Spirit Medicine

Beside working with aura colours, I love working with Spirit, especially nature spirits. Nature has always been my best friend! I’m in the midst of writing books and creating card decks to help people connect with the spirit medicine of nature.

In this section of my site, I will be adding drop down tabs for the following categories:

Flower Medicine – Central Australia

daisyI’ve been writing a book for the past few years about my spiritual wildflower pilgrimage through Central Australia in honour of my grandmother and it’s almost ready for release. I also have a website for this book, containing more information and resources. If you want to check it out, click here.


Flower Medicine – Kakadu

IMG_6509IMG_6562This is a new book I started writing a few months ago. I’m gradually adding photographs, book snippets in the form of blogs to the same website I’ve created for the Centralian wildflowers, flower spirits.net.




Leaf Spirit Medicine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been crazily in love with leaf photography lately and am soaking up the star-medicine, sunshine energy they store and radiate. I’m compiling a leaf-medicine card deck. As with the healing sketch deck I’m creating, this will probably be a card deck only, with channeled wisdom from each leaf on the back of each card. I’ll post up a few more samples at some stage so you can see what I’ve doing, and perhaps a few blogs.



Bird Spirit Medicine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m creating a card and book set with my dad, who has been nagging me about it for some time. At first I thought me wanted me to photograph birds and I kind of fobbed him off in half-annoyance “My camera doesn’t zoom!”, but it recently dawned on me that what he’s actually been on about is the idea of sketching birds. I wouldn’t have felt confident about doing this until recently. I did a gorgeous cow sketch in honour of the Cow Goddess I’ve been working with, and then I drew some native orchids. In both instances I was amazed to discover I could actually come up with a half-decent sketch. It’s helped me realise that chalks really are my medium. I can see a flower sketch book hovering around the edges somewhere, but for the moment, I think it’s the birds that really want to be drawn.


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