Chakra Meditations - card and book set

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The aura and it's colours are created by our chakras, focal points of energy that emit and receive energy, each one vibrating at a different frequency of light. In Chakra Meditations, Omanisa teaches you how to combine colour therapy and creative visualisation with mindful contemplation and shamanic self-care energy work to heal yourself.

Chakra Meditations features 20 meditations and original Chakra Art pieces from Om, all of which are beautifully depicted in the 20-card set. Each card, each meditation, has a matching Herbal Chakra Tonic and Aura Spray, together forming the Chakra Kits that Om prescribes during Aura Consults.

The 65 page book in this set is a beautiful full-colour publication, colour-coded to match the card set.

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