows into Light program, which includes three magically inspiring, transformational Spirit Medicine self-care healing journeys!

Shadows into Light teaches you how to use Spirit Medicine to heal yourself, improve your self-care and heighten your psychic awareness. These are the same methods Om uses to heal herself and train her healing apprentices, many of whom you may be learning alongside, depending on the package you choose. The methods in Omanisa’s Shadows into Light program were developed in collaboration with her spirit guides over 25+ years of practice as a renowned and well-respected psychic healer and counsellor. (If you’re interested in the apprenticeship, please see this page)

At the moment, Omanisa is currently taking a group of students and apprentices through her HeartLight program. SpiritLight will start later in the year, and MindLight will run again as soon as we have enough expressions of interest.

Each program can include any or all of the following, depending on what you negotiate with Om during the application process:

  • 1 x 90min weekly Zoom class, Includes meditation, training and group discussion.
  • Online self-paced, self-study course modules (a blend of text and audio training).
  • Private Facebook support group.
  • Access to Om’s Student Clinic (discounted and free consults with Om’s and her apprentices).
  • First option on Workshops and Retreats.
  • 20% off consults with Om, a discount on your package, and an extra months access for free, if you accept your offer within a week of being approved.


This program is currently running now. You’re welcome to apply

“Help your heart feel light and shine bright by parenting your inner child with love, setting healthy boundaries and improving your self-talk.”

HeartLight takes us on a deep dive into working with inner selves, especially the inner child, and finding the light hidden in the shadows of our subconscious. Learn how to talk with your inner selves, set boundaries with love, assert yourself and resolve internal conflicts that might otherwise lead to illness, burnout, self-sabotage etc.

HeartLight builds bridges of light within us, reconnecting us with lost parts of ourselves, bringing them out of the shadows of our subconscious, into the light of our conscious awareness. Shadows-selves are parts of us we have buried deep within due to trauma, self-worth wounds and unhelpful beliefs. Understanding our inner shadows helps us resolve internal conflicts and self-sabotage. Our inner shadows can also be beautiful gifts and treasures, valuable inner resources we struggle to recognise, appreciate and make good use of. By helping us recover our shadows, HeartLight helps us become more balanced, vibrant, powerful and whole.

Spirit Light

“Access spiritual wisdom and healing by learning to dream while you’re awake so you can connect and converse with your spirit guides.”

This package is for spiritual seekers who would like to learn how to use oracle cards and work with spirit guides for their own healing and personal growth.

Would you like to develop your psychic skills and become better at accessing healing and higher guidance from Spirit? In this 3-month journey, Omanisa will show you how to “dream while you’re awake” and communicate with Spirit. Oracle cards will be used as a focus to help you develop these skills!

Our next intake will be in September 2023.

Please apply now so you don’t miss out!


“Awaken your MindLight by learning how to harness the power of your attention, intention and intuition”

The MindLight Journey teaches you how to use a blend of mindfulness, meditation and psychic awareness to communicate with your body, subconscious and Ki (Prana/energy). Om will show you how to uncover the deeper emotional and psychological patterns contributing to your illness, burnout, self-sabotage or feeling of being stuck. MindLight helps you develop healthier self-care habits and release the blockages that are holding you back.

“Know Thyself” was the first phrase written over the gateway at Apollo’s the sun God’s temple at Delphi, where people would come seeking wise guidance. You have a powerful internal guidance system. Shadows into Light teaches you how to access this inner wisdom by listening inwards, being there for yourself and harnessing the power of your attention. Self-awareness and intuition go hand in hand: as you uncover the light in one, you uncover the light in the other. Intuition grows when we do the work of self-inquiry and self-reflection.

  • “MindLight has been life changing for me Omanisa… sharing with the self care community, learning to channel my energy, relearning to trust my intuition and emotions and memory, and reconnect 💚 Being surrounded by uplifting, in-touch humans is heartwarming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all” (Marie, Darwin)

We’ll run MindLight again as soon as we get enough expressions of interest. We need at least 6 people so if you want to gather a group of friends and propose a time for the weekly class, please do!