"Awaken your Vision" Chakra Kit

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The Awaken your Vision Chakra kit can assist you with creative visualisation, imagination, intuition, mental discipline, discernment and the art of making positive/empowering shifts in perception and perspective.

This Pack Includes:

  • "Awaken your Vision" Herbal Chakra Tonic (30ml)
  • Brow Chakra Aura Spray (50ml)
  • Guided Chakra Meditation (third eye)
  • Mindfulness Contemplation Questions
  • Complementary OMANTRA or Flower Spirit card with OMANTRA meditation training audio

Lavender, dandelion, aniseed, eyebright & chastetree

Stimulating psychic awareness, opening the third eye, creative visualisation, strengthening power of intent, developing self-discipline and wisdom/discernment regarding what you focus on and how you focus on it ie overcoming negative thinking patterns.
AURA SPRAY Flower essences of Wattle & Convolvulus.
Gem elixir of Lapiz lazuli & Iolite. Colour essences of
Intuition Purple & Silver
Improves psychic ability and abstract thinking skills. Heightens dream activity & enhances creative imagination and problem solving skills.

As a herbalist, Om has a gift for tuning into the spirit medicine of plants and ‘seeing’ the way they heal on a subtle-body level. To access this spirit medicine, Om takes a ‘drop dose’ approach to herbal medicine, with much smaller doses than those used in standard clinical practice. Omanisa is an Australian Spiritual Naturopath & Rainbow Shaman with over 15 years clinical experience as a naturopath and more than 30 years “Rainbow Shaman” experience, having been initiated onto the path at the age of 16.

“It’s natural to find some herbal substance in your essences, a bit like the dregs of tealeaves in tea. Make sure you shake your tonic before taking it," says Om. "Take at least daily one dose, one dropperful. You are welcome to use more, but to avoid overdosing, do not consume your entire bottle in one day: make it last, stretching it out over at least one week. You can add your daily dose to your water, soda water, coffee/tea and/or alcoholic drinks."

The Chakra Tonics are just one of the ingredients in Om's CHAKRA KITS, which include a Guided Chakra Meditation, an Aura Spray and some contemplation questions. There are 20 different kits to choose from. This is one of two "indigo kits" available in the range (the other one is called "Expand your Mind". The rest of the kits will be added slowly over time.

Om recommends doing the guided meditation at least once a week, after you have dosed yourself with the tonic and spray, but if you can do it daily, the results will be far more impressive!

"Like the Herbal Chakra Tonic, use your Aura Spray at least once daily," says Om. "More is fine though! You can’t overdose on the Aura Sprays, which are made from my handcrafted range of gem, flower and colour essences. Spray it through your aura (eg around your head/body) and into the relevant chakra (eg for the Indigo Brow Chakra bottle, you would spray onto your forehead). You can also spray them directly into your mouth.

Om Blessings!"

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