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The individual bottles are $30 each, so kit is worth $270, giving you a saving of $70. We're not making individual Aura Sprays available for purchase outside of consults at this stage. If you're only interested in purchasing one of the Aura Sprays rather than the full kit, have a look at the Chakra Kits.

This kit is best suited to those actively working with the chakras, whether as a spiritual student, or a healing practitioner. They can be used as room sprays or sprayed throughout the aura, directly onto the body areas associated with that chakra (eg centre of chest for heart chakra) and under the tongue. They can also be sprayed into drinks, over meals, and onto clothing before you don it for the day. The preservative used is vodka.

You can't overdose with these beautiful remedies! Use at least once daily, but you can use throughout the day. Select your remedy on the basis of need. A fun way to choose a bottle is to do an Aura Card reading or draw a Chakra Meditation card (card and book sets coming soon!).

Here's a overview of the ingredients and uses for each bottle in the Kit. I've mostly stuck with my Central Australian range of flowers. This is my home country, where I was born and grew up, so I have a special relationship with these flowers. The last two bottles features flowers I've have grown to know and love here in the Top End of Australia, where I raised my children.

BOTTLE Uses Ingredients (gem, flower, colour)
(Purple label)
Assists meditation & connection with higher self, angels & spirit guides. Strengthens & restores faith. Helps us surrender ie let go & let God. Flower essences of Convolvulus, Ancestral Flower. Gem elixirs of Petalite, Kunzite. Colour essences of Surrender Purple, Synchronicity Pink
BROW CHAKRA (Dark blue label) Improves psychic ability & abstract thinking skills. Heightens dream activity & enhances creative imagination. Flower essences of Wattle, Convolvulus. Gem Elixirs of Lapis Lazuli, Iolite. Colour essences of Intuition Purple, Silver
THROAT CHAKRA (Light blue label) Improves communication & listening skills. Can be used for space-clearing. Helps you find your voice. Flower essences of Sandhill Fuchsia, Cassia. Gem elixirs of Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate. Colour essences of Expression Blue, Freedom Blue
HEART CHAKRA (White label) Heals relationships. Assists recovery from broken heart or betrayal wounds. Cuts unhealthy connections with others. Improves self-love. Flower essences of Tie-cutting Mistletoe, Heart Fuchsia. Gem elixirs of Dioptase, Rose Quartz. Colour essences of Wholehearted Pink, Authenticity Green
SOLAR CHAKRA (Yellow label) Heals self-worth wounds. Improves confidence. Heightens mental clarity. Resolves procrastination & self-doubt. Reduces overwhelm. Flower essences of Poached Egg Daisy, Daisy Bush. Gem elixirs of Citrine, Sunstone. Colour Essences of Clarity Yellow, Happiness Yellow
SACRAL CHAKRA (Orange label) Enhances inner-child connection. Encourages laughter, fun, play & joy. Heals childhood wounds. Reduces over-seriousness & excessive ego. Flower essences of Goodenia, Wild Tomato. Gem elixirs of Amber, Carnelian. Colour essences of Playful Orange, Courage Orange.
BASE CHAKRA (Red Label) Re-energising. Improves assertiveness, determination and daring. Enhances personal boundaries. Use for protection. Flower essences of Swainsona, Desert Rose. Gem Elixirs of Black Tourmaline, Garnet. Colour essences of Creative Red, Strength Red
HARMONY BLEND (Green label) Soothing & calming. Enhances centering, forgiveness & peace. Dissolves tension & conflict. Enhances nature-connection. Reduces electromagnetic smog Flower essences of Frangipani, Garden Desert Rose. Gem Elixirs of Amazonite, Howlite. Colour Essences of Harmony Purple and Sanctuary Green.
GROUNDING BLEND (Brown label) Improve grounding, discharges excess energy, provides stability and firm foundations. Flower essences of Sundew, Kurrajong. Gem elixirs of Smoky Quartz & Aragonite. Colour Essences of Home & Conservative Brown

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