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This rainbow package of Om-Spirit-Medicine contains 7 handmade OMANTRA cards and a QR code which will take you to an OMANTRA training audio on soundcloud. This is a beautiful way to become familiar with Om and her work, and to stay connected with Om's guidance between sessions.

Om developed her OMANTRA mindfulness healing method over her decades of work helping people resolving trauma, clear blockages, release stored emotion with grace, and manifest their higher intentions.

In the attached audio, Om shows you how to use OMANTRAS, sentences we repeat quietly inside our mind as though meditating on them. OMANTRAS can be used to flush blockages and internal conflicts up to the surface of your awareness so you can see them clearly. When we become aware of our blocks, we can learn from them, integrate them, transform them, release them. When blocks release, energy flow is restored in our mindbody, our power of intent becomes stronger, and we stop sabotaging ourselves.

The wallet-sized OMANTRA cards are small enough to be tucked into your wallet, so you can carry your favourite OMANTRA around with you and take a sneak peek when you need a reminder about your new higher intention. Each of the seven laminated cards in your deck have been handmade by Omanisa and her husband Stephen, and each deck is completely unique. Om's guides will collaborate with yours to pull a few strings, make some magic happen... and you will (of course!) end up with the exact seven OMANTRAS that are perfect for your personal growth at this time.

Blessed BE!

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