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Your aura is YOU, in energy form; a field of interwoven frequencies of light. Like a dancing rainbow, aura colours shift and move with you and you change and grow, reflecting the interplay of your personal relationships, thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical health. This dynamic also works in reverse: you can change yourself (and your life) by changing your aura colours.

What mind-body state are you in right now? Are you in a Warmth Yellow state, a Detachment Blue state or a Firedancer Red state? Are you feeling warm and friendly, cold and distant or fiery and passionate? We need to embrace all the colours of the rainbow within us to be a whole being.

The Aura Kit includes 88 Aura Cards, and the Aura Card Guidebook, which features a colour to a page. The Aura Cards have organically meandered their way throughout Australia and even further afield, with decks in New Zealand, England, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland, America, Hong Kong and probably other places I don’t know about! The cards seem to have a life of their own, and I love the way they speak so clearly to so many. Every week, I have at least one person reach out to say thank you, or to share an amazing spread, or to ask for another set because they gave theirs to a friend who fell in love with them.


Purchasing this kit will give you a 50% discount on the 4-week online self-study course Reading the Aura Cards. This is a basic introductory level course for anyone wanting to learn how to read the Aura Cards. This course explains how I developed my language of colours, what the Aura Cards can be used for, basic aura colour theory, some aura anatomy and physiology, and how to read spreads.

We have a wonderful Facebook community people share spreads in, a group called Reading the Aura Cards! You're welcome to join. Members can give and receive readings. Most of the time we just help each other out. This is also a space you can promote your services if you're using the Aura Cards to do readings for others professionally.


I began reading and sketching the Aura in 1998. A few years later, I used the colours in my chalk box to create the first deck of Aura Cards for my own personal use. Eventually, I learned to incorporate Aura Card readings into my Aura Healing consults as an easy diagnostic to save my psychic muscles! In 2011, I created the first commercial deck of 88 Aura Cards for clients and students to use. Since that time, the cards have made their way into the lives of many beautiful souls, spreading light, joy, wisdom and magic in their wake.


You might have seen or heard about the "Big Book", Aura Colour Therapy, which isn't pictured here or included in this more basic beginners pack. The "Big Book" is currently out of print, having gone into temporary retirement while I work on creating a series of revised editions and additional resources. You are welcome to contact us to place a pre-order for the Big Book if you would like a copy when it becomes available again in it's new form.

Omanisa is a naturopath, spiritual healer, rainbow shaman, author, visionary artist, and publisher. She has over 20 years experience reading the aura, and over that time, has read thousands of auras. Each aura gifts her with new insights into the human psyche, mindbody connections, the aura, its chakras and the energy lines that connect them. Om recognises over 100 different aura colour frequencies, and thousands of unique colour combination meanings.

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