SpiritLight begins with MindLight and HeartLight. Once these foundational skills have been developed, Omanisa shows you how to apply these skills to the development of balanced and healthy spiritual self-empowerment and psychic awareness. This package is ideal for you if you would like to develop your psychic skills and become better at accessing healing and higher guidance from Spirit. In this 9-month journey, Omanisa shows you how to “dream while you’re awake” and communicate with Spirit. Oracle cards will be used as a focus to help you develop these skills!

SpiritLight helps us develop excellent psychic and spiritual self-care skills under the watchful care of an experienced guide so you can do it safely. Spirituality should never be divorced from the day-to-day fabric of your life. Learn how to use ancient spiritual practises in grounded, practical ways to enhance your mental, emotional, physical and social health, rather than detracting from it. In SpiritLight, Omanisa shows you how to walk with a foot in both worlds, keeping one foot lightly resting in the faith-based, mystical world of Spirit, while the other is firmly planted on the solid ground of objective, physical, material reality.

The spirit realm isn’t just accessed via an altered state of consciousness, it is an altered state of consciousness: state and realm are indivisible. Spiritual wisdom is full of seeming contradictions and puzzles, much like the classic Zen thought-puzzle about the sound of one hand clapping. In SpiritLight, Omanisa provides intellectual, theoretical insights into the mysterious realm of Spirit for you to ponder, but the real learning and understanding come from being immersed in practical experiences that demonstrate in ways that words cannot.

“When I’m in the shamanic visionary state, I see, feel, hear and know things that I cant see, feel, hear, or know whilst in a normal waking state of consciousness. This is where I go when I’m sketching the aura, reading oracle cards, doing a healing, or talking with spirit guides and the spirit of those who have passed. While the word ‘vision’ is a good one to describe this state, it definitely isn’t just about ‘seeing’.” (Omanisa)

SpiritLight Application

Please fill in the form below and Omanisa will reach out soon to let you know if your application was successful. If all goes well, we’ll arrange a time to chat so Omanisa can answer your questions and tell you more about this coaching package. Each package comes with a range of options that can be tailored to your needs.