"Grounding & Spirit Connection" - one month online coaching course

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March 2021

This is one of four units in the larger "Spirit Medicine with Om" package, available for purchase as a single one-month course. Spirit Medicine is nature-based spiritual healing, with Omanisa teaching members how to connect with and access the spiritual medicine of nature, using the core skills she learned from her spirit guides during her 30 years of training as a healer and psychic medium.

In Grounding & Spirit Connection, Om teaches you how to use creative visualisation, psychic intent and your connection with Nature (your Sanctuary) to ground yourself and connect with Spirit. Grounding is a form of spiritual mindfulness that helps you be more present in the moment. It also helps us earth excess charge in the nervous system and provides a level-headed safety seatbelt and anchor for those wishing to connect with Spirit (eg God/dess, Universe, spirit guides etc).

This one month online coaching program includes lessons that are emailed out to you, which means you have ongoing access to course materials if you don't have time to keep up with the group coaching which will take place in a private Facebook group. The course material is shared in this group for members to work through and discuss, with Om on hand to guide you.

Members also have the option of joining a live 60-90min class via Zoom every weekend during the month of training. The class can be viewed later in your own time if you miss it. The four classes are co-hosted with Om's Spirit Guides, who will guide the class content and structure.

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